Next Penguin update: jarring and jolting, and other links from around the web, 30 August

Google: “you probably won’t like Penguin” and mixed messages on travel

Penguin 2.0 is imminent according to Google’s Matt Cutts. The search-honcho foreshadowed the update saying it’ll be “jarring and jolting” and an update a lot of people “don’t want”. This week we’ve found a guide on what to expect and what to do before the update is pushed.

Those fearful of Google moving into the travel market might be breathing a little easier this week after a survey showed single purpose websites like Urbanspoon are still king. This news comes after Google’s acquisition of  travel-guide publisher Frommers, in what could be a move to capture more of the travel market. Marketing Land have profiled the acquisition and asks a simple question: how did Google go from a simple search engine to content destination?


Readability and keyword analysis – the changing world of SEO

In a post-Pengiun and Panda world, readability is more important than ever. It’s an often overlooked part of SEO: if people can’t easily access your content, its value will plummet. This article gives you a how-to on laying out your website. If there’s any comic sans sitting on your website, might be time to give it the flick!

Do you rely on keyword analysis to assess the effectiveness of your SEO efforts? Recently, Google hasn’t been returning as much data to its users as it once did. looks at what you can do to work around the ‘not provided’ segment of your traffic.


Get 500,000 users, how to freelance, and be wary of some domains

Got a great concept but need more users? This presentation outlines some simple ways for you to reach 500,000 users no matter what your budget is. Do you have any tips on how to quickly grow users?

Purchased a clever domain that departs from the common .com? One start-up decided to use .st and it didn’t work out so well. A major hardware failing affected most websites using .st and the website crashed. It raises a good point: if you plan to invest in a domain, make sure it has a solid backing.

This week, our own digital marketer, Ophelie, faced some tough questions from Justin of Adsense Flippers, including a sneak preview of our next big release. It’s worth a read if you are curious about Flippa and what we have in store.

Finally, you might have seen that we need your help to get us to SXSW – it’ll just take a minute, I promise! If we get enough votes to send Matt to Austin, the presentation will be live-streamed and available for you to watch.



    Google is taking over every sector of the internet and it’s honestly becoming scary for the rest of us. In 5-10 years they could own EVERY sector of the internet…

  • Living in Thailand

    I honestly don’t like the idea of a search engine owning the content it delivers, honestly it makes it more biased, have you noticed how many you tube videos show up in results when the vimeo videos are of more value. Bias. it’s not free it’s no longer the world wide web it’s just google, if google owns all the delivered content why will it show us any of our websites. I recently added a youtube video to my website and google results shot up 40%. Does this mean that google will only show those that are also displaying their content. Seems like a monopoly and not what I thought a search engine should be like. With all honestly bing actually shows better results than google these days. Take for example the word “Thai Girls” I get a bunch of adsense sites on google but in Bing I get a bunch of porn sites. Of course if I’m typing in Thai girls as a search term I want to see hot sexy thai girls not a bunch of borning adsense content. Sorry Google but soon people are going to wake up.

  • acroboy

    Great News!! The end is nigh for MFA (Made For Adsense) sites AND MFF (Made For Flippa) sites.

    Bring on Penguin 2,3,4,……

  • manateemedia

    Won’t be too jarring and jolting. Google has made it so impossible for the average person’s voice to be heard on the Internet that we have resorted to selling off all of our sites.

    Of course the next penguin update will NOT be jarring and jolting to the Huffington Post, although it should be.

  • Dave Smith

    Completely agree with last comment, I completely deleted my Google account and have no further interest in what they think of any of my sites, I will just continue to try to produce good websites with useful content. Google failed for years to allow such websites to rank high which meant many website owners resorted to link building to get a high ranking, and now Google has finally woken up to realise they have been promoting rubbish websites for years they have taken a sledgehammer to it. I used to admire Google but they have joined the ranks of Microsoft in my list of most disliked arrogant companies.
    Penguin no longer maters, nor does any other Google update because shortly many more people will realise Google has passed its sell by date. There are more search engines around than ever, many of them promoting a lack of tracking which appeals to may people fed up of privacy invasion. Google, like Microsoft before will realise that their time of dominance will be finite.

  • jayjay

    @Dave Smith all to true the www that has become ‘googleweb’ is reminiscent of the Roman Empire in antiquity. As Tech and high end ‘serverstructure’ becomes more affordable the next gen SE’s today and not to distant future will indeed be able to advance their competition towards Google, Bing, etc, and who knows draw more netizens to their flavour of search.

    One thing that history has taught us is that ‘Empires’ don’t last for ever and even on the www we’ve been witness to the rise and fall of companies like Yahoo Myspace, Netscape and may may others. Google would have to have ‘bats in the belfry’ so to speak of to ignore those canary’s of the early www mine to think it’s immune to the general appeal of it’s flavour of www imperialism.

  • Traveltext

    How long will google users put up with page one search results that deliver top positions to advertisers and the remainder to sites that are regular google advertisers?

    Google has gone so far from its ethical origins that it is today just a parody of what it once was and it has become a useless search tool for those looking for sites that truly meet their needs.

  • Samantha Luxton

    Google start shows their greedy … i believe they will fall because of that ! lets just see what will happen next 2-3 years…

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  • sutariya

    Update is really necessary for quality results.

    The Web Spam Head should also consider on The Meta Title & Unnecessary Repeating keywords on the page (A lot Keyword Stuffing) that SEO Companies doing now days LOL.