Listing Upgrade Changes on Flippa

There are a range of listing upgrades available to sellers on Flippa to assist in drawing attention to their listing.

The feedback from sellers and the uptake of these options is testament to the terrific value that they provide – our stats show that listings with upgrades receive up to 300% more watchers and 50% more bids than standard listings.

However, the more people use them, the less effective they become. To ensure parity between the price and performance, we have undertaken a comprehensive review of these upgrades to ensure they continue to deliver value.

Featured Listing Upgrade

The Featured Listing Upgrade places your listing on the top of Flippa’s homepage and nudges down the page as other listing elect to feature. This remains our most popular upgrade, as it can be reapplied to bump you back to prominence.

To ensure the quality of featured listings and to increase their exposure, we will be changing the price to $40 per feature upgrade. As part of this change, we will also be showing the site’s favicon (short for favorites icon – see Wikipedia for more about favicons) alongside the listing on the home page.


Listing Styling Upgrades

Flippa allows sellers to add a number of styling options to their listing that are displayed when they appear on a result page. These upgrades remain with the listing for the duration of the auction.

Both the Bold and Border styling upgrades will now be $5 each – a price decrease for adding a border to your listing. However, the Color upgrade will now be charged at $10 to ensure it continues to provide value as a differentiator.

Screenshot Upgrade

Sellers can further make their auctions stand out of the crowd while showcasing their website’s design by adding a screenshot to their listing. This 158 x 173 pixel image allows a prospective buyer to get a feel for the seller’s website before needing to visit the site. The Screenshot Upgrade will now be priced at $20.

Twitter Upgrade

Flippa allows buyers to promote their listing through our growing @Flippa Twitter account – we were ecstatic to welcome our 4,000th follower last week!

To ensure that our followers are not overwhelmed by promotional tweets, promoting a listing via Tweet will now be charged at $80. Note that buyers and sellers can continue to promote Flippa auctions from their own Twitter and Facebook accounts from the auction promotion page.

Why the changes?

The power of these upgrades relies wholly on the ability of them to differentiate listings on the page.

As Flippa has grown, so too has the take-up of these upgrades. These pricing changes are aimed at keeping them somewhat exclusive – giving you more bang for your buck when promoting your listing on Flippa.

Please leave us your comments below… given that this post is about price increases, we would be very disappointed if the comment count does not break all existing records!

Image: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  • Johnny

    Yes, I agreed there are too many featured listings lately and it defeated the whole purpose of it. Even $40 is not high enough, should be like $50 bucks or higher. 🙂

  • stefan lyles

    This is ridiculous, i was hoping the fees would go down soon. We all are here for a reason and thats to make money. Why not just moderate the listing more and stop people from posting and automated crap? These fees are obsessive , flippa isnt no google…..

  • Nobody Special

    Getting very hard to make a profit using Flippa.

  • Chris

    I have to agree with stefan lyles. The price increases are ridiculous.

    Just more milking money out of sellers. I miss sitepoint when it was a great service with great pricing.

    With flippa, you now pay more ( listing fee hike, final value fee added, and now upgrade fee hikes ) YET you get less views per auction than previously.

    So we now pay more for less!

  • http://Pasta-Recipes.com Jamie

    I also think this is completely ridiculous. The price is already far too high at $29

    I bump my listing sometimes x5 or more times and still get less than 100 views .. I would think potential buyer views are what we are paying for and $40 doesn’t hit the spot.

    If my premium sales were getting 300+ views from the single listing (No Bumps) I would be willing to pay the $40 but honestly what are we paying for our listings to be pretty? I want potential buyers seeing my ads when I am spending $60 per listing and thats unbumped. Listing in the regular sales I get maybe 10 views in 10 hours .. I think this is getting really unfair.

    • Dave Slutzkin


      Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure about your stats, but if we were to lower the price for the featured listing upgrade then more people would use it so there would be increased competition for views. I’m sure you understand that this means that you’d actually get fewer views per use of the upgrade. Increasing the price has the opposite effect – it means that those who purchase the upgrade will get more views than they do now.

      • Johnny

        Right, if many people paid that $29 upgrades like right now, then the featured listing is no different than the normal listing at all.

        I willing to pay even $60, if it can stay longer… on the frontpage.

      • http://Pasta-Recipes.com Jamie

        Dave I’m 100% fine with the increase if it does indeed get more buyer views.

        I don’t mind paying a nice price for quality buyer views that will potentially result in more sales.

        I just hope this works cause if not we will indeed be paying more for less.


  • http://Pasta-Recipes.com Jamie

    #3 its obvious we will have to raise our prices as well and we can look forward to even more declining sales..

  • Mark

    Very good idea. I think it should cost more then $40 for featured. I hope it will go up to $60 soon.

  • https://flippa.com/users/372535 Nia

    More and more great feature on flippa. Thank you.

  • http://couponsonsale.com David

    Nice upgrade but it looks smaller than previous one and less informative too, i do not like this one.

  • http://http://www.ryantmalone.com Ryan T Malone

    Price increases are always going to upset those who sell on here. End of the day, this is how I see it. If you are selling high quality websites on Flippa, ones that are a real business opportunity for a buyer, then a small listing cost should not be a problem.

    For someone who sells a viable business opportunity on Flippa, this really is only pocket change.

    Personally I dont mind at all, and whilst Flippa is still a great place to sell, I know that I can very easily break even on listing costs multiple times over and over again.

    • http://nope.com Darth Vader

      The issue people have here isn’t whether or not they are selling a real business or not. It’s the number of eyeballs on their auctions.

      I’m more than happy to pay these prices if there is a significant increase in exposure for my sites, but the fact is that views are going down on Flippa, not up.

      Let’s make no mistake about this, Flippa has upped the price because less people are selling sites here and they are trying to make more money. That’s the bottom line.

      The real problem is that there is no viable alternative to Flippa, and so then can charge what they like and people have almost no choice.

      Do I still use Flippa? Of course. Am I happy about the price increase? No – but I would be if they could guarantee more exposure and an extended length of time on the front page. Maybe two runs on the homepage instead of one.

    • stefan lyles

      so your saying since we are all just a bunch of average joes trying to make a living we need to go some where else? its the average joe that turned flippa into what it is now. And this is how they pay it forward, charging us more money!? ridiculous!

      • http://http://www.ryantmalone.com Ryan T Malone

        Stefan, I never said that. What I am suggesting, just like Dany did below this comment is that we should focus more on building up valuable assets rather than selling anything.

        Sure, I’ve had a few flop sales here and there, and I completely understand that fees on Flippa + Paypal, and lets not forget, the cost of our own time simply add up, but if you are selling a viable biz opportunity, then it will work out for the best.

        As for the number of eyeballs, well, lets just say that it is not at all about the number of eyeballs, it is about the quality of those eyeballs. We have seen already that auctions can sell for anywhere between nothing and several hundreds of thousands of dollars on here. Those eyeballs that are here are ready to buy, and if you offer them something high quality that is a viable biz opportunity then these fees are going to be just pocket change.

  • Sam Samson

    I agree with Darth Vader. Look at the statistics for Flippa. There has been a flop of daily views, and overall less and less chances of us selling our sites. To be quite honest, I wouldn’t mind paying $100 if it makes my site stay longer on the homepage for longer than 12 hours. However, if I am going to pay $40 for someone else to come and bump me again in 12 hours, then I am not going to be happy. I hate fee hikes, this is another eBay getting ready to flop. Sooner than later someone else will replace this with a free substitute and it will take years before we see it.

  • SheddPark

    This is a joke… It already usually cost me around $120-250 a listing with all the upgrades and featuring the auction over and over, now its going to be more than double that. Way to go Flippa, squeeze every last dime we have out of our pockets… What’s next? 50% success fees?

    • http://KimberlyInman.com Kimberly Inman

      Not a happy camper regarding how much it actually cost me to list and get it seen. However, there are far to many featured listings, so I won’t list as often I guess.

  • Karl M.

    Most people who use extra listing features sell higher end websites therefore price increase should not be an issue, or at least in terms of % of expected sale price.

    My biggest problem is a $19 listing fee, as it is fine for higher end websites, but what about the lower end? Or Domains? Flippa, you have to find your market as if you want to be exclusive charge everyone $100 a listing, if not then how about putting more weight on final value fee instead of a listing fee. Lower listing fees and higher final value fees means more sellers will list and you (flippa) will make more money.

  • stefan lyles

    As an example, just recently i sold a site at bin for 600 heres my exspenses:
    Listing fee $19.00
    Screenshot $22.00
    Success fee $30.00
    Paypal Fee $23.70
    Featured Fee $29.00
    Total fees: 123.70
    600 – 123.70= $476.30
    So after selling my website for $600 dollars i only got 476 bucks out of it in the end ,that is 20% of the final sale prices which is 20 cents on every dollar and just looks ridiculous.

    • Johnny

      Exactly, but the sad fact is if you don’t sell it on flippa, YES, you saved that $100 bucks, but you can’t get your site sold for $600 anywhere else period.

      You may end up getting $300, then the end of day you are getting less 🙂

      I tried on many different marketetplaces out there and none of them can give you the same kind of buyers like flippa (bunch of people have money on their hand and willing to buy).

    • http://KimberlyInman.com Kimberly Inman

      I know the feeling!

  • http://www.tradingwebsitesblog.com Danny Batelic

    Why not focus on growing your $600 website into a $6000 or even a $60,000 one before you sell? Then the fees aren’t an issue.

    • http://Pasta-Recipes.com Jamie

      Because we build to sell and we don’t want or desire to run these ourselves.

      • http://http://www.ryantmalone.com Ryan T Malone

        I think the real thing here is that you dont need to build to sell. If you build with the intention of creating an income source for yourself, you are 110% of the time going to get better return on here.

        Besides that, we have been seeing it now for at least the past 6 months to a year that buyers are becoming more smart, they dont buy startup sites, or sites that simply will not make people money. If you create an asset, a good one at that, then it will sell, as Danny said, for much more.

        • Chan

          Don’t tell us what we need or don’t need to build to sell. Some of us build to sell because that is how we LIKE to do it.

          You guys want to spend 6 months to a year building up something and then selling it, go for it. But build to sell is legitimate and there are still plenty of buyers for startups, but again, the fees are a bit much for that.

          Personally, I think Flippa needs different fee structures for the different types of properties.

          A Startup website fee….low, but high final value.
          A Domain fee….low and high final value
          An Established Website fee….high fee, low final value…

          Something like that.

  • http://www.poetryhere.co.cc AALI

    I was also hoping to down the price but it increased which can cause frustration for the seller. Hope fully moderator will decrease the listing fee soon.

  • http://www.a1-solution.com sweetheatmn

    after the new menu system you have implemented before which hide the tags where no buyer look at it listing views goes down by more than 60% and also sales are badly affected

    now you are increasing the listing fees I think we suffers from your service 🙁

  • http://flippa.com/ Andrew Knibbe

    Hi all.
    Thanks for taking the time to post comments on this.

    There seems to be some confusion on listing fees. Just to be totally clear, the listing and success fees remain unchanged and have not been altered for over 18 months.

    The adjustments outlined above are only for listing upgrades (border upgrade even went down by almost 40%!).

    Hope that helps.

  • Johnny

    I can see the featured listings on frontpage today are stay a lot longer than before, so that means by increasing the featured upgrade works, whoever paid that $40, should be happy to get a lot more view and worth the money. 🙂

    • http://Pasta-Recipes.com Jamie

      Today is only Tuesday in the USA .. time will tell.

  • http://www.Apptiva.com Jason Davis aka jogfly

    @Karl M. The $19 represents the price your paying to sell a business. Secondly it helps weed out people and their spam. I for one think it’s priced just right.

    @Ryan T Malone. Your right on target. It’s a market place. Either you pay it upfront or on the back side.

    @Everyone Else. It’s the cost of doing business and if you can’t afford it you don’t have anything worth selling anyways.

    Dear Flippa and everyone else in the thread. Here’s an idea that would save everyone headache, keep prices as mentioned above but get ultimate exposure for good sites and weed out the crap people try and sale.

    Break Every site down into category first. Social Network, Directory, Blog, Downloadable, Upload/File Share, AdSense, etc… Include the categories in the main menu in addition to whats here now. All sites still filter in newly listed stream and placed under one category. People can pay extra to be in multiple categories and pay extra to feature for a category.

    Doing it this way helps organize the chaos we all encounter filtering through the listings. Secondly I don’t have to waste my time browsing though every listing just find a good one.

    Lastly FLIPPA Please Improve your search, it sucks so bad. It’s worse than WordPress. Usinng the idea above this will be easy.



    • Dave Slutzkin

      Jason: “Break Every site down into category first.”

      “Lastly FLIPPA Please Improve your search, it sucks so bad. It’s worse than WordPress. Usinng the idea above this will be easy.”

      I agree with all that you’re saying here, thanks Jason.

    • http://Pasta-Recipes.com Jamie

      Sure this will continue to reward the best sites, the best sites, the best sites , hey isnt that what has been happening for the last couple years? Let get them more exposure ..

      I think people forget that some people that come to Flippa do not have multi thousands of dollars and are looking for a reasonably priced website .. on the bright side of that there is us sellers who sell to such people .. keep rewarding the best sites more and more till we weed out all those lower and mid class people and also keep weeding out the lower and mid class sellers .. it will be real interesting to see what the outcome is .. I think it will result in destruction for the sellers and flippa alike .. just my 2 cents.

      Weed us out, weed them out, see whats left over .. a dead, boring sedo like site maybe? Thats what I think anyways and actually have been seeing this happen for some time now. it was TURNKEY websites that made website sales a bang ..

      I would hate to think that my legs carried me 10,000 miles yet today I no longer need them.

      I have given some thought to the $40 hike in price .. it may be a good thing as Dave has explained and I am open to for sure give it a fair try but to keep weeding out the lower priced sales and mid class sellers and buyers is not the answer.

    • http://http://www.ryantmalone.com Ryan T Malone

      Cheers Jason. 🙂

      I think the one thing that needs to be remembered here is this. If we look at Google and what their job is, it is simple. To deliver high quality and relevant results to a user.

      The same goes with Flippa. If they have an option of being able to deliver either a 3 day start up website that claims to be able to make $10,000 a month with absolutely no testing, Vs an established website that has proven income of $300 a month, which one are they going to want to show?

      That’s what I believe this all comes down to.

      As far as the search upgrades that Jason mentioned, count my thumbs up for that one. I think that would be a brilliant upgrade. 🙂

      • Chan

        What you don’t get is that some buyers are not LOOKING for an established website that earns $300 and is going to cost them $3,000 to buy it.

        Some buyers WANT a startup that will cost them less than $200, has a decent domain name, and set up ready to go. Then THEY do the work to make it successful.

        You really don’t get it, do you? The gamut of the type of buyers who buy on Flippa, I mean.

      • Chan

        YOUR idea is that all buyers have THOUSANDS of dollars to spend on those established websites earning $300 a month.

        Reality check, my friend. THEY DONT

  • http://Pasta-Recipes.com Jamie

    I may have misunderstood the above JD
    I was thinking you were wanting to direct more attention to specific categories and to remove even more attention from regular sales.


  • http://www.domainflipcentral.com Rob Docherty

    I say you stop being greedy and keep things the way they are. Fix your broken model before you scare all of your current advocates away from doing business on your web property. It’s getting ridiculous. You aren’t selling million dollar properties, they’re websites that people think they’ll make a quick buck on. The real domainers are using better platforms.

  • stefan lyles

    But wait! flippa sold a website for 400,000 they must be the next ebay right?????? wrong…. seems like there just trying to monitize the success of one sale

  • http://links.com Rich


    The way I might approach the it would be to have two tiers of feature listings. The top tier domain seller would pay an extra-premium rate because of the potential value of the domain. In return, these domains would get a guaranteed a rotating listing for a period of time.All domains in this tier would automatically rotate to the front page during the guaranteed period of time whether it be one month, three months or whatever.

    Tier 2 would also rotate but because it would have more listings due to the lower fee then there would be less front page exposure.

    I think the real problem is that paying to bump is too unpredictable and is causing lots of poor customer relations. Rotation seems to be the best approach and tiering domains allows sellers who are willing to pay for more feature the opportunity to purchase this time while Flippa has an opportunity to increase revenue in the process.

    It comes down to whether bumping is paying off for Flippa and whether Flippa believes that the revenue from bumping is worth the loss in customer good-will.

    • Johnny

      I agreed what you suggested, The exposure views between featured or not is way more than 300%. It make me feel if I’m not put on featured upgrade basically the site very hard to get notice or SOLD.

      Last week I tested, the views that I get from featured upgrades is 10x than normal listing.

  • http://exitviral.com Basyir

    How the favicon will appear on the Flippa Homepage (Featured Listing)? Its seem that some of the sites are not showing their favicon.

  • http://flippa.com/ Andrew Knibbe

    Hi Basyir.
    There are a few instances where we don’t display a favicon. They include:
    – when they do not have a favicon
    – when they have defined more than one favicon
    – when they have defined a favicon that does not match the favicon file format (eg the file is named favicon.ico but its a gif)

    The dev team are looking into the black favicons we’re seeing at the moment – it is cause by a fully transparent favicon on the site (not entirely sure on what the point is of this for a website).

    Hope that clarifies it.

    • http://exitviral.com Basyir

      Thank you…

      Now I’m planning to make a new Featured Listing 😉