Links from around the web: March 22nd 2012

We’re trying something new this week on the Flippa blog: bringing you a collection of interesting links on buying and selling websites from around the web.

At Google’s mercy

First up: an interesting discussion of Google’s ever-changing ranking algorithm, including the recent “Over-SEO” penalty, and how Google’s thousands of patents can help predict them, over on SEO by the  Sea.

Bad Links

Users of popular backlink-building service BuildMyRank woke up to a nasty surprise on March 19th. Not only did the service shut down, but, according to an announcement on the site’s blog, “the overwhelming majority of [their] network had been de-indexed (by Google)”. As pointed out by the Pay Per Click Marketing Blog, events like this are one good reason to never accept payment for links on your site.

The future of domaining?

Over on, a domainer tells the sad tale of his first foray in buying and selling domains, and wonders if the industry’s days are counted. There’s some interesting back-and-forth in the comments, including the claim that domaining’s glory days ended in 1999. Our suggestion: consider looking at buying and selling websites instead of only domains!

Keeping your sites safe

It’s not always obvious when a website gets hacked: as Morgan Linton describes on his blog, hackers sometimes hijack sites for their own benefit, without making it obvious to the uncritical eye.

What do you really buy when you buy a site?

Tales from the Zynga buy-out of Draw Something’s producer OMGPOP: some purchases are more about buying an audience than buying an app.

Not a fan

An interesting look at an ended Flippa auction: Danny Batelic of the Trading Websites Blog reviews a site that gets a definite “un-like” from him.




Seen any other interesting links on buying and selling websites this week? Have something to say about what you’ve just read? Post it in the comments!


  • Ren

    Link farm in a single blog post?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      More like curating interesting links for free; as we mention above, selling links is a bad, bad idea.

      • 1skyliner

        Agreed with you.

    • jayveedee

      Google is improving their search algorithm on a daily basis to penalize the sites that are doing among other things buying links. The best thing you can do to rank your site high in Google is to frequently add original content. Add quality to make your site better and thus make the internet better. There is too much garbage on the net as is, don’t be the guy to add to it.

  • DavidJ

    I bought a website from the guy who has that linked account ‘1skyliner’. Good spotting he is a total scammer,

  • DavidJ

    as seen in Danny Batelic’s video

  • FruitMedley Post

    Great news, Flippa. 🙂

    The #1 location for discussion on buying and selling websites is, of course,, especially after the #2 location merges with us in the next couple of weeks.

    If you’re choosing links based on their usefulness to buyers and sellers, I expect we’ll see a fair few links to our forum threads in your future posts, I know you monitor our forums daily.

    I look forward to this and to welcoming Flippa users to our forums. I’ll try harder to come here more often and post in reply to any of our threads featured in your regular updates.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Nice to see you here, Clinton! EP has certainly been busy these days, and the merger with Flipping Planet will only make it more so — a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

      Forum threads aren’t really the format we’re focussing on in this section, but news-type posts and articles could definitely be included. Happy to send a hat-tip your way when we source an interesting article from Experienced People as well!

  • FruitMedley Post

    It doesn’t matter about the format, Ophelie. The forums’ are just one part of our site.

    If you’re looking for news type posts and articles, we have plenty of those as well 🙂 Many of our posts are article grade quality – by experts – and get “promoted” to our CMS Frontpage as, er, “articles”. (BTW, we have a blog as well.)

    In fact, I’d go so far as to say that no other site has as much coverage of news about proper website buying and selling. I could be wrong, of course, as I don’t watch this space as keenly as you do. Perhaps you could put together a blog post with links to the best places to get information on the subject and/or discuss it. It would be interesting to see your choices. It would certainly be useful to your average visitor (and me. I always love finding good new sites in this space and we link enthusiastically to them).

    With respect the links from around the web, maybe your focus is site-flipping and you’re looking to publicise news from those players who advise on building and selling low-end sites in Flippa . We don’t cover a lot of that “wannabe” end of the market as our focus is more on proper online businesses.

    • Andrew Knibbe

      Hi Clinton – are you saying Zynga is the wannabe end of the market?

      • FruitMedley Post

        Andrew, there’s a lot of good material around. It would be great if you found it and featured it. This first episode features:
        1. An article titled What To Do When Your Site Gets Hacked. The advice is, pretty much, to contact a certain “Jesse” if you ever get hacked. Jesse, whoever that person is, may be very good but the article ain’t.
        2. A video of a site flipper talking about a $700 site in which he suggests that a site is suspect if it’s being sold by an Indian. (I’m Indian and I take offence. My suggestion: Avoid career site flippers and their posts.)
        3. A domainer article with gems such as “So after a few weeks of listing crap domains for $200,000 on ebay and having some fun with that I started to get worry. Like, come on, I spent $1k – give me some $100k profit.” and “Domain market is not a liquid market. Therefore even with a good domains you need rich buyers. And in domain forums that is not an option. Or you will be ripped of by those buyers…” My head was hurting by the time I got to the end.

        I would genuinely like to see you featuring good articles from around the net on a subject that’s of interest to both of us. In fact, pick out some good ones, wherever they’re from, and I’ll support and link to your posts. I’m hoping that this is the direction you’ll eventually go rather than hunting down and publicising talk at the cheap/semi-literate end of the market.

        Well done on the link. Their sister site, paidcontent, has great material as well. Venturebeat’s another good one.

  • shooter

    Google is making severe changes in it’s algorithm and it is affecting many publishers around the web..

  • Alessandro Zamboni

    That’s why I never made ordered a backlink service… Now the truth is public.
    Focalize on social, not on links! Never pay once more for backlinks if you want your website to be on Google. If you really want some good backlinks, find the time to do good comments around, or you will get penalized.

    See you,

  • ntopyildiz

    Regarding the turnkey services… I am starting to unfan Flippa altogether because of how these constitute the majority of the listings now. “Made $854.75 in 12 days”!… one after another. I am trying to find ways to leave these out of search results. I select “age” filters but some of these guys also acquire older domains and claim age to their website as well. This is turning into ebay’s “established website for sale” thing.

    For instance, there is a current listing at, which is from someone who apparently bought into one of these “this is what we do, we build and sell profitable websites” people last year, and now he is trying to recoup at least some of his money. When you look into the original seller “shari07” and the earlier auctions he/she held, you will see that the usernames possibly connected to him (I am betting it is a him) came and commented on his listings and all… And while these other users are banned or suspended, he is alive to scam more people. Apparently these people make a lot of money for Flippa too, so perhaps there is a catch-22 there.

    A flippa staff might point to how these people have positive reviews… Reviews are all about professionalism, help with site migration etc. I really would like to see people’s reviews -say- 3 months into owning these “already making huge profits” services.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Great points, ntopyildiz. We actually offer buyers the opportunity to review their purchase at the 6-month mark (see, which is highlighted as Site Quality Feedback on a seller’s page. This is a relatively recent addition, though, so there isn’t a ton of this kind of feedback so far.

      As for searching for older, more established sites, you can add multiple filters to your search. A personal favourite is searching for sites over 1 year old, with at least $200 in monthly revenue, and at least 1000 visitors per month. You can filter these at, and save your search for future visits.

    • Mr. Potatohead

      Here is one good example how quality feedback works:
      Finally flippa suspended the scammer, I hope permanently. He was the one who first registered old domains to make it look like sites were few years old, when it become too risky to continue for too long he stopped, but started to list sites with some small income claims to get more higher bids, of course the income claims were false.
      Already lost 4 disputes and got some deserved feedback from unhappy buyers after 6 months.
      But the problem is that’s no big deal for him, he has other account and will create a new one and continue the same scam for several months until gets banned again, then repeat. Unfortunately that’s how it is and will be until Flippa stops allowing unverified screenshots as proof.

  • Phil T

    Aside from the fact that the FacebookAge site is quite obviously rubbish, as far as I remember Facebook specifically prohibits the use of ‘Facebook’ in a domain. So to spend $700+ on a site that will get taken down by Facebook (obviously, only if it’s found) doesnt make for particularly good business to me anyway.

  • reddy

    really google need to work fare on backlinks..

  • Justin

    Nice Addition Guys

    I’ve seen something similar to this on a newsletter, but for the life of me can’t think where 🙂