Google to Facebook: "Bring It On", and other Links from Around the Web

Google: “Bring It On”, Another Panda Update, and Get Ready to Pay Internet Tax.

Larry Page has said Google isn’t scared by Facebook’s Graph Search, and they are very confident about their core business. Something that was missed at the initial launch was Zuckerberg’s admission that there was a growing rift between the two companies regarding privacy concerns. This humorous blog highlights some of Facebook’s own privacy issues.

Google has pushed another Panda update, this time affecting 1.2% of English-language search queries. For those who were impacted or have been impacted in the past, Google’s handy guide on what content will negatively impact your website is relatively old but still relevant. Read up.

French users watch out, the government is proposing an “internet tax”. Amazon, Facebook, Google and others are seen as tax avoiders in Europe and in other places. Is this effort to bring them to task going too far?


How Much is Your Blog Really Worth? Use Pinterest to Grow Your Website, and Get Social Right

How much is your blog really worth? The Blog Tyrant asks if he should sell his blog (on Flippa) for half a million dollars. Sounds fantastic, but  is losing an audience really worth 500k?

Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, Linked In and YouTube combined. This has made Pinterest a hot currency. So can you optimise your pinning to help your site? The Next Web have conveniently prepared a guide on how you can increase your Pinterest cred.

Getting social media ‘right’ can be very hit or miss. For example, asking fans to like or share a post is a serious no-no, but applying some simple psychology can help increase brand engagement on social media. Some of key points are simply understanding your audience and giving them a strong reason to act.

Marketers are set to spend up on data in 2013. A survey has reported 68% of marketers surveyed said they’ll increase the spend on data this year, especially on data analysis. The trend seems to be there’s a lot of data on customers/users/various markets but no one has the time to look at the numbers.


The Web in 2012 and is listed on Flippa

The web of 2012 in numbers. How many emails were sent, how many websites were added? This is an excellent snapshot of the year that was.

Days after the launch of Kim Dotcom’s new Mega file sharing service, the owner of has put the domain for sale on Flippa and is set to donate some of the sale money to keeping the internet free and open. The Next Web has the story and you can check out the auction on Flippa.

  • david-gfe-games

    Well done to Pinterest. They just seem to plug away quietly and the results are certainly showing in their favour just now.

  • Ramsay from Blog Tyrant

    Thanks for the shout out!

    That post has some interesting discussion now. It’s nice to see people thinking about how to value their blogs.