Is Google Abusing Their Market Power? Links from Around the Web

Google Abusing their Power, Another Panda Update That Isn’t, and Australia Protests to ICANN

Is Google abusing their market power? The New York Times gets two top legal minds from a previous case involving Microsoft and explores whether Google has a case to answer in antitrust issues in the US and in Europe.

Tools that monitor Google’s algorithms report that there was a sizeable update last week. Google has denied that this was a Panda update (just like last time) but independent data indicates something has happened. Were you affected? Struggling to keep up with algorithm changes? We found 5 easy ways to monitor changes.

Since ICANN’s domain deregulation, their government relations agency has been handling protests from various nations. However, a whopping 57% of all protests have come from Australia. For many in the web industry the protests appear to be ridiculous: take, for example, the claim that .OOO looks too much like Australia’s emergency phone number, 000, and that this may confuse some people. The Minister responsible for the web is known for overreaching but is this too far?


Instagram Turning Off Marketers Before They Join, This Year in Online Marketing, and Industry Leaders Up for Person Of the Year

Instagram’s changing terms of service have made global headlines. Impressive, and, perhaps, unwarranted for a relatively small product. The crux of the issue is the introduction of ads and the ownership of photos. It’s a risky move for Instagram as it could drive users away before marketers can even reach them. Would you consider advertising on Instagram?

“People are more likely to survive a plane crash than click a banner ad.” The year in online marketing in 140 characters. Enjoy.

Tim Cook and Marissa Mayer are up for Time’s person of the year. It’s good to see leaders in the tech and web industry being recognised for their work. Who would be your person of the year for the web industry? Matt Cutts, anyone?


Art VS Science, Guide to Sustainable Mobile Growth, Easy Tips for Content Marketing

Flippa’s own Andrew Knibbe was published in The Next Web this week, with an article on website valuation. Andrew looks at the more successful valuation methods in use and how they apply to different kinds of sites, as well as an exploration of the different kind of buyers.

Install a new app, play with it for a couple of days, forget about it: it’s a cycle we’re all familiar with. How can you keep users and customers around after the initial excitement of the install? PandoDaily identifies 10 key points and strategies to ensure your mobile growth doesn’t drop off.

Social Media Examiner has published a great guide to some of the best tips for content marketing, including some simple tips you can complete by the weekend!


How our newsletter mistake got us noticed

You know what’s an unpleasant yet effective way to wake up at 6am? Finding out that you sent a newsletter filled with broken links (caused by a faulty URL shortener)… to your entire list. That’s unfortunately what happened to our marketing lead, Ophelie, a few weeks ago. After dozens of Flippa regulars let us know that the links were broken (and we thank them for it!) we had to quickly decide whether we should let the mistake lie, or try to correct it.

In the end, we sent out a follow-up email owning up to the mistake (with the corrected links!). A few weeks later, we’re  pleased to see that Darren Rowse of Problogger took note.

Are we now immune to mistakes? We wish! Last week’s newsletter, which should have been titled “Learn from the people who make Google Analytics”, instead invited readers to “Lean” from them. Whoops.

Another frustrating moment in the life of a marketer, but it’s one that’s forced us to reset our newsletter sending process. We’ve now jumped on the checklist bandwagon in order to coordinate across our team, and have recruited one more pair of eagle eyes to proofread our newsletters.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever wished you could un-send tens of thousands of emails? What did you lean… I mean, learn, from the experience?

  • Payarct

    I agree, Google have lost me as a customer for good!

  • Stan

    After you gain a certain market share percentage anything you do could be considered abusing it power

  • gaetano marano

    A BIG “YES”

  • NotAFan

    No, no, Google are doing fine. The problem is if Flippa gets big like Google (won’t happen, thank God!), they’ll abuse their power to the core of humanity.