Google coy about weekend update: latest Links from Around the Web

Google coy about a weekend update, search in 2013, and what you need to know about local search

It was reported over the weekend that there was another Panda update, but Google has denied a Panda update took place. Interestingly, they didn’t deny that another update took place – have you noticed any changes in your ranking? Meanwhile, Google has confirmed that there is another Panda update coming within a week or two.

Last week we linked to an article on social media in 2013; this week, we’re looking at search. A number of industry insiders examine what’s ahead for keyword search, Google’s controversial changes, and Bing’s growth. After Bing’s surprising rise this year, 2013 could be an interesting year for search.

Local search is becoming more prominent, with almost every forecaster in the industry saying local search will be the next big thing. A conference was recently held which looked at this very issue, those who attended have published a number of key trends to look for and some early tips on how to cope.


Best online tools for digital strategists, what you can learn from Kanye West, and be the best content marketer

This week we’re happy to share 17 of the best online tools for digital strategists! This information will help you get insights on your consumers, competitors and the industry as a whole. The presentation is pretty long so go make yourself a cup of tea and sit down – it’s worth the time.

Didn’t think you could learn much from Kanye West? Think again. This article looks at 5 things bloggers can learn from Kanye. Flippa remains neutral on Kanye’s music, but if he can help you improve your blog’s performance, then give the guy a Grammy! If you’re a blogger, you probably don’t have Kanye’s money – yet. So what is the most profitable niche in blogging? Good question. This article explores what could be considered as the most profitable ones and what you can do to ensure your blog makes some money.

Content marketing is a great way to get your name out there, and if you strike the right balance it can pay off in spades.So what do you need to look for if you are drawing up a strategy or are reviewing the one you have? Marketing Land outlined 5 types of content you should be creating but you probably aren’t. Go forth!



Easy WordPress errors to fix, how to run a quality Facebook page, and could the king of social media be a ghost town?

If you are running a WordPress site, Copyblogger has identified 15 errors that could be affecting your website’s performance. They’ve published it in a handy infographic to make the list easier to understand. So if your site is taking a while to load or visitors see the “white screen of death”, I’d recommend you check out the list and make some notes!

There are a lot of good corporate Facebook pages out there, and a lot of bad ones. A lot. So what can you do to avoid being a Facebook dud? This article examines 10 things you need to stop doing on Facebook, now. Leaving spam on your wall, not responding to questions or posts all come under the spotlight. Do you have any other tips to improve a Facebook page?

“Ghost town” is predominately associated with Google+, but according to one study, Facebook could be considered one too! A social media analytics company examined 5.7 million Facebook pages, all with more than 10 likes. The findings were surprising in that 70% of  Facebook pages are lying dormant. Who would have thought?


  • S. Hackett

    Google Schmoogle.. Does anyone really care anymore?

    Forget about Googling anything .. BING it !

    You will get much more relevant results and a whole lot less headaches !

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Brave declaration, S. Hackett!
      Do website owners love Bing for the results, but hate it for revenue?

    • Gail Dobson

      I agree, I Bing everything now. I will not support a search engine that puts itself before it’s customers – may as well be a bank.
      Go Bing!

  • Rick Vidallon

    I have noticed that Google is increasing support for mega websites in different verticals, where small business websites do not have a prayer. For example, take the mega sites and Zillow. They have the manpower, IT resources and page girth to squash any brokerage or agent website.

    But don’t cry foul yet. Google will say all search is local. That might be true; but you will still find the 1000 lb. gorillas at the top of the heap. The little guys do not have the time and money to compete.

    To put it another way, Google search is becoming more like a ‘Walmart’, favoring these huge mega sites over small business. Until a algorithm is developed that truly read pages like a human, then this trend will continue.

    But at the end of the day Google is a publicly traded company and will do what is in the best interests of it’s share holders.

    • James Paul

      That last paragraph is why I’ve put more of an emphasis on driving my own targetted traffic. I do focus highly on the Webmaster Guidelines though.

  • Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi

    Lets stop the hate! Google engine still remain by far the best search engine, Bing ain’t gonna give you what you want.

    google rocks

    • Carl

      It is not hate. Google made a big change several months ago. Since then their results search have not been very good. It probably makes them more money though.

    • S. Hackett

      I disagree. Bing gives you a choice. Google only allows you to find the top 3 or 4 sites in any category no matter what your search terms are.

      Sorry.. I don’t have time to search through 76 pages of results to find what I’m looking for.

  • Andy Desher

    With the amount of changes that Google is making, it’s no wonder people are migrating to Bing.

  • Steve

    My Sister knows very little about the internet , she uses it for search only , and does not gain a income from it , She asked me ( a 4,000 domain portfolio holder with 2 real on-line businesses ) the other day

    Steve is Google in difficulty i laughed , why do you say that i asked , she replied the search results have gone really bad / poor
    i love it when a lay person gets things so correct , she is not listening to the spin , she is commenting on her own basic observation`s and experiences
    the quality of search is poor now , why bing does not use this to knock advertise and gain market share share , i wish i was the head of bing marketing in the uk , only a idiot could not increase market share, especially with the resources that Microsoft has too

    So should we say DO NO EVIL , BING IT !!!!!!