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Upgrade Adjustments on Flippa

The ever-evolving nature of being the world’s largest website marketplace means we keep a close eye on how we work to deliver maximum value for both website buyers and sellers.

To this end, we’ll occasionally make minor pricing adjustments to keep it all in balance.

Even so, the changes we’re rolling out today will only impact a subset of website sellers. These are:

  • Change to Featured Listing pricing
  • Change to Privacy Upgrades
  • Changes to Success Fee Caps

Note that this does NOT alter our existing listing fee or the 5% success fee. The changes are detailed below.

Change to Featured Listing Pricing

The featured listing upgrade shoots your listing to the front-page of Flippa and makes it appear prominently on the core page for a period of time. As more sellers take up this upgrade, the value arguably decreases given that each listing spends a shorter time in this prominent position. In recognition of this, the upgrade is now priced at $50 per feature upgrade.

While a minor price increase, we expect the product to deliver greater value for sellers who do apply the featured upgrade as it will typically be applied to fewer listings.

Remember that featuring your website listing is not the only way to drive buyers to your auction. The recent changes to website search refinement has seen website buyers use revenue, traffic and age refinements extensively – ensure to complete all available information on your listing to optimize your chances of being included in this drill-down.

Change to Privacy Upgrades

Flippa offers a number of privacy upgrades for website sellers. One of these is the option to remove an ended listing from public view. The reason we charge for this is so we can deliver both buyers and sellers a rich archive of website transactions. This is helpful in defining fair market value for other listings they may be working with. To this end, we aim to maximize the size of this transaction history.

In recognizing that some buyers or sellers may prefer to have a given auction hidden from view, we allow them to apply the “Hide Listing from Public View” upgrade. This has been significantly reduced to $30 per listing if required.

We like to think that this provides a fair balance between allowing for privacy while preserving our rich website transaction archive as a resource for all Flippa users.

Change to the Success Fee Cap

Just to confirm, we’re not changing the success fee here.

However we are increasing the success fee cap to be $2,000 so only websites selling for more than $10,000 are impacted by this change.

Let’s see how this works under a few different scenarios.

  1. Website sells for $80 – no change as the minimum success fee remains unchanged at $5.
  2. Website sells for $8,000 – no change as the existing 5% success fee of $400 is applied
  3. Website sells for $18,000 – this is beyond the previous cap and the 5% success fee of $900 is applied
  4. Website sells for $80,000 – this is beyond the new cap so a success fee of $2,000 is applied (ie NOT 5%)

Note that this only applies to listings that are created as of today. Listings created before today that sell over $10,000 will retain the original price cap.

The increase in success fee cap reflects the significant work we do to match qualified premium website buyers with quality websites – efforts we undertake both on and off of

Think the adjustments are too high? Too low? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • ahtum

    What is wrong with you? Your fees are already outrageous for the services you offer.

    • ahtum

      And why do you always aim to leech out of the $10k sale, it’s not like $10k means anything yet yo try to pull as much money as you can out of it, that’s pure robbery. The number of buyers goes down, the sell prices go down, yet you want more money.

      • Andrew Knibbe

        Hi ahtum. This price change will not alter anything on a $10K sale as this was where the previous cap existed.

    • karlj

      Flippa needs to be aware that NetFlix lost 800,000 subscribers and stock crashed from $300 to only $70 a share all because of Price hikes in the worst economy in history.

      • Andrew Knibbe

        Thanks karl – I’m not entirely sure the analogy holds true here. Netflix is failing for a range of reasons that are not related to their pricing. There are a number of posts such as this that agree with me. That, and we don’t have any plans to spin out brands where the twitter handle is already taken by some pot-head


        Netflix increased prices while decreasing user value. Flippa has increased pricing while increasing user value due to the increase exposure on the front page. You need to rethink that comparison.

    • webdesignsbyapw

      There is nothing wrong with raising the prices. Flippa is trying to get the most out of their members. Besides, most people are selling sites at $500 or more so this fee shouldn’t hurt them. It will also get rid of any listings with sites that are clearly not established.

  • nomar86

    It is way too high, flippa is becoming more and more unattractive..

  • moneyworks

    Everything seems fine to me as long as sites we list keep selling.

    Great job guys!

    • Andrew Knibbe

      Thanks moneyworks. Could not agree more. That is how we measure ourselves too.

  • site.sella

    I think the increased featured price will actually benefit the people who use it. I have no real opinion on the increased success fee- there is no doubt that Flippa is the only place that gives sellers the audience of so many real website buyers so I think it’s justified.

    Perhaps there could be an incentive for sellers such as “after listing 5 sites, get 10 credits” or something. This would benefit Flippa for inspiring people to list more, and benefit the sellers who use Flippa alot.

  • blogweb

    Change to featured listing is great but the price … too high.

  • sheflipswebsites

    I’m happy with the changes. Of course, I like lower prices. I think we all do!

    However, I think the changes are fair. I’m especially happy about the privacy change, as I’ll probably want to keep a couple of my auctions private.

    All in all, I’m pleased with Flippa as a marketplace for buying & selling websites and domain names.



  • benitez17

    Do you seriously expect people to believe that an increase in the cap isn’t a change to the success fee?

    You’re free to offer your services at whatever price you feel people will pay, but insulting the intelligence of your userbase when announcing it is not a good way to introduce a 400% price increase on a high end site.

    Also, I’d like to know what services you are now providing as justification for that success fee increase, since they certainly aren’t obvious.

    • fozer0l

      Spot on beitez. Already the quality buyers from flippa are dropping out and now this.

      • Andrew Knibbe

        Hi fozer0l. Just to be entirely clear, this change only impacts sales over $10,000. To this end, it will not have an impact on the sites you’re selling.

    • Andrew Knibbe

      Hi benitez17. Its only a 400% increase when the site sells for $40,000 or more. In this scenario, I’d humbly argue that the previous success fee percentage of less than 1.25% was significantly undervalued for a transaction of this size.

      • benitez17

        Brokers are jumping up and down with excitement at this announcement. I think that says quite a bit about the value you provide at that price point.

        Again, I’d like to know what services you are now providing as justification for that success fee increase, since they certainly aren’t obvious.

  • Flipping Enterprises

    The people who like this idea are people who sell turnkey rubbish for $197 a pop. None of these changes discourage anyone selling at this level.

    All it’s doing is squeezing the sellers of sites in the mid 5 figure range. For a $40k site, a seller is almost going to save money going to a broker who will do everything for them.

    I would almost be happy paying a $2k success fee if there was an increase in service to match that. 24/7 support would be a good start.

    • Andrew Knibbe

      Hi Bryan.
      Be assured we’re not looking to squeeze anyone here: brokers or direct sellers. Our sales results in the $10K+ range speak for themselves and, while it may be impossible to quantify, remains the best destination to reach as many buyers of these sites as possible.

      These changes were not intended as an affront to anyone, least of all brokers who provide a valuable service to both buyers and sellers on We see the relationship as being symbiotic but felt that the previous cap under-represented our role in this value chain.

  • Maxi

    So instead of making the transaction more secure, you guys come up with this idea?
    Not in a very near future but people are moving away from flippa because:
    – Too many fraud
    – Owners just get greedy

  • weborithm

    $2000 for sites over $10,000? That’s insane. So even if a site sells for $10,001 that’s $2000 a seller can say goodbye too.

    • bizdevguy

      The cap is the greater of 5% or $2,000. So, a $10.1K sale would be roughly $500 not $2,000. Get a grip!

    • StartupCentral

      You should re-read the post and understand what you’re reading before making yourself sound unintelligent. The cap is being raised from $298 or whatever it was to $2000. It didn’t say that a site selling for $10000 will automatically be subject to a $2000 fee.

    • barnett

      No, a site selling for $10,000 has a $500 fee. Sites selling for $40,000 and up have a success fee of $2000.

      Still, that is a 400% increase in the cap of the success fee. Paying $2019 to sell a site is outrageous!

    • ljastangs21

      No if a site sells for $10,000 then a fee of $500 applies. They changed it so if your site now sells for $40,000 you will be charged the max of $2,000 instead of the previous max of $500.

      Its still bull and another scam by flippa though to extort more money from sellers.

  • Free Owners Manuals

    Hope this upgrade can make our site listing is valued 🙂

  • StartupCentral

    I disagree about the featured price increase. $10 is not enough to deter anyone from featuring their website that was going to do it before hand anyway. That is a poor excuse for raising the price. It’s your business, so adjust the prices however you see fit, it’s your right. But don’t insult us and give us these shells of excuses/reasons when the real reason is more profit which everyone already knows.

    • Andrew Knibbe

      Hi StartupCentral – most of the concerns around this adjustment are coming from sellers working in the sub $500 website value price point. The featured listing upgrade was not really designed for these sorts of listings and we do expect the adjustment to have an impact in this regard. Historical adjustments have shown that they do result in newly featured listings being on the front page for longer (ie greater value).

      • SecretAffiliate

        What is the extra effort you bring to the table for selling high prized websites?

        P.S. Is the success fee always paid by the seller or sometimes also by the buyer?

        • Andrew Knibbe

          Sure. Check out our previous response to a similar question.

          WRT paying success fees. The seller is responsible for the success fee.

  • ljastangs21

    Wow this is insane. Its been a year of bad news for us sellers. Ive done the math countless times and Flippa is making a KILLING off of us already.

    Just by doing simple math you can tell that in the last 7 days Flippa has already made $29,000 just off of listing fees and $46,000 just off of success fees. This doesnt count any of the upgrades or anything else.

    They have made well over $100,000 in the LAST 7 DAYS!!! Are you kidding me?!? This is a company with probably 10 employees max and they still want to raise fees? ABSURD!

    • Andrew Knibbe

      Hi ljastangs21. Not sure how you made your calculations but be assured they’re off the charts compared to what we’re seeing on the books …

  • fozer0l

    Enough of this flippa.i am waiting for a competitor and then move there.

  • Justin


    Personally, I’m indifferent about the price changes – I understand business is business and people are free to use alternatives, but do you think the new price structure will make using a broker now a more credible alternative in the + $10K price range?

    Likewise, do you have any plans to offer a discount for brokers who want to use Flippa for additional exposure?

    • Flipping Enterprises

      Would be extremely interested in Flippa’s answer to Justin’s last question above as well.

      Obviously, only a very small percentage of all Flippa listings are brokered ones (as we obviously prefer selling to our own list of buyers), but with the recent change, I’m absolutely confident that Flippa will not see virtually any brokered listings in the sub-$100k range (and most of the higher ones never end up on flippa anyway), simply because the cost isn’t justified, considering that brokers are working on commission and pay Flippa fees out of this same commission.

      Choosing to stop brokers from using Flippa as an alternative platform for their listings is a pretty interesting decision, though. Especially as Flippa themselves have worked hard to ensure everybody that they’re interested in moving towards getting a larger percentage of quality listings – and the vast majority of brokered listings are most definitely of the highest quality, due to the broker already having done their due diligence, as well as being experienced in the industry.


    • ahtum

      Maybe you should make a list of brokers who are very experienced in this niche.

    • Andrew Knibbe

      Thanks Justin.
      A thoughful article as always. Just to be clear, we recognize that brokers add a terrific amount of value to a website sale and we’re seeing more and more brokers use Flippa to reach the qualified buyer audience. The question is around what price point a broker adds value to the sale ($10K? $50K? $100K?) and the most sustainable way for them to charge for their services. Only a small proportion of our sales over $10K are done by brokers today and we don’t expect this to shift significantly.

  • j1218

    This is ridiculous. Time to start selling elsewhere or using a broker instead.

    You guys are shooting yourselves in the foot….

  • Mcfranc

    This pricing is absolutely ridiculous and baseless. Flippa is asking for competitors in the website marketplace unknowingly. I will suggest an immediate downward review of prices or worst still a return to the status quo.

  • bidsness

    Gotta say I am disappointed in the fee raise. My $600 website I sold cost me over $250 between upgrades (to get exposure as I wanted to stand out from the fluff), then the final success fee. This is getting ridiculous.

    I realize anytime you raise prices people gripe but I thought the fees previously were already above and beyond. Please don’t become the eBay of this field, you make it impossible for anybody to make real money doing this all the while you get rich for now…. but ultimately you are diluting the number of sites on here by keeping the mid to small size sites from listing.

    Welp, that’s all I have to say.

    • bidsness

      To add to my own comment. $50 for usually 4-6 hours of exposure is just insane!

      • Andrew Knibbe

        Hi bidsness – the value of the featured upgrade is more around exposure to buyers rather than time on front page. Website buyer activity and website seller activity tends to correlate well so when more sellers are featuring their listings, they will be exposed to more buyers albeit over a shorter period of time. We’re expecting that the price change will increase this exposure further.

        • bidsness

          Valid point. Hopefully that holds true and then I’m all for it.

  • rosadomain

    Way to high. reduce the listing fee as well.

  • eXthusLimited

    I agree, the price increases are getting a bit too much now. This isn’t the first time the “Listed on Homepage” upgrade has increased in price? It wasn’t *that* long ago when it went up previously. An average auction is costing me around $300 – 1000+ with listing cost, upgrades and success fee’s.

    • Andrew Knibbe

      Hi there – it was about a year ago we adjusted the pricing on featured listing. For an auction to cost you around $1,000 it means you’re selling for $17K (allowing for listing fee and upgrades) after this latest change. I’m not sure where else you could match this value.

  • otensilnoel

    I understand what you saying but charging $50 per upgrade is too much. Either way, the listing is going under. I think this benefit you guys more than anyone else.

  • maartenvr

    When does this go into effect? I just listed a site for $24k, but I am pretty sure that when I listed it this still showed a cap of $500.

    • Andrew Knibbe

      Hi Maartenvr.
      Have checked your listing. Any success fee will be capped at $500 on your listing. Hope that clarifies it.

  • tribune

    What you charge and the amount of money you make is up to you, in the same way it was for the banks up to 2008 – see an opportunity to make money and squeeze it as hard as you can.

    Can you invest some money in your awful customer services department at least – you don’t even have a number buyers and sellers can call on. Taking on a couple of full time experienced customer services staff wouldn’t break the bank, but would lead to a better service.

  • ig88250

    It is obvious that there is a difference in the perception of value between Flippa and its consumer base. One of the ways Flippa can enhance its perceived value is by making transactions safer. There is an incredible amount of fraud and mis represented sites that sell on Flippa – many by serial offenders. What is Flippa doing to increase the safety of the transaction and make it a safe environment to purchase websites?

  • rttaylor619

    As a buyer targeting sites in the 15-40k range, I am worried that the number of quality sites in this range will decrease significantly (already pretty anemic). How about a tiered model for anything above 10k, graduating to a 2.5% fee at the 40k and up level. I mean, I get that you want to charge a more credible fee, but at the end of the day, you are not going out there and vetting these sites (which would benefit both the buyers and sellers), so all you have done at this point is asked to pocket more cash per transaction in exchange for driving away more sites that actually have a chance to sell.

    At the end of the day, this really only hurts the buyers when talking about a quality site. Quality sites will just up the reserve or choose not to list, and non quality sites will also up the reserve to match, but of course will still list because they are shooting the moon hoping to catch a sucker.

    • Andrew Knibbe

      Hi rttaylor619. Thanks for dropping by. We looked at a range of models to address the flaws in the original cap. In the end, it came down to a trade-off between simplicity (ie easy to communicate) and the incremental tiering that you have suggested. We’ve gone with the current flat-cap on the basis that its readily communicable and that a 5% success fee remains solid value when selling an established website to qualified buyers such as yourself. To this end, we do not expect it to result in fewer listings of this calibre. We’re also continuing to work with a number of brokers who provide listings in this price range.

      The work already completed to assist buyers in reaching these listings includes the new drill-down to reach sufficiently trafficked, montetized and aged websites within just two or three clicks off In recognizing that due diligence is still required on these figures, we’ve overhauled the notion of trust and updated buyer/seller profile pages to provide a range of ways to validate a seller (including the option to remove their listings from your future search results if they’re not your cup of tea).

      We also publish the weekly A-List newsletter which provides premium buyers with an impartial review of some of the larger websites for sale on Flippa. We’re by no means done in this regard and have a range of new initiatives in the pipeline that will further add to this (including some expectation management when it comes to sellers setting a reserve!).

      • rttaylor619

        Thanks! Ultimately, if you charging more means that I as a buyer will get more for my money, then it’s good news. Good luck on executing your plans to make the marketplace more legitimate for buyers like me.

  • adsclassified

    flippa fees are too high already as it is how high you will make it?

  • adsclassified

    i think people should move to digitalpoint.

    • Andrew Knibbe

      Hi adsclassified – I’m not entirely sure how websites that sell for $100 are impacted by this price change.

      • azn_romeo_4u

        Hi Andrew Knibbe – I’m not entirely sure how websites that sell for 100k need to pay $2000.

        “The increase in success fee cap reflects the significant work we do to match qualified premium website buyers with quality websites – efforts we undertake both on and off of”

        Flippa thinks it’s users are retarded.

  • premiumEsites

    How can you say you are not squeezing sellers for more money. Increasing the success fee cap to $2,000 does exactly that. This new cap only effects sites that sell between 10k and 40K.

    Please answer this for me:

    For sellers that sell a site between 10k and 40K, what new features have you put in place on flippa to give “added value” to these high caliber sellers, to justify your price increase on these sellers only?

    You don’t expose 10k-40k sites to any extra buyers.

    You don’t offer any extra services to 10k-40k site sellers.

    If 1 seller sells their site for $500 and another seller sells their site for $40,000, they both get the exact same service from flippa. There is absolutely no extra work for flippa to do when a 40k site is sold as opposed to a 500 dollar site.

    There is absolutely nothing “NEW” or “EXTRA” or “VALUE ADDED” on flippa to justify singling out high caliber sellers that sell sites in the 10K to 40K range and slap them with extra fees.

    It comes down to pure GREED. After all, flippa is the #1 website buying/selling marketplace, so you probably think 10k-40k site sellers will just bend over and grab their ankles and take your new fees because there is no where else for them to go anyway. That’s just horrible customer relations.

    You are completely squeezing sellers of sites in the 10k-40k range, trying to get every last penny you can out of them without offering them anything “new” or “value added” for all those extra fees.

    Shame on you flippa. I’ll be sure to use a broker instead of flippa the next time I sell one of my high value websites.

    As the fees go up and up, the quality of sites listed on flippa will continue to go down and down. It won’t be long before the caliber of listings on flippa matches the endless pages of horrible website listings on eBay.

    • azn_romeo_4u

      Dang bro, you nailed it on the head. *Applauds*

  • yourassassin

    Not sure what all the ruckus is about…?

    The $10 featured listing fee is a substantial increase especially for those sellers who like to utilize the option several times throughout the duration of their auction. However, as Flippa grows and attracts more traffic it is expected that fees such as this will increase. What has more value – $5 to feature your website on a platform with 100 potential buyers of $50 to feature it on a platform with 10,000 potential buyers? But, when prices raise people will not be happy of course.

    The privacy price change is a good one too. After all, there you are paying for less exposure…

    As far as the cap increase goes, what if Flippa had put no cap to begin with? It seems those calling Flippa “greedy” overlooked that they could have forced a fixed percentage with no cap to begin with and made the easy argument — those making the most money on Flippa support Flippa the most.

    If we think of the fees like taxes (which we all hate, I know) the Flippa government was taxing the poor (under $10k sites) much higher than the rich (over $10k sites). I mean someone with a $1000 site would pay $50 – or a 5% “tax” and someone with a $100,000 site would pay $500 – or ONE-HALF OF A PERCENT.

    People who are worried about the quality of sites on Flippa might have backwards thinking. If we want Flippa to grow to promote higher quality, more established sites — then those high-priced sites have to generate more income for Flippa. If you have 100 sites that sell for $25k plus on Flippa per year and you have 2500 sites that sell for $1000 or less, the balance strongly favors the little sites.

    100 x $500 (cap fee) = $50,000 (on $25k+ sites)
    2500 x $50 (fee) = $125,000 (on $1000 sites)

    Under the new cap:
    100 x $1250 (cap fee) = $125,000 (on $25k+ sites)
    2500 x $50 (fee) = $125,000 (on $1000 sites)

    It bridges the gap which actually makes Flippa MORE “big site friendly” because as a business, you have to first support those who support you. With the new cap limit, Flippa will be more supported by large, established sites.

    • benitez17

      Flippa’s costs are fixed regardless of the price of the site being listed, and Flippa’s services offered are the same regardless of the price of the site being listed.

      I assume the previous cap was put in place to compete with brokers, who actually manage to respond within 48 hours to requests, verify data and vet bidders, assist with marketing the listing, etc., on price rather than service.

      Unless Flippa does something to allow premium site sellers to avoid being thrown in with the dreck, it won’t attract those sites. Significantly increasing your fees is generally not a way to attract new customers, especially when your competition offers a much more attractive service.

      Maybe if Flippa offered adequate support for large, established sites, your theory would hold up. Until then, I’ll continue to rely on other sources for quality high end sites for sale at realistic prices.

      • Andrew Knibbe

        Hi benitez17
        I’m afraid this is off the mark. We spend incredibly more time and effort on bringing premium site owners to the marketplace and likewise on bringing active website buyers than on the remainder of the marketplace. Its our reason for being – matching website buyers with website sellers.

        As mentioned, over 60% of our requests are handled within 12 hours (including weekends!) and over 80% of Flippa users are getting a response within 24 hours.

        As also mentioned, we don’t consider brokers to be competitors. We’ve worked alongside these guys for some time now and will continue to do so in future – its a good symbiosis that benefits both buyers and sellers.

  • omar6627

    I think it’s gonna hurt flippa itself because some sellers will do the transaction outside of flippa to avoid the high fees. Even though it’s wrong to do so but saving $2K is gonna be very tempting for the most honest person. The question is will those lost transactions be less then the extra income gained by the price rise.

    I really don’t care how much Flippa makes but I would like to hear from flippa if they took that into account.

  • neran_a

    As a high end website seller and buyer, until now I used only Flippa for these deals. I will now think twice before I publish a quality website for sale here.

    I think that this pricing change will affect the listings and there will be much less quality sites, which in result will drive away quality buyers as well.

    Disappointing. Quality competitor needed.

  • mjones34

    I think PremiumEsites is spot on and him having done $200k+ on the Flippa platform I would say he has a good idea.

    Upon further review of your closest competitors who have similar online website sales platforms, and some being around longer than Flippa. In all cases, they charge a listing fee and that’s it. Similar to how Sitepoint auctions was run in the past. Furthermore, the listing fee’s on most platforms have been reduced slightly…

    There are many advantages of going through a broker and if people like premiumEsites, feel like they aren’t getting a fair deal they are going to go elsewhere or promote their listings differently. And if anything the more established, higher priced listings, bring more attention and exposure to Flippa.

    I’ve seen media mention about Flippa closing an $xxx,xxx deal or some very noteworthy sites. I can’t remember the last time I saw a press release about that $49 brand new site that sold last week.

  • DERA

    That fee is insane, so 10,001 sale means 2k for flippa yikes! That’s almost 20% of the value of the site, too much. It may make more sense if the sale was 50k sale. Then the 2k apply


    • Andrew Knibbe

      Hi Dera – this isn’t how it works. It still the existing 5% success fee. Anyone selling a website for $10,001 will now pay an additional 5 cents. The 2K only applies once you go past $40,000 – similar to what you suggest.

  • gdawe

    As a long term buyer and seller on Flippa, I don’t think the service has changed much when I first got into it.

    How about giving something back, like insurance for sales or even discount codes for long term users/users who have generate X amount of revenue…come on guys!

  • superman9152001

    I agree that if more customer service was implemented that it would be worth it.
    Closed on the weekends, no personal service when a issue arises, no phone number to call even ebay and paypal are reachable most of the time. This is frustrating for the seller more then the buyer, we are paying your salary pay attention to your where your money is coming from. With this economy the one with Customer Service will stand out from the rest.

    • Andrew Knibbe

      Hi superman9152001. We have had support staff working most weekends for some months now. To this end, over 60% of our support service requests are addressed within 12 hours of being submitted. Over 80% are resolved within 24 hours. Note that this includes weekends and on an ever-increasingly active website marketplace.

  • superman9152001

    gDave has a valid point, your going to pay thousands on a high end sale and you can even give 9 credit away for the next listing or free upgrade for the next listing? Your acting like Google with there do no contact us attitude and not listening to there client base.

  • deansquad

    Price hikes I feel are too much. For example if you list a site on the front page its 50 bucks a pop and if you have a site worth under 3k and want a few front pages and success fee payable at end of month plus paypal fees and transfer fees, time and all other variables. It becomes more a risk to small flippa’s.

    Also the 2k increase is too much. Imagine how much time and effort someone spends to build a site worth 40k including years etc and then minus 2k for a 30 day listing. It seems very steep.

    I think your price model is working more for Flippa than the sellers. See what happens is it opens doors for competitive opportunity to enter the website flipping business who can offer telephone support and some other goodies and you could loose what you had, Greedy never gets anywhere.

    My thoughts anyway!

  • filmlion

    The new listings format TOTALLY SUCKS! The previous way was much easier to navigate and see quick facts quickly, now it’s all messed up, not even aligned properly, you don’t notice where the traffic is, what’s pagerank is, really bad change. Return that better (still not perfect) format instead of making it worse, and I think too many people already wrote about pricing, I wish you had some better competition so you could start listening to your members instead of banning their support accounts when they are scammed on flippa and complain. Do good!

  • fena3000

    I don’t like this change. Taking so much fees for something that’s not Flippa’s property is simply too much. The old fees should be applied back.

  • Mandy

    Forget about the Flippa Privacy Upgrade! It’s useless as there are other
    sites on the Internet who are just copying the listings on Flippa and
    these listings now also appear on Google.

    And to make it even better, theses sites now also begin to ask money to remove the listings from their site!

    When you request support from Flippa they tell you they can’t (or don’t want to) do anything against it!