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Reflecting on Five Years of Flippa

Flippa turns five this month! We thought this would be a great opportunity to review the last 5 years and look back at where we came from!

2009-2010: The Beginning

Some of our more experienced users might remember that we were born out of the SitePoint forums! The sub-forum Websites for Sale kept on growing and SitePoint branched out and established a new marketplace built around an auction setting. Development kicked off in 2008, and Flippa finally went live on 22 June 2009.

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 Flippa’s skin for the first few weeks

Flippa’s launch GM, Dave Slutzkin describes their primary goal at the time of launch:

We had a big goal – to make websites into a serious asset class. Now it’s obvious that these businesses are real investments and have massive value, but in 2009 that was a radical notion. We wanted to provide a safe and secure environment that would allow serious investors to understand the value of a quality site, and allow site owners to realise the value they’d built up with their hard work. 

As launches tend to go, it was a busy time. Some users who had enjoyed the SitePoint forum model weren’t too happy with the new auction model or some of the organisation on Flippa. However, we quickly worked with the community to further evolve the marketplace. Our attention to customer feedback and making changes based on that feedback is something we still take very seriously today.

At the end of Flippa’s very first month, $200,000 was traded on the marketplace.

2011-2013: The Middle

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Flippa’s design from late 2010 to 2012

Flippa saw early success with a number of high profile sales early on, some of those were and Mark Zuckerberg’s These two sales really put Flippa on the map – it helped that the film, The Social Network premiered around the same time! We invested heavily in improving the product during this period. Here’s some of the things we launched:

  • Payments via Escrow
  • Post auction negotiation
  • Confidential listings
  • Improvements to feedback
  • Premium listings
  • Verified traffic data
  • Automatic bid management
  • Expanded customer support coverage
  • The launch of an iPhone app

2013-Present: The Future

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 12.07.36 pmFlippa today

As the online world changed, we wanted to change too. Flippa responded to demand for an innovate marketplace for selling domains, apps and high-end websites with Deal Flow.  Today, we’re a team of 18 with offices in Melbourne, San Francisco and we’ve been working hard on:

  • Search via verified data
  • New look user profile page
  • Super Buyers
  • Domain Name Appraisal tool
  • Deal Flow
  • Super Sellers
  • Live chat customer support
  • Due diligence partnership with Centurica
  • With a lot more exciting things coming up this year…

At the time of writing, $121,293,304 has been traded on Flippa. There have been 160,0000 bids and 600,000 listings since we launched and we recently welcomed user 500,000!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be reviewing Flippa’s top performers – from site types, niches, monetization and even buyers and sellers! Stay in the loop by reading our newsletter, following us on Twitter and by reading the blog!

From everyone at Flippa, we want to thank you for being part of Flippa over the last 5 years!

  • Haseltine

    Hello! I find it odd that old listing just vanished. Perhaps an improvement on searching previous listing could be really helpful.

    And I really like the new super seller feature. But I thought Flippa could have done better by creating different levels of “Sellers”. This can somehow facilitate the “branding effect” itself to sellers.

    For instance, some KPI indication

    1. 100% Feedback, 100K transaction – Super Seller | People’s Choice Award
    2. 98% Feedback, 50K transaction (Sold 50K within 1 year) – Geeky Flipper | Star on the Rise
    3. 97% Feedback, 2K transaction – Newbie Flipper

    I hope my feedback will be taken into consideration!

    Thanks & Warmest Regards,

    • timatflippa

      Hi there, we don’t remove old listings. The only time they’ll ‘disappear’ is if either the buyer or seller has applied a privacy upgrade.

      Thanks for your feedback on our Super Sellers program, it’ll be passed on to the wider team!