Our New Listing Process is Live! Have any questions?

Last week’s announcement of our new listing process was warmly received by our regular sellers. We’re glad to be launching our new listing process today. Try it out at flippa.com/sell!

A quicker listing process for a better listing

We’ve timed the new listing process against our previous system, and the new version won every time. With 50% fewer clicks to get an auction from URL to live, it’s much easier for all sellers, experienced and new, to put together a great listing in one sitting.

Speaking of great listings: our new process puts the listing’s best information front-and-centre, and makes it easier for buyers to find auctions they’ll love to bid on.

Ask away!

We know this is a major change to how sellers interact with our site. We’ll be here to answer questions about the new listing process in our blog comments.

Have a question about our new listing process? We’ll answer it straight away in the comments!




  • Fox

    My auction listing description is still down. This is terrible, my auction is ending soon and Flippa just killed it with the upgrade:

    You have not yet entered the description for this listing.

    Help 🙁

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Fox — please check your email. Your listing description was only down for a few minutes; it’s now been restored.

      • Fox

        Thank you Ophelie, I see it’s back up. Every minute counts towards the end 🙂

        FYI page stats have disappeared.

  • Chris

    I just noticed that I can no longer see my auction’s stats. Is this related to your new update? I would much rather be able to see how many people have visited my auction and how many are following it. I am not happy about losing my favorite function 🙁

  • Deborah

    ALL my auctions descriptions are gone.


    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Deborah — your listing description will be back up soon. I’ll have a look at your listings and extend the ones that are about to expire, to make sure none of your listings are affected by the change.

  • http://anelectronicstore.com sham

    My listing description disappear, what happen??????? help me

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Sham — your listing description is appearing normally now. Thanks for your patience.

  • Alice

    Same here, no more auction stats, and this is really bad, atleast you should stay Watch List stats.

  • http://myebookblueprint.com Dennis

    My auction listing is also down.

    My Ebook Blueprint.com

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Dennis — your listing description is back up. Thanks for your patience.

  • http://MyEbookBlueprint.com Dennis

    Thank you for restoring my listing description however, the html format of this listing has been lost nor can I click on the description to change it.

    Also, my stats – visits/watching etc. is missing as well.


  • inbargains

    Why do you still have 8 ended listings stuck at the top of the ending soonest page? Some have been there for 4 days now (since last Thursday).

    I like the changes BTW, except the missing stats but I’m sure you’ll work it out.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi inbargains — the Ending Soon page is now back to normal.

      • Sherry

        No.. not really. The listings at the top are ones which expired yesterday.

  • http://strategiccashflow.com/free/ytreport.htm MK Loh

    Hi Ophelie,

    The “sidebar column” on the right of my auction is bolded. Cross checked with other listings, and others seem normal (not bolded).

    Is it because my descriptions are too lengthy? I see some truncated texts towards the end of the description. Everything was fine when I put the website up for auction, this happens only after the upgrade.

  • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

    I really wish you would have given me more time to edit my listing — an existing listing that had the edit function when it started — before pushing this live. I was planning on doing the edits on the weekend but didn’t make it in time. I’m a one-time seller, and needed to add information in response to many direct messages to make the listing more clear on certain points. Now I can’t do that. Please, help me out with this, if possible.

  • http://www.crunchx.com Ajay

    All my auction stats are missing. 🙁

  • Mohit Jain

    Free listing is not available in new process ?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Mohit,

      The standard listing fee on Flippa is always $29.

      • Mohit Jain

        Thanks !

  • chautala

    In the new process where is the BIN price text? It was nowhere mentioned in the video, just the starting and the reserve price were mentioned. What about the BIN?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Chautala,
      The BIN is now added once the listing is live. Click on the Listing Settings button in the seller toolbar to add a BIN!

  • http://www.akira07.info Christian Wijaya

    Hi, on Sale section i didn’t find column to set the BIN price. Where I can put BIN price?

    Can I do upgrades listing next time (ex: 2 day before listing ended)?


    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Christian,
      Some options, such as the BIN, are now added once the listing is live. Click on the Listing Settings icon in the seller toolbar to add a Buy It Now price, and apply upgrades!

  • Alive


    Got Black page when try to upload new file. plz look into this

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Alive,
      Can you try this one more time? We have fixed the issue and you should now be able to add attachments.

      • Alice

        thx working now

  • http://introspect.com Mike

    Before I allow GoDaddy to transfer the domain to the buyer, and before I pay the “success” fee, I will need cleared funds in my possession.

    Can the “success” fee be paid after settlement? How will this work?


  • vahid

    I lost all my flippa credits just because I closed a page by mistake (paypal’s webpage).
    I’ve already sent a support ticket : |

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Vahid,
      Since this really depends on your Flippa account, our support agents are the best people to answer this question. They’ll get back to you within a few hours!

  • Phdaw thn mantra

    I can’t add specific page from google analytics. How can I do this?
    Thank you.

  • Fox

    I’ve noticed with Flippa’s recent upgrades they have begun storing my credit card information and automatically charging my credit card for the success fee after a sale.

    I do not recall ever authorizing the storage of my credit card, nor would I ever intend to authorize this. I prefer to pay manually, always. I’m poking around my account and see NO reference to my stored credit card, or where I can remove it or de-authorize Flippa’s claim to it.

    Clearly I missed some sly new fine print when I started my last auction, but Flippa never grabbed into my wallet before for success fees… Why be so underhanded about it? What gives?

    And I’d like my credit card information removed immediately. How do I do this? Thanks, Ophelie! 🙂

  • Dim

    I can’t understand the way flippa works..Could I attach a single page of google analytics in my listing?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Dim,
      Yes, you can attach a Google Analytics report to your listing. Here’s a how-to article on adding Analytics to your listing.

  • R200

    Bring the old site back.

    • Sherry

      I second that ! Everything worked just fine before the “upgrade”.

      Faster is not necessarily better! When a seller is selling a website for thousands of dollars one needs precision as well as the flexibility to fine tune and make changes to the description as needed.

      If the current description is not producing results.. in comparing number of visits vs the number of those watching.. the seller needs to be able to make adjustments.

      Basically, Flippa has decided that if you need to make changes to your description.. you will have to cancel your listing and start all over.. paying another listing fee.

      Flippa is making plenty of money.. no need to get Greedy!

  • Ismail


    I have a website that i have for another 2 years that i got off godaddy.com some time ago. I just want to sell the domain as the site isn’t really worth much. Can I sell that site or how does it work?

    Sorry & Thanks

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Ismail! You can list your domain on its own — start your listing at flippa.com/sell, and we’ll ask you in step 1 whether it’s a domain or a website.

  • inbargains

    Just an observation to pass upstream. I don’t think there is a valid purpose for the addition of jpg under every jpg attachment I upload. It looks terrible to have nice titles and images and a jpg under the image – jmho.

    Also there needs to be a padding between the image title and the thumbnail. Currently there is no padding with the attachment title butted right to the thumbnail.

    Nothing critical but my OCD doesn’t like things out of place and improperly spaced.

    Looking better every improvement though – nice job.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      All excellent points, inbargains. I’ll pass these along to the rest of the team!

  • Ben

    What ever happened to letting us know how many users are online? Why did that get removed from the site?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Ben,

      That feature went away during our last redesign a few months ago. We’re working on ways to bring it back, due to popular demand, but it’s not a top priority at the moment.

  • David

    What is this preapproved payments nonsense? Also I just listed something and…
    1. Something is wrong with the Pitch page. Made changes to my pitch and they were not saved at all and because now the listing can’t be changed anymore… I had to relist.
    2. The PayPal gateway is completely broken.

    Nice work, Flippa.

  • http://aaco2007.org eric

    My site is not live yet and there is no option about the start listing time. Please help me.

  • Alice

    I want to add current Google Analytic File, but cant see any option to verify analytic?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Alice! Is your listing live? We’ll be adding this functionality again very soon, but in the meantime, you can access it at this URL:
      https://flippa.com/auctions/(Enter your listing’s number)/attachments/analytics

  • http://aaco2007.org eric

    I got it.

  • http://mlbdailydeals.com demetiry

    Hello Im having problems with the txt. I’ve updated the required code that you provided. Its been 24 HR

  • http://iqwebsitemaker.com Sameer

    I want to modify the draft but it says,

    Listings scheduled for launch cannot access this area.

    Why is this ?

    This means that I can’t modify my listing now?

  • http://aaco2007.org eric

    I just got the experience with this new listing style there is not a big difference between this and the last one you changed. Evan the previous method was much better as there is no editing in description and if we do mistakes then we will tell you again and again through mail or support then we will wait for your response this really dose not make any sense.
    Sorry to say but I`m really not happy with this:(


  • Ryan

    Can you consider in the future offering a premium service for sellers that would allow them to have Flippa personally verify traffic and earnings? I am looking to list a high earning site right now, and I would pay additional for a similar feature.

    In my own experience, and many others I have heard of, sellers are exaggerating their earnings (if any) and literally ripping people off. This I feel could have an effect on your brand and reputation.

    This would also allow real, legitimate earning websites actually get the price sellers want. I feel that many high end buyers are no longer sticking around Flippa. The average selling price based on a multiple of net earnings has gone down quite significantly over the past year. I have also noticed as of late that many earning websites are no longer using Flippa.

    I realize the possible implication of someone trying to find you liable for someone’s misrepresentation, but you could always use a disclaimer.

    Just some thoughts!

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Ryan! Offering a verification service is absolutely on our radar. As you mention, the implications of that level of involvement in the due diligence process are quite complicated, which is why we’re treading carefully.

  • Fox

    Suggestion: The ability to refresh the website screen grab while we’re building a listing. Sometimes I will tweak the home page to improve its appearance in the listing thumbnail. I create and delete a few listings while I try to get it just right.

    Even better would be the ability for us to upload and crop our own screen shot. 🙂

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Fox — I totally understand how it would be nice for sellers to be able to upload their own screenshots, but I also know that less-than-honest sellers would take it as an opportunity to promote other sites/products or do a bit of false advertising!

      Refreshing a screenshot is an admin-only control, but it only takes us a few seconds. You can let us know if you’ve made changes to your site and we’ll refresh the screenshot for you.

  • Mark

    How to change the niche of listing ?

  • Joeyjo

    I have already emailed support, but just letting you know that I am having a problem with the revenue section . its not letting me update anything.
    Don’t see a button to submit, please check this.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Ho Joeyjo — I’ll have a look at your support ticket. We haven’t had other reports of problems with the revenue section, but either myself or one of our support agents will get back to you ASAP.

  • George

    I can’t add verified Analytics pdf’s and the “next” button under “revenues” is broken.

    • Joeyjo

      I reported this same problem 5 hours ago and still am waiting for a fix.

      • Ophelie at Flippa

        Hi Joeyjo — we’re working on a fix for this right now. You should soon be able to add Verified Analytics PDFs again.

  • Alice

    Now we cant upload another verified Google Analytics? cant find any option

  • Ryan

    Hi, Im having the same problem as Joeyjo. I cant update the revenue section of my listings. Please let me know when this is resolved.

    Other than that, everything is good.

    Thanks guys

  • Fox

    Can’t select monetization methods. The “Next” button is missing.

    • sachin

      Yes, I have the same problem.

      The next button is missing on the “Revenue” page.

      • Ophelie at Flippa

        Thanks Sachin. This does, indeed, seem to be broken. I have a developer working on it right now, and it will be fixed shortly.

  • Fox

    When I try to edit the uniqueness of the site and content I get an error.

    It’s defaulting to “not unique”. Can someone please change this for me, along with my monetization methods which include adsense, ecommerce, other advertising, and other affiliate, please?

    For this auction: https://flippa.com/2856229

    Thanks, Ophelie! 🙂

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Fox! I’ll reply over email, I think it’ll be a bit easier for both of us 🙂

      • Fox

        Thank you! I’m trying to edit my item description and it’s failing. Argh. I’m glad I can reach you 🙂

  • Alice

    Hello no answer of my question? how can we upload Verified Google Analytic which we did in old listing style?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Alice! I replied a little while ago with a link; here it is again.

      “Is your listing live? We’ll be adding this functionality again very soon, but in the meantime, you can access it at this URL:
      https://flippa.com/auctions/(Enter your listing’s number)/attachments/analytics”

  • Johan

    How re-list back my auction. i cant find the button

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Johan — are you trying to re-list an ended auction/sale that took place in the last 6 months? If so, there will be a link at the top of your ended auction.

      • Johan

        my auction have been ended 12 days ago and does not meet my reserve price. try to negotiate with the buyer and have been rejected. so, i want try to re-list back my auction.

        the top of my ended auction only have link for ‘purchase privacy upgrade’

        • Ophelie at Flippa

          Hi Johan,

          This looks like a problem for our support department. I’ve forwarded them your message; we’ll get back to you ASAP!

  • http://paleo-breakfasts.com mickswebsites

    While I’m all for progress and improvements I think removing the ability to alter the auction once live is a mistake. By all means you shouldn’t be able to revise your listing once it has a bid on is fine but we all make listing errors that sometimes arent spotted until the site is live.

    Also i just listed an a website and wasnt given the option to declare what the income methods are for the site, either that or i missed it 🙁

    Just my opinion, but a little dissapointed if I’m honest.


  • sachin

    I put up a site for sell and paid the fees.

    The auction is live if I go to the site’s page directly.

    However, the site is not found in Flippa’s search results.

    How can I sell the site if it isn’t found in the search results?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Sachin,

      I’m going to email you directly to get this fixed — it does take a few minutes for listings to appear in our search index, but you should definitely be able to see your listing by now. Let’s work on this over email.

  • George

    I’m not sure how to set the BIN and payment information (i.e. which PayPal email the buyer should send the payment). Also, I don’t see where I can enable “require buyer to pay with PayPal to BIN”.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi George,
      These options are all available once your listing is live. You’ll see a prompt to add these details in your listing’s header; you can also access all of this via the new seller toolbar.

  • Sherry

    Why am I not able to edit my Description? There are no bids yet.

  • George

    And how can I type my own entry into “monetization”? I typically enter “service sales” into that field.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi George! The Monetization field generates a tag that helps buyers find your listing, so the broader the tag, the more users will see your listing. “Other Sales” encompasses “service sales”; you can then add a more specific description in the “Pitch” section.

  • Sherry

    The old system was MUCH better!

    Now you are not able to see what the description is going to look like.. it is all scrunched in a small box.

    The old system was very comprehensive.. you could see everything at a glance.. now it’s all over the place.. a piece here and a piece there.

    This is not an IMPROVEMENT..this thing is HORRIBLE!

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Sherry — did you see the “Preview Your Listing” button in the creation process? You can see your listing description in context there.

      • Sherry

        Yes.. I did. Going back and forth to make changes..then preview.. then more changes.. then preview.

        That is certainly not saving any time.

  • Deborah


    I want to add an attachment. And there is nowhere to do this now. I like to add a link to the exact match keywords on the sales page. So if I can’t do this until after the site is live then you say I can’t make and changes. This is getting very complicated . I am going to have to host this picture of the keywords at photobucket. (this adds ALOT of time to the listing process)

    Please change this back


    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Deborah,

      You can add attachments at any time during your listing — only the listing description, title and tags cannot be modified once the listing is live. You’ll find the Add Attachment link in your seller toolbar once your listing is live.

      • Deborah

        Yes, but I want to add and use the attachment as a link on my site and I am not allowed to change the discription anymore once it is live.


  • Deborah


    The screenshots for the sites are not showing up.


    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Deborah,

      I forwarded your message to our Support team; the issue has now been fixed. Thanks for your patience!

  • Sherry

    There used to be a link on the right to add attachments which was very convenient. Now it has all become very complicated.

    As they say.. “if it ain’t broke.. don’t fix it”. Flippa should have left everything as it was!

  • Sherry

    There used to be a link on the right to end the listing earlier if you chose to do so.

    This link was helpful in many ways.. one of which was being to confirm the actual time and date of the end of the auction.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Sherry,

      The link is still there, but it’s now in your Seller Toolbar, under “Change End Time”.

  • Heidi

    Is there a way to add an image to a domain listing?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Heidi — no, domain-only listings don’t have a thumbnail image. Were you trying to list a website instead?

      • Heidi

        Nope. Was just hoping there was a way to post an image for a domain. Thanks.

      • Tal

        your wrong! i saw 3 domain only listings that do have a thumbnail! anywone else know?

  • Sherry

    You used to be able to lower the reserve and/or lower the BIN toward the end of the auction.

    I guess the BIN can still be lowered.. but I am not seeing where to lower the reserve.. ??

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Sherry,
      You can absolutely still lower your reserve if it hasn’t been met yet — the option is second from the top in your Listing Settings, on the seller toolbar.

    • Joeyjo

      Also I dont see how to REMOVE the BIN anymore. I wonder if this has been removed.

  • siteproadvance

    The new listing process is VERY inconvenient so the price that you sell the website for doesn’t matter instead of a full control of the listing. Window for a description is very small. Setting some important parameters like BIN after auction starting is very inconvenient. And I don’t understand where are attachments in the new process too. Anyway, the old process was great and the new process isn’t.

  • http://www.modernwebsitedesign.org Anson

    I tried to lower the listing duration to 1 day, but it becomes 1 hour…! I am sure this is an error issue… Please re-list my website listing again. Thank you.

  • http://www.modernwebsitedesign.org Anson

    There is no re-list button to re-list listing. What happened?

  • Ash

    So far I am not at all happy with the recent changes:

    1. Why can’t I see the bid before accepting it? Flippa actually HIDES the bid amount until I accept but only shows information about the credibility of the bidder. Not seeing the bid amount takes away from the ability to make a more educated decision. I may choose to take on a risk on accepting a bid from new buyer, the amount of risk is up to the seller and cannot be evaluated unless the bid amount is disclosed.
    What if I wish to accept a bid from a new member as long as this bid does not exceed my reserve? Is that too bad?

    2. Design looks terrible on mobile phones. Flippa’s overall design is already pretty straight forward. Making it mobile friendly should not be that hard

    3. I’ve already had 3 bugs that the support team has resolved by giving me “credits”, which is fine for now but it’s a step back for development as far as progress being made to the website.

    4. Not being able to make changes to the description prior to accepting bids is not good either, a seller may choose to “sweeten the deal” by offering bonuses (like free hosting, more support…etc) if the auction is not getting any bites. I read above that this was confusing to new sellers, but just like old sellers, they can learn it.

    Overall, Honestly I am not impressed happy with the recent changes…

  • Sherry

    I have more sites I would like to sell.. but since there still seem to be quite a few glitches in the new system.. I guess I will focus my attention on getting ready for the Holidays and check back in here after the New Year.

    Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a wonderful (and prosperous) New Year.

    See you in January!

  • Jack Cooke

    Not liking the new listing system at all I’m afraid. It feels like a real step back to me and like a beta system. It bugs the hell out of me when companies get their customers to iron out the glitches. This new system just wasn’t ready for public release.

    The stupidly small box in which to try and get a nice looking description in is next to useless. Previewing the listing doesn’t seem to reflect my font size changes at the moment. And I hate not being able to change the description once the listing is live. I can understand that once there are bids in place but until that point it should be allowed. I’ll persist with trying to get my site listed now but it’s proving to be a really frustrating experience.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Thanks for your comment, Jack — at this point, we’re gathering info from our regular users (as well as from new sellers) to see what improvements still need to be made. Generally (and I know it’s not apparent from reading this blog thread) users have been enthusiastic about how much faster it is to launch an auction. I know it’s an adjustment for our regular sellers, but we’re hoping to make the transition easier over the coming days. Stay tuned!

  • http://adinugroho.web.id/ adi

    I didn’t like the new listing process. Why you didn’t create an options? So we can use classic or new listing process

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Adi — I know a lot of websites (Basecamp, Google products…) offer “classic” versions when they modify their processes, but this isn’t something we have the capacity to handle at this point. What difficulties did you have when you used our new listing process? Is there anything I can clarify or help with?

  • http://leakhq.com Bob McGuire

    How big does a forum have to be in order to sell it and make $2000. USD? I have a ton of real nice domain names but names don’t seem to be selling. Going websites do seem to sell. Something making some money. So how many members and how much income and how many page views? Stuff like that! (Stuff is an American word. Slang for things. Made popular on The Gong Show by Chuck Barris)

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Bob! One of the best ways to find out how much a site like yours might sell for is by using our Advanced Search. Plug in your site’s details, choose “won listings”, and look at the recent results for an idea of what a similar site might fetch on Flippa.

  • Keith

    Hello, im trying to edit the Monetization methods part of the listing when I click edit and chose whatever i want, I cant get the listing to display yes next to products in the preview like I usually have, can you please tell me how to solve this problem

    Thank you

  • Dave

    Hello, do you know if sites written in HTML code sell better than sites written in PHP or it does not really make a difference?

  • Davissonravian

    My listing has been ended may i delete my complete listing detail from flippa?

  • Syed Waqar Ali Naqvi

    How and When we will be able to remove all old listings from Fillpa

  • sas

    I dont have a credit card but I want to list a domain.How can I ?