Links from around the web: July 12 2012

Passive income: should you believe the hype?

The concept of passive income sounds great: who doesn’t like the idea of money rolling in while you read a book on the couch? One writer, though, thinks passive income is similar to that mythical pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Does it have to end in disappointment?


Niche sites vs Authority sites

We love a debate here at Flippa HQ, just ask some of our coworkers about espresso versus drip coffee!  That’s why we loved this post over at AdSense Flippers. Take the time to read this debate on between niche and authority sites, there are definitely some pros and cons on both sides!


“If Pepsi did not exist, Coke would have invented it.”

They say any good company needs competition. This can be tough when someone copies your great idea — should you help them out or wish they would go away?  This great article suggests that by helping your competition you end up helping yourself too.


I’m Bing-ing it!

Bing’s market share hit an all time high last month, TheNextWeb reports. Is a competitor to Google slowly emerging?

Here in Australia Bing are running a massive campaign to get younger users to swich over to the Microsoft-owned search engine. This article suggests Bing is a great place for students and librarians (perhaps better than Google!). Is Bing carving out a niche user base?

Either way it’s a good reminder to keep an eye on those Bing rankings.


Freer the domains freer the internet?

Free domains sound great, but what impact would an all-free domain market have? Domain Name Wire looks at  what free domains could entail and the impact they could have on the web.

While we’re talking about domaining, Morgan Linton runs us through some of his favourite domain search tools.  Do you use any of these when doing your all-important due diligence?

On that note, popular  domain registation service GoDaddy have recently rolled out a new authentication process for its US customers, similar to Google’s two-step authentification. Added security for domain owners!



In news out of Toronto this week photography startup 500px have bought out recommendation engine Algo Anywhere. The details aren’t yet known, but the move will surely consolidate 500px’s position as a serious competitor to Flickr. 500px are also known for their willingness to provide API access to as many developers as possible, something few competitors are doing.

The WSJ is reporting that GoInstant has been acquired by Salesforce has been picking up a number of startups focusing on developed social-media tools and Web-based services lately, including Buddy Media and Radian6. While your at it Salesforce, take a look at this auction on Flippa!


Sign of the times

Sometimes it’s wise to stop and look back how far technology has come in the last 5-10 years. For example, can you believe that the iPhone is already 5 years old? In a very modern move,  a pro basketball player in New York recently signed a $98 million contract on an iPad. Crazy or just smart?


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    “a pro basketball player in New York recently signed a $98 million contract on an iPad” This is really the link of the day. i would not trust this contract. LoL

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