Flippa’s 5th Birthday Month – 2 for 1 listings + Win an iPad


This month Flippa turns 5 and we welcome customer number 500,000. To celebrate, we’ve got some birthday presents for you! Stay tuned to the Flippa blog, emails and our Twitter account to find out what goodies we’ll be giving away.

To kick off the birthday month, we’re giving you 2 for 1 listings!

Start an auction in the next 72 hours and we’ll throw in the second listing FREE. Once your auction is live, check the confirmation email for details on how to claim your free listing. So now is the perfect time to sell your sites, domains or apps.

Want to win an iPad?

We’ll also be giving away an iPad later this week. Stay tuned for a blog post on how to get your hands on it…

Finally, record a rendition of  ‘Happy Birthday to Flippa’ a cappella and we’ll give you a premium upgrade – just put the YouTube link on our Facebook page.

Don’t forget for 72 hours only, 2 for 1 listings. Get started now. 


About Author

Based in Melbourne Australia, Tim is Flippa's Marketing Manager.

  • raj

    This offer valid for premium listing as well?

    • timatflippa

      Hi Raj, at the moment they only apply to standard auctions.

  • http://www.domainmagnate.com/ Michael

    Happy birthday to Flippa! All those recent upgrade offers and discounts are quite handy.

    • timatflippa

      Thanks Michael!

  • srikar

    Flippa is the best, no doubt

    • timatflippa

      Thanks Srikar!

  • wahsem

    Happy Birthday Flippa…………..Live Long………………

  • tarfous

    How to get premium upgrade for the youtube video?

    • timatflippa

      Hi! You need to record a video of you singing Happy Birthday to Flippa, and upload it or share it on our Facebook page. ;)

  • Asghar

    Happy Born Day !!!! ID Life savior

  • nameitbuyitsellit

    Happy Birthday Flippa! Hope you see 5 times the earning this year. :-)

  • Sasank

    I just now started an auction for a domain. But I cant see any details for claiming free listing in the confirmation email.

    • timatflippa

      That doesn’t sound OK. Can you send an email to support@flippa.com with your auction ID and username? Thanks!

      • http://easymeals.club/ Easton Kingsley

        Same as here. Just started an auction. Nothing in any emails about any free listing. Sent reply to that email address.

        • Mike

          Same for me Tim. Am sure you will come through for us like you usually do. Let me know. :)

          • timatflippa

            Hi Mike, I certainly plan to fix it! If you could send an email with some details to tim.cooke@flippa.com I’ll sort it out.

        • timatflippa

          Hi Easton, sorry about that. Could you send an email with a link to your auction/username to tim.cooke@flippa.com? Thanks!

      • Sasank

        Thank you received a mail few mins back with instructions.

  • http://www.bradgosse.com/ Brad Gosse

    Happy birthday Flippa :)

    • timatflippa

      Thanks Brad!

  • http://SlotsMarvel.com/ Marvel Slots

    yaaay, Happy Bday site flippers

  • mohsin

    Happy birthday flippa…. Well you started discount offers and many other offers that is awesome. hope we will see discount in featured listing as well :) any way thank you very much flippa is great.

  • Ankit

    Now the time has come to improve Flippa for buyers. I want to see this as a top domain marketplace for next 100 years. I also want my listings on first page atleast in last hour of auction.
    BTW Happy Birthaday Flippa..!

    • timatflippa

      Thanks for your feedback! Our product team are hard at work at some exciting new features on the sellers side of things. Only yesterday we launched Super Buyers which assist sellers in knowing who’s an experienced user on Flippa.

    • Kevin Fink

      Thanks for your feedback, Ankit ~ As far as domain marketplaces go, we’re working on it :)

  • 900Worldwide

    Happy Birthday to Flippa the Hottest Marketplace on the Web, many more wishes. Keep up the Good Work.

  • Wasim

    Happy Birthday Flippa.

  • inventorswanted

    I’m New and Happy Birthday FLIPPA – Looking forward to selling some domains!

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday to you. Hope you are celebrating your success. You love it.

    PS. I checked my confirmation emails. They don’t have anything about the free listing. I would like to put the http://easymeals.club up with a BIN price. Thanks!

  • http://jvvx.com/ Veda Bashishtha

    Happy Birthday Flippa and its really great that Flippa is giving us awesome gifts instead of asking gifts from us.. :)
    Is the premium listing guaranteed for the video. I will have to charge my camera then… ;)

  • Ravi Shah

    Happy b’day Flippa :)

  • Deepak

    It’s a pleasure to wish a happy birthday to the world’s best marketplace ever! Keep up all the good work and never stop. Happy B’day.. :)

  • mianriz

    Thats very nice offer and Happy birthday to Flippa team

  • Amninder Pal Singh

    Happy birthday

  • AmateurFX

    Hi Tim,

    First of all, Happy birthday to Flippa. With regards to the 2 listings for 1 price, i alerady listed 2 websites but i didn’t receive any email from flippa. My flippa credits has reduced after listing my 2nd site. I hope you can help me with it. Thanks and more power!


    • timatflippa

      Hi Angelo. You should have received a link in the live auction confirmation email explaining the free auction. If you haven’t received this, send me an email tim.cooke@flippa.com. Thanks!

  • shabash786

    Happy Birth day Flippa ! Congratulations to Flippa team for completing 5th successful year.
    BTW I listed a website and want to get 2 for 1 listing benefit, can you guide how to claim free listing? Thanks in Advance

  • kw100

    Happy birthday Flippa!
    also, please improve search function for buyers as well as sellers. thx

  • mick

    Happy Birthday Flippa!!

  • srempire

    Happy birthday flippa!

    Want to ask..if my listing is premium listing,can i get the free standard listing as well?i emailed support and received a reply telling me the instruction email will be sent yet none received. Sent an email again and no reply till today.

    • timatflippa

      Hi, you would have received the instructions in the listing confirmation email from Flippa. If you’ve checked back on that email and there’s nothing – send me an email tim.cooke@flippa.com

  • http://bestcontentwritingservice.com/ Jyotsna Ramani

    Hi Tim, email sent.

  • elly202

    Happy Birthday Flippa..Hope You make a Big Discount For me..:D