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The Low-Down on Claimed vs Verified Data on Flippa

The Flippa community is made up of a bunch of individuals with superb talents, today there is an issue that’s worth mentioning  for everyone involved with Flippa..and that’s the difference between claimed and verified earnings and analytics.

Value is in Your Due Diligence

Sellers have two options, they can upload verified Google data or they can claim it. These claims may be in the listing description, or in an attachment of some kind. Some buyers think this is enough, but we want to encourage buyers to seek out or ask for verified information. Remember, most of the responsibilities are placed upon you and the seller.

On the right side of all auction listings you will see two very important sections:

  • Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 2.44.53 pmClaimed Traffic/Financials
  • Attachments

Here, sellers are able to claim their website/app/domain traffic and financials. We stress, this is only claimed and not verified. If they supply verified data you will see it along side this data and in the attachment area.

Sellers who have uploaded verified stats to Flippa will help tremendously during your due diligence, if you find an auction you’re interested in which doesn’t have the verified data, you can always ask the seller to upload it. If you happen to be a seller – including verified data can even increase the value of your listing.

Buyers – We highly encourage you to look into all attachments listed within the right sidebar. Keep an eye out for the ‘verified’ badges on the attachments and any claimed data that could be photoshopped. If you see any photoshopped attachments, contact support immediately.

If you only want to see auctions with verified data, we can help.

Flippa, as an added feature, allows for you to search for verified claims within the advanced search options (located next to the search bar).


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The combination of these advanced search features, your due diligence, and spending a few more moments combing through the questions, comments, and feedback of the auction is the best course of action and seller to ensure you’re confident with everything the seller is claiming.

Thanks to pesos for the photo!

  • kimdodson

    I am not thrilled with this, as I can and do verify all my actions, just not with Google Analytics. So, my auctions do not even get seen in the verified searches option. Makes it sound like we are not doing our job, just because we do not use the same sources.

  • scootter

    This is a great new tool Tim! I am very satisfeid to see this new benifit at Flippa I think it will help a lot of people that are spending there hard earned money on flippa. It is just a another powerful and very helpful tool that will help us all on flippa to make better desicions. It is know right at all of are finger tips to see the real truth along with Flippas great support team!. Thanks!

  • Rohit Jain

    Thanks for the tips Tim!, Sometimes sellers list a site with claimed financials and verified ones, but both differ with each other. What should a buyer do in such a case?