New Listing Creation Process: Keeping It Simple

We’ve been hinting at our latest project over on Twitter, and we’re ready to share a major change that’s going live on Monday: a top-to-bottom improvement of the Flippa listing process.

Why is our new listing process better?

  • Increased chance of sale. With our new listing process, we ask you for exactly the kind of information that buyers use when searching for websites. This means you’re more likely to appear in relevant search results.
  • Fewer steps. You can now fill out a Flippa listing in 50% fewer clicks using our new listing process. We did this by automating several aspects of the listing creation — for example, we automatically detect how your site is implemented and add the relevant information to your listing.
  • Easier workflow. Our new listing process is much easier to navigate: we take you from the first step of entering your site’s URL right through to setting it live. If you’d rather skip ahead, that’s fine too: your listing will be saved in your drafts no matter how much information you’ve filled out.

Plus, as you’ll see below, the new process is much more aesthetically pleasing. Creating a listing is so quick that you won’t spend much time looking at it, but we think it’s much nicer than its previous iteration.


What’s changing?

When you begin your listing creation, we’ll ask you for some information about your site, and make some suggestions for your listing, including a descriptive title and an optimal listing duration.

Astute sellers will notice a few things missing from the listing creation process: we no longer ask upfront for a Buy It Now price, for payment methods, or whether your content and design are unique before your listing is live. You can set these once your listing is live.

Stay tuned for the new listing process’ launch on Monday!

Do you have any questions about the new listing process? We’ll be around to answer them here on the blog.

  • Ali Hussain

    That is great the new system.
    I read somewhere but cannot relocate it, you guys give a discount on re-listing?
    Is that right?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Ali — re-lists are always half-priced! You can relist your site from the expired auction to get the discount.

  • Samuel King

    Well done!
    I like the new title suggestion feature 🙂
    Keep it up Guys

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      I have to say, that’s my favourite feature as well. It calls out the most important information right there in the title.

  • Mike From Maine

    I really looking forward to seeing how this change increases sales. You’ve got my attention 😉

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Thanks Mike! Planning on listing any sites next week?

      • Mike From Maine

        Yeah, I’m going to try out the new system…give it a test drive 😉

  • Mike

    The only thing I don’t like is not allowing the description to be edited after creation. We perfectionists need that sort of thing.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Mike,
      Aah, but true perfectionists will make sure their listing description is perfect before it’s set to live! 🙂

      • Mike

        clever. but false. Editing should be allowed at least as long as no bids have been made. That would be ideal. I can see the point of not allowing changes after bids have been made.

  • Alessandro Zamboni

    I’m happy you follow your website so well, Flippa team!
    Being with you since the first day of your opening let me saw so many adjustments and new better things that’s impossible to not appreciate Flippa marketplace.

    Also these news are awesome, because your site selling procedure needed a fast move.
    Thanks so much and keep always up your excellent work!

    See you soon,
    Alessandro Zamboni

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Thanks Alessandro! I agree that our listing process really needed a review. Let us know what you think once you’ve had a chance to try it out!

  • reglo

    It will a time saver with the entry, BUT, it will require much more time to prepare the listing than before, since you are not allowing any editing after publishing. If a lisitng is for any length of time likem 21 days, and we realize to add/edit some facts later, we can NOT enhance our listing anymore. Honestly, this take-away sucks, sorry. Even ebay allows editing to a specific time point.
    First pricing went up, now less flexibility, IMO – all negative moves.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Reglo,

      Having sellers carefully review their listing before it goes live is much better for auctions, since buyers will see a complete, polished listing from the moment it’s set to live.

      If there’s something crucial missing from your listing, you can add it to the comments, or add a new attachment to your listing with the required information. Otherwise, you can contact our support team to fix large mistakes in the listing description.

  • David Gass

    It’s great to see that you guys are thinking of us buyers. Looking forward to seeing the roll out Monday.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Thanks David! Have you got a few sites ready to sell? 🙂

  • Carl

    Definitely a great news, for sure the process before was a bit longer and pretty much disjointed.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Thanks Carl! We’re looking forward to having our sellers try out the new listing process and getting more feedback. It’s definitely an improvement!

  • Soumya

    I wish there were some discounts for listing like re-listing. What if someone wants to list 10+ web properties? 🙂

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Soumya,

      If someone wants to list 10+ great web properties, they’re looking to make 10 great sales on Flippa! 🙂 The listing fee is an investment in your sale. If you’re confident that your auction will get a good price from potential buyers, you’ll quickly recoup the $29 fee.

  • eric

    This is really appreciated. But will we get discount on listing or is there any chance of increment in bidding?

  • Kimberly

    Well these changes do not make me cringe, as some of the others have this past year.

  • Joey

    I am very troubled about the new guideline that does not allow editing of live descriptions. I can’t think of one listing that I’ve had where I didn’t edit the description based on feedback from buyers or mistakes that I made myself. If we, or a buyer, spots a mistake that jeopardizes the validity of the auction then why should we not be able to correct it. It seems to me that this would create more problems than it solves (BTW, what problem does it solve. Flippa hopefully had a good reason to change this policy?). Perhaps we can ask Flippa to make the corrections for us?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Joey,

      Our previous guideline (that listings could only be edited until a bid was placed) was confusing to many sellers. Additionally, we found that a segment of sellers would quickly list their site without reviewing the listing description, resulting in sub-par listings and confused bidders.

      We advise sellers to add further information in the comments (as they would previously, when their listing required editing after a bid had been placed), or to contact our support team if there’s something crucial missing from the listing.

      But the best option is, of course, to read your listing and check it twice!

  • Johnny C.

    I like the new process after watched the video, but I don’t know how that will increase the exposure of my listing? currently, I found if I list the site as normal $29 bucks, after 7 days I only get very small amount of views on my listing. Unless I can afford to pay extra $50 bucks to featured the listing.

    Can someone explain how the new process will increase the chance get the site sold and more exposure on the listing?


    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Johnny,

      One of the biggest difficulties that sellers face is getting their listing in front of the right buyers. The best way to ensure this happens is to correctly list the site under the right categories: domain or website, niche, revenue history, site implementation, traffic details.

      We’re not afraid to say it: our previous tagging system was a mess, and it was very easy for a seller to mis-categorize their site. Now we’re automatically gathering some information (such as implementation method), asking sellers for other information in natural language, and suggesting an effective, representative listing title that will show buyers exactly what they need to know at a quick glance.

      I don’t have a crystal ball, but I predict this will result in better sales for all sellers, new and experienced alike.

      • Johnny

        Thanks for the reply, will try put some listing next week and see.

  • Christopher Miller

    I hope so cause I had just about lost my faith in Flippa. My sales went way down cause of the setup before. Let’s hope this will give us a fair chance. I will launch next Monday and we will see.

  • Mr.AllStar

    now that is some good change. Glad you guys are over there working hard to make flippa better

  • steven fischer

    every single one of my domains has failed email verification. That is impossible. AMORAL goes back to 1997
    Is this a ploy to force people to park the domain being sold at your parent company?

    skeptical. this is an appraised domain in the six figure range. Makes me nervous.

  • rajin

    before anyone could list there site you started to ask for 20$ fee which i feel is too much instead this fees must be attached when person was able to sell through your platform .

    i.e 5%+20$

    many countries not allow paypal and many persons have not any credit card . you depends a lot on google analytics which inflate results

  • meh

    Hi Ophelie,
    Do you think is there any chance to sell a non-English website (actually Persian language website ) in flippa for a good price?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Meh,

      While the vast majority of sites sold on Flippa are in English, we have seen other sites sell. Since our general audience won’t be able to read much of the site, it will be important for you to promote your listing to Persian speakers specifically. Also note that your listing needs to be in English.
      Let us know when you’ve started your sale!

  • Kevin

    You have a great ‘radio’ voice 🙂

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Why thank you!

  • Mike

    Ophelie, I have another suggestion to make. I think it would be great to notify users of items closing on their watchlist more than 8 hours in advance, say 24 hours in advance. I don’t think 8 hours is quite enough time. Case in point, I checked my email this morning to find in my inbox two Flippa notifications, one that an auction I was watching had 8 hours left, and a second that the auction had ended. Perhaps even an option for users to specify their own time for alerts, similar to Google Calendar.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Funny you should mention this, Mike — we’re working on adding a link to add an auction end time to your calendar. It’s a great idea that would make it much easier for buyers to monitor auctions they’re participating in. Stay tuned!

  • adi

    It’s better if you create 2 options when seller want to listing. Please create options to use new listing creation process and the old listing creation process. Some user is not user friendly with the new listing creation process. It’s not make the listing more simple but it make the listing process more confusing. I need to add BIN price separately. I can’t view the sales letter from buyer side after I create the sales letter. I was launch my listing and I see if I have some mistake with my sales letter, the bad news is now I can’t edit my sales letter after I launched it. And now I can guarantee if no one will bid my auction. Thank you for your great job.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Adi! You can use the “Preview Listing” button to see how your listing will appear to potential buyers before it goes live. While I know adding the BIN price after the listing has launch can be confusing to regular sellers, our goal was to have only the mandatory steps appear in the listing process, and keep all of the optional add-ons (like a BIN) for once the auction is live.