New on Flippa: Buy and Sell iOS Apps!

Since Flippa’s launch back in 2009, we’ve been known as the go-to place to buy and sell websites. Over time, sellers also started listing domain names. Today, we’re adding a third option: you can now buy and sell iOS Apps on Flippa!

We already have several iOS app listings live — check them out here. Here’s a quick preview:

  • FramPix, a photography app with over 2,200 monthly downloads
  • OneVoice, a speech therapy app that regularly generates over $1000 per month.

 Neat! I want to sell my apps, too!

Fantastic! Listing an app is similar to listing a domain or website on Flippa. You can get started at flippa.com/sell. If you need a bit of help, check out our support documentation, or get in touch with our support team.


What took you guys so long?

Good question. It used to be very difficult to transfer iOS apps between developers while retaining access to the previous customers, reviews, App Store rankings, and the ability to send out new updates. This changed a few months ago when Apple announced developers could now transfer apps. Now it’s as simple as transferring a website from seller to buyer.


No love for Android developers?

Another good question! We’re starting out with iOS apps because that’s where the demand lies. If you’re an Android developer and are interested in selling apps, let us know in the comments and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Thanks to Sugar Daze for this photo!

  • Nick

    windows App? Now Windows App is bigger Platform, because the user can download them on their onw Pcs

    • Ophelie Lechat

      Good point Nick. One vote for Windows apps!

    • http://flippa.com/blog Ophelie Lechat

      Where did my previous reply go? Is my spam filter eating up my own posts?

      In any case, we hadn’t considered Windows Apps, but I’ll add it to the list! Anyone else?

  • AndroidFlipper

    Yes, android apps are needed to be approved on Flippa. Please add it guys.

  • mjtravis64

    What if my iOS app has an Android version. Will I be able to sell both versions in the auction?

    • http://flippa.com/blog Ophelie Lechat

      Yes, absolutely. We can only verify ownership and stats for the iOS app, but you can include the Android app in the sale as well. In fact, one of the first apps listed today includes both.

  • http://www.flipinsider.com/ Aspidoff

    Thank you! Finally! Please add android section asap, I think its platform of choice for many. I like apptopia, and I have used it, but I hate their ad revenue estimates and the jibber jabber they mix with the stats, I end up reading notes section of the listing anyway, I am glad I can go back to Flippa now.

    • http://flippa.com/blog Ophelie Lechat

      And one more vote for Android. As a seller, have you had more success with iOS or Android apps?

      • http://www.flipinsider.com/ Aspidoff

        As a publisher, android. Havent sold any yet, just buying them all for now 🙂

        • Jenn

          Still make an android app so people can at least try

      • sara

        Android market is much more popular i think, I have Android apps published and doing much more here… =]

  • Batten

    There’s more to it than you might think. App Business Brokers has been the #1 resource for buying and selling mobile apps for two and a half years. Lots of experience so if you have questions on valuations and want to find real buyers that’s the place to go…

  • http://templendo.com/ Chris Brown

    Good news.

    • http://flippa.com/blog Ophelie Lechat

      We think so too, Chris!

  • Austin

    I have a finished app but not released it – is that worth listing – I think its got huge potential – I just dont have the time to release it

  • Nino

    +1 for selling Android apps! 🙂

  • Kurasa

    +1 For Android apps ..

  • muja

    +1 for selling Android apps

  • John Winson

    +1 more vote for Android Android apps ..:)

  • Rell

    Would love to sell some Android apps

  • sara

    put for android too, i have 2 apps for sale…

  • ksashikumar

    +1 for Android Apps

  • 900Worldwide

    All good apps are in high demand. Wondering when can we except to be able to start selling it in this marketplace. Android Rules

  • Tulipanka

    +1 for Android Apps

  • intensecool

    +1 for Android apps too.

  • Simon

    Is it possible to buy and sell android apps now? I am interested

  • Green Oak Systems

    Very interested in being able to sell an Android App on Flippa!

  • abdoanany

    Hello , I want to know the way i sell my android app and how the prices calculated ?