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After a Five-Hour Bidding War, Takes a Front Row Seat at $24,626

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State of the Domain Market

Domain Sales on Flippa took a nice little breather last week, but I sensed a storm brewing — and storm it’s been.

With nine sales over $1,000, including a pair of heavy-hitting auctions I’ll speak of in a moment, it was a very strong week.

Last week I mentioned a Flippa-Exclusive that needed no introduction, When I wrote that this property would “sell to the highest bidder (reserve having been met)” I didn’t account for a FIVE-HOUR BIDDING WAR between three bidders, each going back and forth until the ultimate bid-count of 171 brought a final sale price of $24,626.

Flippa Domain Seller Federer was quite happy to see his .INFO gem close at that amount, seeing it was around $9,000 earlier that morning. This was easily the hottest domain auction of the year, to-date.

As for Federer (who goes by his real name, Luc Biggs), he has another — and I’m serious: even better — domain property hitting the marketplace this week, so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to his seller’s channel.

Moving along, and not to be outdone this past week was this massive exact-matched domain portfolio that also became red-hot at auction’s end, prompting the buyer to enact the “Buy It Now”. Closing at $19,998, the buyer reaped a BIN bonus of 100 domains, thus bringing the grand total to over 300 domains (or roughly $66.66 each).

This would be a good time to mention that Portfolio listings — auctions with multiple domains included — are definitely heating-up on Flippa. One caveat is that there has yet to be an auction that’s sold scores of domains (i.e. 50+) for more than $100 each. Word to the wise — if you are not looking to part with your portfolio for less than $1 – $99 each, better to stick to individual auctions. I’ll be covering this trend in more detail over the next couple of weeks.

Another trend that has always been wildly popular — and successful — throughout Flippa, but is starting to really take hold in a major way, is No Reserve auctions. Granted, there is always a reserve — it’s the first bid. But terminology is unimportant in this instance; I’m speaking of auctions that “hit” their reserve quickly, and garner attention and activity that propel them into the spotlight. Less than a day after’s meteoric finish, another “No Reserve” premium domain name,, also found itself sky-scraping upwards at auction’s end, to an impressive finish at $5,857.

Rounding-out the rest of the field, there was something for everyone — brandables and new gTLDs, abound — including

— an impressive .IO sale of (great for angel-investors or startup-related);
— a strong .ORG presence (
— one of the larger .IN domains to sell on the platform in quite sometime (
— definitely the highest .XYZ sale to date in the Flippa marketplace (
— another stellar .LY sale (
— and just under 1/3 of this week’s chart sold via PAN (Post-Auction Negotiation system)


Recent Domain Name Sales on Flippa  @ $24,626
Portfolio of 300+ Exact-Matched .COMs
  @ $19,998  @ $5,857
  @ $3,500  (Negotiated Post-Auction)
  @ $3,000  @ $1,500  @ $1,251  @ 1,100  @ $1,000  (Negotiated Post-Auction)  @ $506  @ $400  @ $400  (Negotiated Post-Auction)  @ $321  @ $305  @ $305  @ $299  @ $206  @ $200  @ $200  (Negotiated Post-Auction)  @ $200  (Negotiated Post-Auction)  @ $150  (Negotiated Post-Auction)


Flippa-Exclusive Premium Domain Auctions


Reserve Prices Met + Ending

Ending Today

Portfolio of 70 One-Word .INFO Domains

Ending Friday

Ending Saturday


Trending  (40+ Bids – Reserve Met) + Portfolio of 60 App-Related Domains  (22+ Bids – Last Call)  (12+ Bids – Reserve Met)  (12+ Bids – Last Call)  (11+ Bids – Last Call)  (10+ Bids)  (10+ Bids – Reserve Met)  (10+ Bids – Last Call)  (9+ Bids – Reserve Met + Last Call)  (8+ Bids)  (7+ Bids)  (7+ Bids – Last Call) (7+ Bids)  (7+ Bids – Last Call)  (6+ Bids)  (6+ Bids – Last Call)  (6+ Bids)  (6+ Bids)  (6+ Bids)  (6+ Bids – Last Call)  (5+ Bids)  (5+ Bids – Last Call)  (5+ Bids – Last Call)  (4+ Bids – Last Call)  (4+ Bids – Last Call)  (4+ Bids – Last Call)  (4+ Bids – Last Call)  (4+ Bids – Last Call)


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As always, if you have any questions or simply want to talk domains, send me an email: domains(at)

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    Thanks for info. great article

  • jeaney

    For, indeed an unexpected sale. In the next time I hope Flippa to do an interview with this seller, so we are can learn a lot from him
    I want to ask, why in some domain listing can’t show a whois? I think this is very important so that the buyers can to know about domain age, expired time, domain registrar and information regarding the domain owner

    Always successful for Flippa !!!

  • Diginick

    Thanks, an encouraging article to learn more, and to make it on the list soon!

  • Frank Meester

    I have send about 7 emails to flippa support plus numerous support tickets all day regarding domains i have listed today and not one reply ,sigh

    • Kevin Fink

      Hi Frank,

      It’s our weekend. We appreciate your patience.

      • Frank Meester

        Hi kevin
        Have emailed you just now.
        Did not realise that a large company like Flippa was closed during the weekend.
        Better leave my listings for weekdays.
        Regards Frank

        • timatflippa

          Hi Frank, we do offer support over the weekend although the 4th of July holiday impacted our US support team’s availability.

          • Frank Meester

            Thanks Tim
            I thought it would have something to do with 4th july….all good

  • Kevin Fink

    Great points, Jeaney — we’re working on improving the visibility of information across all auctions — stay tuned…