Forget Everything You Know About Website Valuations

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What’s The True Value of Your Website? Prevent SEO Scammers, Wisdom From Web Pioneers, and Embrace Minimalism

Forget everything you know about conventional website valuations! Justin from FlipFilter has put together an excellent presentation on website valuation looking at all the variables of today’s marketplace.

If you’ve got an SEO consultant on the books, this article on how to make sure they’re not scamming you is required reading. In an industry that’s often jumping at shadows you want to make sure you’re getting what you paid for.

A number of ‘digital pioneers’ have weighed in and offered advice to those wanting to make it big in the industry and have offered 10 tips to success.

Minimalist or flat design is definitely ‘hot’ right now, you only need to look at the success Microsoft is having with their Metro/Windows 8 UI. But minimalism doesn’t mean a title in Helvetica and not much else, it’s a focus on simplicity and cutting the clutter. Website owners can benefit from applying these principles to their site.

Google’s Marketshare Climbs; As Does Bing, Cutts on Locating Unnatural Links and Analytics For Novices

Google’s US search marketshare is back where it was in November at 67%, Bing made gains but it was predominately at the expense of Yahoo and overall search activity was also up 11%. Plus, Bill Gates has hit out and said that “Bing is the better product”. But you’d expect him to say that, right?

Matt Cutts has released a video outlining how webmasters can locate the ‘unnatural’ links pointing to their website. Google has been sending warnings out the links for around 12 months now but this gives you more information on what you need to do and why.

Google Analytics should play a central role in the day-to-day life of your website says one web pro. However, if you are just getting started out it can be pretty daunting, so to make it a little easier BigLeap has explained the basics of Analytics and 7 metrics every marketer should watch. Analytics can also be a fantastic resource for PR, with a bit of insider knowledge you can get even more out of Analytics.

Graph Search for Business, Stop Wasting Your Time With These SEO Tasks and the Death of Desktops?

The ins and outs of Facebook Graph Search are starting to be fleshed out by the lucky few who have access to it, so how can you use it for your business? This week it was Facebook’s turn to be in the courts as they face a legal challenge over their Like button.

Many of our users have limited time for their website or SEO strategy, so cut the fat and forget about these tasks that are wasting your time.

If mobile is going to dominate the web for the short to medium term, does that make desktops the new Fax machine?

Some news of our own, this week we doubled our Twitter presence. @Flippa is where you’ll see announcements from the team, industry news and exclusive staff pics. If you were already following @Flippa you are now following @FlippaListings which is now a devoted account to our best auctions. We’d love it if you could show our new account some love and follow @Flippa


Tim Cooke

Tim is Flippa's digital marketer and content manager. Tim can be found on Twitter

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  • David Hehenberger

    Thanks for mentioning my “SEO scam” post!

    I just had a look at both Google Analytics posts you linked to. I especially found “Google Analytics for PR” interesting.

    Speaking of Google Analytics, here’s a great post on getting better data on marketing efforts by setting up Advanced Segments:

  • John @ 109 Sales/Day Affiliate

    hey Tim,

    you guys have some hot links and news here… thank you for sharing!

    That’s one of the reason why I keep following your blog; anyway, the Flippa listing Twitter account looks great… how come you got 8k followers? Maybe you could share your methods in an upcoming article :)


  • drex

    I want to thank you for mentioning SEO scammers as well. I just got scammed going through your competitors website by a “lk investments” and “sk investments”. these guys put in fake customers and inflate the traffic. once sold they are nowhere to be seen their kid has diarrhea a wife had back surgery etc etc.

  • Lol Seo

    Are we talking about these? perfect crap site it has 200000 comment backlinks and it’s pr6 with a nice 50k semrush score. How can these even survive?

    • Ophelie Lechat

      Hi Lol Seo — this auction has been suspended because of its questionable backlink profile.

      • Lol Seo

        You guys are awesome, I’m still amazed how can somebody survive with that backlink profile nowadays.

  • Danielkcc@get fans

    Great sharing and these tips would prove valuable to newcomers of internet marketers. Another thing I would like to add would be make good use of Google’s Analytics and Webmasters tools. As Google remains dominated with a large percentage of market share in search engines, it’s always wise to take upon their tools in enabling better on-page and off-page SEO work with their user-friendly apps.

  • Steve Arun

    Thanks for putting together such a nice presentation. Today online businesses are full of false presentation of facts and it is tough to identify a genuine business model. Last year I purchased few niche websites at Digitalpoint on behalf of my client, claiming good traffic and income about $30 a month, but when we hosted those to our server we saw everything has gone, low traffic and no income at all. We scrapped everything on those domains and created everything from scratch for our client.

    That was a good experience we learned. Site flipping is a good business model but I feel it is hard to find right one. My clients still send me links to evaluate the business model, but I am finding it hard to say “yes” to even 70% of them.

  • Jeff

    Interesting article but if the flippa users followed the 10 tips to not be scammed, Flippa won’t do lot of transactions as 90% of the listings are worth nothing.
    Just look at the transactions two years ago for example and look how many websites have survived.

  • Wayne Bond

    Congratulations go to Justin at Flippa with this article of website valuations and security, because what ever side of the fence you are on in respect to buying or selling websites Flippa must remain the umpire as they are held accountable for the success of transactions through the vehicle they are offering here.

    I can only say from my own past 10years of domain/website marketing and seeing all the good, bad and otherwise that Flippa will continue to lead the marketplace by continuing with these examples of introducing better methods of valuations and security measures.
    The bottom line is that Flippa will hold it’s position at the top by displaying quality business and not quantity as the scammers will find a new place to hide after being moved away due to strict protocols to protect all those who want to do the right thing in this business.

  • bodo

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