You Talked, We Listened: Lower Listing Fees Now on Flippa

You have been suggesting a reduction in listing fees and we’ve listened. Today, Flippa is excited to announce lower listing fees – across the board. The Flippa community of sellers and buyers is something we’re extremely proud of and we wanted to give something back – and make listing on Flippa even better value for you.

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Established Websites – Was $29, Now $19

The listing fee for established websites is now $19 – down from $29. This is the most popular type of listing on Flippa as it places your website in front of tens of thousands of buyers looking for a great investment or online business to buy. At $19, this is incredibly good value.

Domains – Was $29, Now $9

Our Holiday domains price change showed that there’s an appetite in the domaining community to sell your domains at a lower cost. Today we announce the listing fee for domains is now just $9. At this lower cost domainers, both professional and amateur, can list a number of domains for sale and it won’t break the bank.

Apps – Was $29, Now $19

The App marketplace is growing week by week. We want to foster the growth of selling Apps in an auction setting and to help sellers out, we’re cutting the listing fee for Apps from $29 to $19.

Wrapping Up…

Our fees are now the lowest you’ll find anywhere on the web, and we have the largest number of buyers on site — that’s why we’re the marketplace of choice for all savvy buyers and sellers the world over!

To See full pricing details click here.

The listing fee is an important barrier as it keeps lower-end websites that you see for sale elsewhere, off Flippa. It creates an ecosystem of serious buyers and sellers.

You’ll get everything you paid for previously — just at a lower price! That includes our industry leading product, an established and unique marketplace system, awesome customer support and a diverse community buyers all looking to purchase great websites, domains and app.

If you want to take advantage of the lower fees, list an auction on Flippa today!

  • Michael

    Would be great if you could lower the premium listing fee as well and provide more bonus points!

  • Salman Zaib

    Good but success fees is too high it should be 5%.

    • TrishL

      I agree with you 100%.

  • TrishL

    Sorry, doubling the success fee for established sites to 10% while touting a price decrease seems a little dishonest. Also, is there still a maximum cap on success fees – I don’t see it spelled out on the pricing page anymore. I imagine this will be a deal breaker on more valuable sites.

  • Ryan

    seriously? You just made the success fee insanely high by removing the cap

    This now means a $10k site costs $1019 to sell (assuming no upgrades) vs. the $529 before.

    A $60k site now costs $6019 to sell vs $3029 before.

    A $100k site now costs $10,019 to sell vs $3029 before.

    Please explain

    • timatflippa

      Hi Ryan, if you compare our success fee to other services like Flippa you’ll see our success fee isn’t insanely high. Similar major services have success fees of around 15-20%

      • mike

        You have a %15 success fee (for new websites) and also you shouldn’t always compare yourself with other services; Do you like we leave flippa and use other services?
        I think you should care a little more about your sellers and their requests.
        when I’m selling a website for about $150, I have to pay a 10-20$ for listing, $50 for frontpage (never had a successful sale without that), 15% success fee, about 5% paypal fee, and with considering a $10 domain price and $50 for hosting, and at less one week of hard work on website, how much benefit will remain for me? Is that really a fair sale?
        seriously I believe (for new websites) you must remove the success fee.

      • John

        Are you insane? Shut up with other servies, if I wanted other services, I used them. What the hell is with this success fee? Did you worked on our websites? Did you invested something? You have no rights to take so much. You don’t give a fuck about sellers on Flippa, you lowered listing fees with few bucks but you take thousands of dollars in exchange. If you got feedback from us to lower the fees was because was already too much, not because we wanted to list websites chaper, but to pay %400 more when is sold. You guys can go and fuck yourself with your website, I sold over 30 websites here and that’s all, I no longer come on Flippa. I better sell it by myself than giving you thousands of dollars for what? Thiefts!!!

    • Andrew

      Cool story bro. Sell a site for $60k+ and I’ll spot you the difference.

  • Joanne Wilson

    It is interesting that you guys have omitted the change to success fees and only highlighted reduction in listing fees.

    A little sleight of hand if you ask me.

    I would rather pay $29 to list a $10,000 site and pay only 5% success fees than $19 to pay 10%. Initially saving $10 on your auction listing isn’t worth being charged the extra $500 upon a successful sale. It just isn’t worth it. I don’t see how these changes could benefit your customers. You need to be honest and highlight all changes, not just the positive ones.

    Seriously, a 5% change in success fees sounds innocent enough but the more expensive a site is will amount to what that previous poster referred to as a “deal breaker” for sure. I think people will start looking elsewhere before too long, especially with those selling sites in the medium to high end range.

    • timatflippa

      Hi Joanne, one of the most common questions our support and product team get is lower up-front fees. Many sellers on Flippa might not have a full $29 to start selling their site. However, once it sells they’ll have more cash on hand to pay fees, etc. This new structure allows for that.

      If you compare our success fee to other similar major services you’ll see we still have the lowest, or equal lowest success fee or sales commission on the market.

      • Giles

        If it’s now set at 10% (which is huge!), then why not list our sites for free on Flippa – that way you only make a profit if it sells. That makes better sense to me.

        • timatflippa

          Hi Giles, as I said in the blog post above, The listing fee is an important barrier as it keeps lower-end websites that you see for sale elsewhere off Flippa.

          • Joanne Wilson

            Yes but you cater to the lower end sellers while penalizing the medium to high end ones. I think you need to keep with the success fee caps, that will make people less reluctant to list with you.

      • Alexe

        If you compare… bla, bla, bla… Flippa suck, you are like any other services, you don’t give a fuck about your users, you just take money, that’s all you’re interested in. 1-2 years and Flippa will be out of business in this way 😉

    • Luke McCormack

      Hi Joanne, talking about selling sites in the medium to high-end range; we also offer a premium brokerage service which privately connects our high-end buyers with high-end sellers. Have a look at this link for more details:

  • Mike

    10% success Fee for established websites?!! It’s not good at all, an we’re not happy about that. The number of rubbish website will increase, and our successful sales number will be lower, and we have to pay even more than before for success fee.
    I’m feeling sad after your news.

  • Nick

    Lowering the upfront fee was something we had been hearing from our users for sometime. We responded with a lowering of the listing fees for websites, domains and apps, providing more value to our users upfront.

    The increase in success fees to 10% still means Flippa’s pricing is at the lower end of the spectrum. Other sites and brokers typically charge a higher commission. Flippa’s brokerage service, is there for higher value sites to get a personalised service too.

    By lowering the listing fees, we intend to increase the size of the marketplace and that means more bids and higher sale prices for you. Flippa already has the largest number of website buyers and sites sell much quicker with Flippa than elsewhere.

  • timatflippa

    Changing the success fee has allowed us to offer lower up-front fees which is what the majority our users have been asking for.

    If you compare our success fee to similar major services like Flippa, you’ll see we either have the lowest or equal lowest success fee/sales commission on the market.

    • Giles

      But I don’t think users asked to pay more success fees! I think Flippa anticipated this (temporary) backlash, but I’m sure it’s put off alot of established users as we’re wondering what the “value” is anymore…

    • TrishL

      Seriously? You feel a $10 reduction upfront justifies doubling fees on the backend? On a relatively modest $5k sale – the net price increase is $240.

      The “other services” (brokers anyway) you keep comparing yourself to aren’t a true apples to apples comparison – a good broker does a lot of the legwork and negotiating for you vs being a DIY project. A higher commission is warranted where more work/value is rendered.

      • Nick

        Trish L, is Flippa’s brokerage service, that’s aimed at the higher end sites and offers the personalised service you mention.

      • Guest

        Hi TrishL, It’s worth noting that Flippa does have a brokerage service too:
        High end sites get the personalised service you describe including access to the largest group of pre-qualified buyers through Deal Flow.

      • TrishL

        Fair enough – What defines a “high end” site? Would a $3k – $10k site qualify?

        If so, that’s great. If not – fees on that type of “mid-level” site are now much higher than they were.

    • Zizzyx

      Shut the fuck up! How the hell did you lowered it with few bucks and then you take thousands in exchange? You’re just a thieft. Flippa was great, but now is a crap, because of greedy CEO. I dodn’t give a damn fuck on your website anymore and stop telling ballshits here, you already got thousands of dollars, more than you deserved and now you want more. R.I.P. Flippa 😉

  • Guest


  • TrishL

    How do you define “higher end” sites? Do sites in the $3k – 10k (or 15k) range qualify?

    • Charlie

      Higher end is normally taken to mean 10K+.

  • TrishL

    Okay, so I just checked out Deal Flow – the success fee there is also 10% (with no listing fees) – a fair price for a fully brokered service.

    However, this supports my point entirely – you are now charging MORE for a DIY service on your standard platform than one would pay for your full-service option.

    Sorry, but the rationale on this escapes me.

  • Samps

    When I click on “relist as an auction” for a domain that didn’t sell before the price lowering (or rise?!) I only get $250, $85 and $45 options! There’s no $9 (or less since it’s a relist?) option for a domain relist?

  • Samps

    Woah wait a minute 15% success fee for brand new sites?

    • OphelieLechat

      That’s been the case since Flippa launched a special listing type for new websites. The success fee for those types of listings hasn’t changed.

  • Sonu

    This is just non-sense. A complete deal breaker.

  • Grandis

    said “Lower Listing Fees They Said, More Costly Success Fees They Never Said”

  • Hossam Hossny

    That’s actually increasing fees for established websites without any decrease in fees for new website. The $10 discount on established websites is nothing to compare with the 5% extra increase in success fees. Also, where is the success fee cap?

  • Anthony

    Can’t believe it. When I received the email on Jan 14th “70% off Flippa Listing Fees!” I was excited. Today i came to list some of my sites only to find out the success fee has gone up 5% to 10%. This is crazy.

    Now to sell a site on Flippa, I’ll actually end up paying way more than before. I almost always sell and this 10% success fee is unjust.

    If you guys came out saying you have increased the success fees to 10% in order to cover your costs and keep flippa afloat towards the future, I would understand that concern.

    But the email is very deceiving and clever in the way it was presented as if we sellers are actually saving money here now. At the end of the day Flippa will end up making much more through the new 10% success fee.

    Not to mention the $1500 cap is also removed as well and many sites here sell above that cap so you’ve really planned this out well for yourselves, and making it look as though we sellers are winning. Please don’t take your sellers as fools.

  • Deepak

    Why you didn’t mentioned in this post that “we’re more happy to announce that flippa success fee will be double, and for established websites we need to pay 10% instead of 5%.
    Your $29 listing fee was acceptable and far better but success fee which is 10% of the sale is too much.
    You need to review your decision.