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Google: Wins Landmark Court Case, Cutts on Toolbar PR and Who Was The Hashtag For?

In a landmark decision, Australia’s High Court has found Google wasn’t responsible for misleading ads that appeared in search results. The High Court Justices released a statement on the judgment which said, “Ordinary and reasonable users of the Google search engine would have understood that the sponsored links were created by advertisers”. The unanimous decision will impact other and future cases across the globe, and has left Google smiling and the ACCC very embarrassed.

Google has reportedly removed as much as three quarters of your link profile in Webmaster Tools. A number of users have noticed reductions in the amount of available link data, at this stage it doesn’t look like a bug so get used to knowing less!

A number of years ago Matt Cutts said a goal of his was to remove PageRank from the Google tool bar. Something must have happened as this week he uploaded a video where he committed to the ‘feature’ for as long as people are still using it.

Who were the hashtags for? If you watched the Super Bowl this week (I’ll admit I didn’t!) you might have noticed that many of the ads included a hashtag at some point. So where they for Twitter or Google+?  Another interesting snippet to come out of the game was that 80% of the ads included an online call to action. Now, who won?


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  • Sandeep Kumar

    Finally somewhere mentioned about social email campaigns and I really appreciate and promote that a lot.
    Google is doing its best what it can do .

  • Maria

    Well, they [google] deserved for it. Email campaigns sluggish these days.

  • Gabriela Cruz

    Great news.. Thanks Tim….

  • Ramsay from Blog Tyrant

    Thanks for the mention! Appreciate it.

    Very interesting story about Google in the High Court.


  • Naven

    Its necessary that to remove spam links and de-index ranking a website from those links, so that genuine sites will rank and users can get benefits from search results.

    Thanks :)

  • Vikram

    Even Kardashians know the trends in internet marketing…LOL

    well google always has a way to come out

  • no internet access

    @Vikram: well said..