My Flippa Story: Paul Brooks on selling websites and market research


In coming weeks we’ll be profiling some of our buyers and sellers on Flippa, from new users to experienced hands. If you’d like to share you’re story, get in touch!

Our first profile is on Paul Brooks or senseibrooks as he’s known on Flippa. Paul is a relatively new member and is based in the United Kingdom. Paul has been involved in 9 transactions on Flippa and sold 2 sites.


What sets Flippa apart from other places to buy and sell websites? 

Flippa is simple and easy to use both as a buyer and a seller. Other marketplaces and services lack a simple customer journey. Whereas Flippa is 100% customer focused.

The new post auction negotiation system is an excellent feature and will certainly attract more buyers and sellers.

Could you share why you decided to join the Flippa community?

The Flippa community is the best way to keep up to date with market trends, it’s also a great spot to stay in touch with other website flipping professionals. If you have questions or need any advice – there’s always someone around who can help!

The community is great for new and experienced people alike. Get involved!

Would you describe yourself as a buyer or seller?

I’m mostly a seller. However if I identify an opportunity with a website or domain for sale I’ll certainly jump and bid on it!

However, I originally started out as a buyer when I first got involved with online marketing. I didn’t have the skills to build a site so I bought one. During this transaction I discovered the potential of selling websites on Flippa.

From that point, I taught myself how to build websites with WordPress and now I’m experimenting with my first auctions as a seller.

How do you find that great website, domain or app? 

When I’m in the market to buy – I stick to niches that interest me. This has traditionally been internet marketing. From here, I use Flippa’s search features. I plug in the search facets I’m looking for (traffic, revenue, etc) and I’ll easily find websites of interest!

When you are selling a site on Flippa – how do you go about it? 

When I’m thinking about selling a site on Flippa, I’ll do some market research on Flippa to see what niches and platforms are selling well. I’ll take note of trends in web design and content too.

I’ll then ‘watch’ a number of auctions to see what happens – monitoring comments and listing updates. If the auction sells, I know there’s a demand for the product and I’ll pivot my website to reflect the demand.

What advice would you give to other sellers? 

Everyone should be watching the Super Sellers to see what they are doing. They are doing something right, to try to replicate their success!

I always pay attention to the Super Sellers listing pages. I’ll take note of the format, the messaging used in the sales pitch and data included. I’ll adopt what I think works into my own listing descriptions. I’ll also add plenty of attachments and proof to back up my claims. Buyers rightly look for data to back up any seller claims.

What did you originally set-out to achieve on your Flippa journey?

Initially, I was looking for websites that I could work on, flip and make some money from. Whilst I still do this, I quickly realized that I could use Flippa as an income stream too!

Finally, what tips would you give to a beginner Flippa user? 

If someone is a novice buyer, then I would strongly recommend doing their due diligence before placing a bid. Make sure that you understand completely what the listing is telling you and that the information provided supports any claims. If you’re not sure move on.

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Based in Melbourne Australia, Tim is Flippa's Marketing Manager.

  • Daniele Besana

    “The Flippa community is the best way to keep up to date with market trends, it’s also a great spot to stay in touch with other website flipping professionals. If you have questions or need any advice – there’s always someone around who can help!”

    Flippa community?
    From the interview seems like it’s an active forum but I haven’t seen anything like that here.

    Can you elaborate?

    • timatflippa

      Hi Daniele! Buyers and sellers often get to know each other on auction comments, private messages, Twitter, Facebook and more. We’ve seen cases of novice users getting in touch with high profile super buyers and sellers for advice, etc.