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Time-Tested IFW Referral Trading Forum, 300-1000/mo. Revenue, Steady Growth

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9 years

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  • This website earns revenue with Affiliate Income, Advertising Sales, and Product or Service Sales. It is recommended to request a video walk through from the seller to verify all revenue claims.

Last 12 Months Claimed Revenue and Profit

Revenue Costs Profit
Sep 09 $935 $120 $815
Oct 09 $185 $60 $125
Nov 09 $630 $135 $495
Dec 09 $640 $60 $580
Jan 10 $630 $95 $535
Feb 10 $335 $90 $245
Mar 10 $675 $85 $590
Apr 10 $935 $85 $850
May 10 $985 $90 $895
Jun 10 $350 $60 $290
Jul 10 $760 $60 $700
Aug 10 $675 $60 $615

Seller's Notes

About The Freebie eXchange:

The Freebie eXchange is one of the most established, long-standing and secure freebie referral trading communities online.  By operating outside of the regular "freebie forum" mold and establishing/creating it's own trends within in the industry, "TFX" (as it is affectionately called by pretty much everyone) has set a standard for safety, education and trading security that is absolutely unparalleled by any other community in it's niche.

The Freebie eXchange has been under only one owner since it opened it's gates to the public in late June of 2008, and has since become a household name among veterans, freebie site owners and newbies to the industry alike. It was my vision to foster a thriving community based on honest values, that generated it's revenues through the respect it earned as a result of its actions and reputation.  Rather than focus on droves of poor-quality clicks and traffic, TFX has strived to simply be found by those who are truly interested in freebies and making money online through freebie referral trading, and to educate those people in a transparent, open and honest manner.  It's regular members and staff are exremely loyal and there is a real sense of true "community spirit" among them. 

The Staff of TFX:

The forum is run by two Administrators (including myself) and 5 Global Moderators.  Regular "per-forum" mods have always been left out of the mix to avoid staffing hassles and rotation.  The GM's are also active, trading members that love the community and what it represents.  They volunteer their time to keep the forum going and enforce it's policies so that I and the other administrator can focus on higher-level tasks like marketing, maintenance and back-end management.

The staff of TFX have been by my side promoting and running the forum for a very long time.  I know each one of them as a close friend, and I implicitly trust each of their judgment.  They are free to make their own calls when disciplinary action is needed, which frees up even more time for administrative and ownership duties on your end.  They will be a huge asset to you as the new owner, offering you guidance and advice when you first begin to learn about your new community.  Each one of them covers all areas and aspects of the forum as needed and they are there for each other, and for you, to keep things running smoothly at all times.

The Freebie eXchange Forum Software:

TFX runs on an owned license of vBulletin (version 3.8.0), and is heavily modified to work exactly as needed to as a secure freebie community, many of these modifications and manual template/php edits being of my own design and implementation.  The license and access to forum upgrades has now expired and will have to be renewed should you wish to further upgrade the vb script.  License information for vBulletin will also be provided, along with upgrade scripts to 3.8.5 should you wish to undertake this task.  Because of the heavily modded aspect of TFX and the lack of needed features in future versions, I had never planned to upgrade past vBulletin 3.8.x.  TFX boasts no less than seven integrated forum styles, all tailored specifically to the forum, and all in place for users to access at specific donation levels.

What you will receive on purchase of The Freebie eXchange:

* - domain and existing community
* - a second, parked domain directing to
* - a third domain purchased with the intention of building an affiliated "freebie mentoring" website.
* vBulletin owned license and software
* license information for and copies of all purchased (paid) vbulletin modifications, including a custom built "personal guide" modification and custom modified trade manager software.
* Access to and ownership of all associated accounts (merchandising, analytics, etc) necessary for proper administration of The Freebie eXchange.

Why am I selling The Freebie eXchange?

In a word, family.  As my 5 children begin to grow older, I find I'm simply in need of more time to spend with them and can't be there for the community as often as I wish to.  As of the last month or two, my lack of presence and work ethic towards the forum has begun to affect it's preformance.  It's become evident to me that for TFX to really thrive and surpass even what I had envisioned for it, it must be passed on to someone who can truly make that happen.  I'm now in the process of moving my family to a smaller community, and when we arrive I plan to be more available for them, so It's just time for me to step down and hand the reins of TFX to someone else. 

What is there, right now, is two solid years of hard work and refinement, streamlined forum policy and member security, ethics and reputation, activity and community spirit, all in place for someone else to build on... an unshakable foundation to use and move TFX into the future.  Even if the forum was never listed for sale and was simply left for dead, at this point it would always grow.  It's been meticulously set up to do so with minimal monitoring and work.


Support after purchase:

As I previously mentioned, I am in the middle of organizing a very significant move for my family.  However, at the beginning of October after my move is completed, I will make myself available for a month to answer any questions you may have, make any needed administrative or ownership adjustments, help you to understand the forum's policies and functions, and provide any additional guidance as necessary.


Terms of sale:

I will be considering only serious offers that accurately reflect the value of this website based on it's previous, present and potential value, performance and revenues.  In other-words, don't bother bidding 5 bucks, please.  You will be wasting your time, and mine.  In line with the ongoing reputation of The Freebie eXchange itself, it is more important to me to find someone who is truly motivated and willing to cultivate the community to it's full potential than to simply "make a quick sale".  Transfer of all assets will only begin on receipt and processing of full payment.  Transferring everything after the sale will be a process that will take time, so please be patient once the sale is complete.  I will remain constantly available to you via telephone, email and IM (if requested) throughout the transfer of ownership process.

If you have any more pre-sale questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.

Additional Revenue Details

Forum Revenues:

The forum has generated in excess of $20,000 in total revenues through donations, advertising package/sponsorship subscriptions, other monthly subscriptions and one-time forum options purchased by it's members.  This has been achieved without monetization and marketing as it's main focus.  Right now, the monthly revenues range from $300-$550 guaranteed through recurring PayPal subscriptions, with any received donations, individual sales and revenues generated through "specials" offered from time to time increasing these numbers significantly each month.  There have been months where promotion and activity have been at peak levels, and revenues were in excess of $1500.  If the forum were to be truly focused on and marketed to it's full potential, there would be almost limitless room for improvement on all of the above figures.


Hosting/marketing.  The Freebie eXchange has always resided on WiredTree VPS servers from day one.  The cost of the reseller package is $59.50 per month, and it's been more than enough to keep the site running smooth and in good shape.  Above that, I would pour most of the additional income into marketing strategies, forum improvements, development and research.  Upon purchase, you will be expected to set up the domains on your own servers, and full backups of the entire domain will be provided to you.  Once TFX is sold, I intend to close my account with WiredTree and host my other domains elsewhere while I carry out my online plans for the future.  Your marketing costs depend entirely on what strategies you wish to undertake.  Organically, TFX is always present in search results as a result of previous and ongoing efforts, so you will already have that in your corner to help you get started. 

Another point I should make, is that I've never had to spend a dime on this forum that it didn't generate for me, from day one all the way to today.  TFX covers her own expenses, always.

Additional Traffic Details

Traffic and Monetization:

Because of it's unique, independent standpoint within it's niche, The Freebie eXchange has traded off excess monetization and traffic for a solid and untarnished reputation.  The forum's growth has never exploded, but has also never faltered.  TFX has over 5,500 registered users and it continues to grow at a self-perpetuating and steady rate of approximately 5-20 newly registered members per day, most of which find the forum through Google searches and word-of-mouth.  The forum has never resorted to black-hat SEO tactics or scripts that generate "fake" users or posts, as so many other communities, freebie or otherwise, have done in order to "pump up" their numbers for a quick sale.  There is not a single person in the freebie industry who hasn't heard of TFX, and it's very difficult to not see the forum on page one (often in the #1 spot) of Google when searching for relevant industry-related keywords.

Google Analytics Statistics for

I've attached Google analytics screenshots for The Freebie eXchange for you to review at your leisure.  At our peak in 2009, our absolute unique visitors averaged at around 5000-6000 per month with a mean 135,000 per month in pageviews.  As you can see, even now while the site is in a slow relatively "un-manned" period (due to my lack of presence), we are still steadily generating around 3000 uniques per month, with an average of 55,000 pageviews per month, and our search result statistics have actually increased from the previous year.

Site Info

Site Established ? May 2008
Built With ? vBulletin
Google Analytics Detected ? Yes
More info: BuiltWith

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Domain Registered ?
Registrar ?
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Site Uniqueness

Content Unique ? Yes
Design Unique ? Yes
More info: Plagspotter and Copyscape

SEO Presence

Pages In Google ? 505
MajesticSEO Inbound Links ? 0
SEOmoz mozRank ? 4.44
Alexa Rank ? 201,851
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darbsllim ( | $25.7K )
Mon, 13 Sep 2010 13:13:21 AEST

Why don't you keep ownership and hire someone from the community to step up as an admin?
You could let one of the owners of a small freebie site to run the forum in exchange for free banner ads or something.
Seems like a nice profitable business for you.

Sharkboy ( new )
Mon, 13 Sep 2010 14:12:02 AEST

I'm going to assume I know you, lol. There's a couple reason I don't do that, the main one is it's just time to let it all go. After two+ years of spending all my spare time on the forum I really need to let go of it so I can focus on other things. I'm the kind of person who would just not let himself look away if I knew I was still connected somehow, make sense? At this point in the game, I just know I can't divide my energy between TFX and other things, I don't have a lot of heart left to put into the freebie game anymore.
The second (smaller) reason is I do plan to use the generated capital from the sale for other endeavors I have on the go, both online and off. I'm not dead, after all. ;)

necrobobr ( new )
Wed, 15 Sep 2010 04:40:09 AEST

Could you please explain what you mean by forum options that were purchased by the members?

Any more specific revenue breakdowns by sources and/or by months?

Sharkboy ( new )
Wed, 15 Sep 2010 07:14:36 AEST

Well there is a monthly revenue/profit chart right there on the right-hand side for you to review, I entered all of the exact figures for each month. Basically, that's how the forum does when it's operating almost on autopilot. When you hold promotions or specials (ie whatever you can dream up to generate some buzz), the figures rise. Most of the promotions I held were geared more towards activity than profit. I never really set out on a mission to stuff my pockets, because it was something I always hated about competing communities within the niche.
By "options" I mean things like timed trade thread "sticky" spots, donation reward packages, one-time advertising banner packages (as opposed to monthly recurring subscriptions), anything the forum has to offer as a one-time purchase to it's members. There are quite a few things in place already, but again, what you can dream up on your own is fair game, also.

The Seller
Sellerdefaultavatar Sharkboy Scott Broman


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