Weights.com Outweighs All as Flippa Achieves Best Week of Domain Sales In 2014

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State of the Domain Market

One of the most rewarding things about my job is watching all you sellers, who work so hard to create and promote your auctions and convert some really amazing sales! While some weeks are better than others, there are also weeks like the one we’re currently in…where things are just off the charts!

At time of posting, within the past five days, Flippa domain sales have charted over $100,000. This might not sound like much compared to other domain hubs, but before recently, it was rare that we would hit this amount in any given month. I’m upfront about this because there’s no shame in it: Flippa was always a marketplace for websites; domains roamed about, occasionally making waves. But we’re seeing a real tide shifting, with more and more sellers hitting amazing Premium Domain sales out of the park.

Last week, we announced that you can now negotiate on ANY unsold auction, not just the auctions you were bidding on. The response has been met with great blog coverage and an amazing flourish of activity from interested buyers and enthusiastic sellers! This had a tremendous impact in our sales this week, with over $40,000 worth of domains closing after the auctions had ended!

Our biggest sale of the year (back in April) was privatized per the request of the buyer; so as our official second-biggest sale of 2014, I’m proud to announce Weights.com weighing-in at $36,500 — a property sold by brokerage firm Ejtel Consulting (who also sold Chisel.com back in April).

Usually, such a hefty sale would be an outlier for the week, but .COM absolutely killed-it, stealing five out of six top spots, including Kawaii.com (sold just yesterday for $10,800); the amazing three-letter duo of EIV.com and OZN.com ($9,200 and $7,300, respectively); and Pronounce.com @ $5,501.

Newly anointed Super Seller, “Federer,” moved the top non-.COM of the past week, Iraq.net, for $7,050.

.IO domains once again regained their hierarchy in the ccTLD space, led by the sale of Source.io for $4,100 via one of Flippa’s hottest sellers, ca98am79. This was one of the most-closely followed auctions of the week, garnering an amazing 101 bids!

Also making .IO gurus proud was the $3,200 sale of PPC.io, sold by Flippa seller rtzj00, who also sold Dollars.info (the top .INFO of the week by a mile) — both impressively via No Reserve auctions!

All in all, there were FIVE top-domain auctions that were transacted via the Post-Auction negotiation module, including a couple of cool brandable .COMs.

Two Flippa-Exclusive Domain Auctions closed successfully this week, as well, with more hopefully on the way. Keep an eye out for new Exclusives and Promos, as we continue this month’s anniversary celebration!

Recent Domain Name Sales on Flippa

Weights.com  @ $36,500  (Negotiated Post-Auction)
Kawaii.com  @ $10,800
EIV.com  @ $9,200
OZN.com  @ $7,300
Iraq.net  @ $7,050
Pronounce.com  @ $5,501
Source.io  @ $4,100
Dollars.info  @ $3,850
PPC.io  @ $3,200
[Privacy Per Buyer’s Request]  @ $2,500  (Negotiated Post-Auction)
FlipFund.com  @ $1,111  (Negotiated Post-Auction)
Fans.io  @ $527
EdgeServers.com  @ $500
LaunchCapsule.com  @ $300 (Negotiated Post-Auction)
cTips.com  @ $211
1p.TV  @ $205
SoloAds.in  @ $200 (Negotiated Post-Auction)


Flippa-Exclusive Premium Domain Auctions



Reserve Prices Met + Ending

Ending Friday


Ending Saturday


Ending Next Week




Portfolio of 30+ .INFO Domains  (57+ Bids – Last Call)
Portfolio of 200 Exact-Match Domains  (37+ Bids – Reserve Met)
Domaining.XYZ  (14+ Bids – Reserve Met)
Scene.xyz  (13+ Bids)
AHT.com  (12+ Bids – Last Call)
Leah.com  (10+ Bids)
SaudiArabia.io  (10+ Bids – Last Call)
Clip.xyz  (10+ Bids)
AppDesignSchool.com + Portfolio of 35 App-Related Domains  (9+ Bids)
HealthSupplements.com  (8+ Bids)
Cation.com  (8+ Bids – Last Call)
Coyy.com  (8+ Bids)
Claim.net  (8+ Bids – Last Call)
Thriller.com  (7+ Bids)
Borough.com  (6+ Bids – Reserve Met)
Darkcoin.com  (6+ Bids)
SearchDeal.com  (6+ Bids)
xx.ee  (6+ Bids)
Damage.co  (6+ Bids – Reserve Met)


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  • Asaf G

    Great way to end the week ha 🙂

    Lots of positive interest and activity, resulting in high rated sales – Just Awesome!

    • Kevin Fink

      Thank you, Asaf, and good luck with your auctions!