Flippa "Spills the Beans on the Whole Industry"

The State of Blogging, Are Top-Level Domains Set to Fail and Guest Blogging is Set to be Penalised

Flippa’s Operations Manager, Andrew Knibbe, sat down with ProBlogger to talk over the state of blog sales. He runs through information on blog sales on Flippa, popular platforms which users are looking for, and which niches are trending on Flippa. We noticed once commenter amusingly said that Andrew has spilled the beans on the whole industry – and we kind of agree!

Are new top-level domains set to fail? There was much hype over the release of domains like .books, .business, .money but could it have been nothing but hot air? One writer looks back at the excitement surrounding the release of TLDs like .biz and .mobi and suggests we might be seeing history repeat itself.

Blogs that include regular guest posts could be penalised in the coming year, Matt Cutts has warned. Blogs which feature high quality guest bloggers shouldn’t have anything to worry about but those cookie-cutter, generic posts will face the Google algorithm axe. Ironically, the writer himself is a guest blogger.


Go from 0 to 20,000 Likes In 8 Weeks, Get The Email Basics Right, and Twitter Enters Ecommerce

Ned from Tweaky has written an excellent post on how he grew a Facebook page from 0 to 20,000 Likes in 8 weeks. His strategy and ideas definitely something to consider when you are planning your next social media blitz. The Tweaky team also shared how they A/B Tested their homepage in 15 minutes.

Getting email campaigns right can often be a bit of a guessing game: what subject will get people interested? What time should I send it out? Getting the basics right, however, is something you can do without too much stress, as seen in this email from Angie’s List. It’s also good to remember how customers actually read your emails.

Twitter announced they are getting into the ecommerce business with American Express. You’ll be able to buy goods with a simple hashtag. This comes after other attempts by social networks to break into the ecommerce market, but do customers really want other people to see their buying activity on a timeline?


Tourism Office Pivots to Social Media, Analytics for Vine, and Microsoft’s Controversial TV Ads

Tourism Australia is set to create a “social media army” by encouraging tourism operators and others in the industry to attract fans/followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks. Tourism Australia has highlighted the affordability of social media as an entry point for small to medium companies in the tourism sector – this comes after TA spent big on a TV campaign. This could be a great opportunity for those who own travel websites.

Have you adopted Twitter’s new video offering, Vine? Analytics for the fledgling platform has been released. We’re still not sure how business could use the platform. What do you think?

Microsoft has launched a series of ‘Don’t get scroogled’ TV ads which highlights some of the privacy concerns surrounding Gmail. The ads shift away from the traditionally positive, warm and fuzzy ads that the tech and web industry tends to favour. Is Microsoft starting to ‘fight back’?

  • Av

    Lol, when .xxx tld got released the top colleges in USA started buying up their domain names to protect their reputation from the adult sites that like to use the girls from those colleges in films.

  • Lex

    I think the new TLDs are set to fail. Who would buy one? Just seems like someone asked the question “how can we milk some more $ out of this domain thing?” Most people still seem to want a dotcom and unless there is some radical shift away from that, I can’t see another extension taking off.

  • http://www.flippinghut.com Flipping Hut

    The wrath of the algorithm is already taking effect. Those who have spammy blog comments and forum posts will be hit hard with the fury!

  • http://www.grambuzz.com/ Daemon Salvatore

    The people with manual blog comments and forum posts will be saved I guess. Google is now looking for natural link building.

  • Jason

    Unfortunately I think the google algorithm is getting worse, not better, a simple google search for ‘ IP address for URL’ returns a dreaded pharmacy spam site. It will be good to see google taken down a few knotches, too high and mighty for my liking.

  • http://www.dnexpert.com Mirza

    If you write original content and allow for natural link building (through people linking to your site for reference as a result of your content being of high quality), I don’t think you will ever be penalized by Google. They are constantly working on improving their algorithm towards rewarding original, quality content.

    Similarly, guest blog posts that contribute qualitatively on your blog and benefit your readers will not be penalized, I believe.

  • http://petermeadit.com Peter Mead

    Thanks for all this info Tim.
    So the new domains issue… it is a bit like printing more money from my point of view. Or even like bringing in a new currency along side existing dollars, so to speak. In years to come they may be good, but I think this has all come too soon really, I mean, people are still going to stick with what they know. Perhaps getting in now an saving up for years to come will be an investment?

    Still, there are established methods on the Internet, and Google only has 10 slots on the first page so…

  • morphmoney

    This is euphoric news. Imagine if google.com is worth 28.5 gazillions, I’ll personally be first in line to buy google.business, and whoooopie, I’ll be an instant billionnario. What a fantastic opportunity for all us lowbies who missed the boat in the first place, hahaha. Why anybody simply hasn’t registered goobazooble.com and copied google’s search facility, I don’t know. Must be something in the difficulty of the algorithm. Or, else, quite possibly, the word would be too difficult to spell correctly, leading to huge errors. Anyways, good luck to everyone that’s going to line up for days, maybee weeks, in front of Godaddy for these new TLD’s.

  • http://www.webstarts.com free website

    Google has a monopoly and does what it wants. Basically if you try to promote your website you’re getting dinged but the fact someone would try to promote their website indicates they’re probably more relevant. Their counter argument to this is that websites who promote themselves are not relevant. I don’t think that makes sense because website owners don’t typically want irrelevant traffic. Just allowing users to visit your website consumes resources so whether you’re selling something or just providing information it seems logical to target only searches that are relevant to your content.

  • http://cyberoptimize.com Cyber Optimize

    Even if guest posting is penalized I am still going to do it. I only do it when I have something to say and something of value to add to the conversation. Obviously I’m interested in the backlink but, what I am really interested in is a relationship with the blogger. That relationship leads to them featuring me in their blogroll, link updates and referrals to readers. Actually a few of my well-placed guest posts have led to incredible click through traffic. These have been the result of researching that blogger and their audience.