Introducing the Flippie Best Website Awards!

Our previous post celebrated Flippa’s great numbers in 2012. While it’s easy to simply look at the numbers of listings and the total amount in websites and domains sold over the year, there’s one more thing we wanted to praise: the quality listings put together by our sellers!

Today, we’re introducing the 2012 Flippie Awards to highlight the great work our sellers have done over the last 12 months. Whether it’s by putting together a great listing description, promoting their sale as widely as possible, or just listing a quality domain or website, these sellers have gone above and beyond in setting up their listings.

We’re asking the Flippa community to vote for 2012’s best listings in six different categories. The winners in each category will win $100 in Flippa credits (to use themselves or to share with a friend). The listing that receives the most votes in all categories will also receive a $250 Amazon gift card.

Voting is open until midnight, EST, on January 30th. Cast your ballot now!

  • Kimberly

    How are these sites nominated for the awards?

    • Ophelie Lechat

      Hi Kimberly,
      The Flippa team has been keeping an eye on cool listings for the last 12 months; we chose the best listings of the year for each category.

  • bangone

    how to vote that? more clue please

    • Ophelie Lechat

      Hi Bangone! You can vote at

  • bikadi

    Very strange list, I cannot believe that these are the best sold websites. Maybe this is rather a list for the most overpriced sales. Really a spammy funny photo site is amongst the best content? In fact, there are a lot of spam sites on the list, which traffic suddenly dropped after the sale. Or a domain which is for sale again because there is very little search traffic for that keyword is really that good business? I am in love with Flippa but this list is a joke.

    • Ophelie Lechat

      Hi Bikadi,

      We’re honouring the best sellers of 2012 in a variety of categories. While not all sites are going to be to everyone’s taste, they did all find a buyer on Flippa, and many had several active bidders who would have loved to own the site.

    • MikeD

      You need to look into the definition of the word spam again. Nothing “spammy” about having sites with 3 Adsense units running on them, which is the majority of flippa sales.

  • Arturo Bazaldua

    its only $10 one time to get your own honest money making website :+)

  • Wannabe

    Is there any prize for voters????

    • Ophelie Lechat

      Hi Wannabe,
      No, there’s no prize for voters. We’re honouring the year’s top sellers this time, but watch our blog — we regularly have credit giveaways and contests that anyone can enter.