Win an iPad By Building Your Watchlist

design_heroIt’s now week two of our fifth birthday celebrations and we’re kicking off the week with another iPad giveaway!

Promoting your auction is a great way to increase bids and ultimately your sales price. As a way to reward those sellers who do a great job promoting their listings – this week we’re giving away an iPad to the listing with the most watchers.

Here’s how it works:

  • To qualify simply Tweet “I’ve just entered @Flippa’s 5th Birthday Giveaway #WinAniPad”
  • The competition is only available to public auctions started after June 9th 2014 so now is a perfect time to launch that draft listing.

Don’t waste time – start promoting your listing through social media, your network and even via the site you’re selling. You never know, maybe one of your current visitors is the perfect new owner for your site. You can use our Free Promotion Toolbox to help you get started.

Competition ends 11pm Sunday 15th June AEST (GMT+10) and we will contact the winning seller via email.

  • jason clark

    Hey guys, I signed up for a $135 upgrade promotion sunday and still haven’t received it yet. Whats’s going on?

    • timatflippa

      Hi Jason, we’re staggering the upgrades to ensure maximum visibility. We’ve mentioned this a few times in emails and on social media.

    • jason clark

      Thanks for the reply Tim. I received my upgrade and sold my site almost instantly.


      • timatflippa

        That’s awesome news!

  • mike

    Who won the past competition for iPad ? (and what was the answer?)
    Please share with people

    • themeall

      I wonder the same. Is there a url where we can see the results?

    • timatflippa

      Hi Mike, we’ve awarded the first iPad to a US user based on the east coast. We hope to upload a photo of the winner with the iPad when they receive it.

  • Michael

    Tim, give us an update!
    Who won this listing, how many watchers did they get?