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Flippa veterans might remember that Flippa was born out of the SitePoint Marketplace. 3 years later, we brought what was left of the SitePoint Marketplace into Flippa to give customers the absolute best possible experience.

Often, running a website or building an online business can’t be a one-person job. There are so many aspects you need to think about, getting that extra help can truly make a big difference.

Get Things Done

This is where Flippa Classifieds come in. Combining Flippa’s niche audience and an established model of users and feedback, Flippa Classifieds can help you:

  • Outsource work
  • Sell a product
  • Find work
  • Build business partnerships,
  • and much more…

But don’t just take our word for it. Dan Anderson was one of the first people to take out a posting on Flippa Classifieds, and he grossed almost $3000 in a single week from one $5 ad. Just read his tweet below:

Build on the Marketplace

My favourite thing about Flippa Classifieds is that it builds on the marketplace. If you are someone with positive feedback on Flippa, this is translated to your classified ad immediately – which brings legitimacy to what you’re trying to sell.

We simply couldn’t keep our amazing community of smart entrepreneurs, web developers, designers and writers to ourselves. So why not join us and capitalize on their experience and knowhow?

Click here to get started with Classifieds today. 

Listings start from $5 and it’s simply the best place to buy and sell web products, outsource web projects, and find more work.

See you there!


Tim Cooke

Tim is Flippa's digital marketer and content manager. Tim can be found on Twitter

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  • Linkagoal

    short and informative.. keep it up!!

    • Olle Lindholm

      Thanks Linkagoal! We will :)

  • FIVEyearsAD$

    but it needs more categories and more promotion

  • FIVEyearsAD$

    another thing I suggest to add is an edit mode to fix grammar, modify texts, change links, etc.

    • timatflippa

      We’re looking at changes to simplify the classifieds experience

  • Pedro pony

    Great! Will have a look now had forgotten about the marketplace. Would help though if your blog had a link to classifieds on its nav :)

    • timatflippa

      Thanks for the feedback Pedro, we’re working to make classifieds more visible on Flippa

  • Dan Anderson

    I was so confused why people were replying to that older tweet until just now.

    • timatflippa

      Sorry about that Dan!