Flippa in 2013: Highlights, Trends, and Top Sales

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We’re reaching the end of a fantastic year here at Flippa. We’ve created a new homepage, improved saved searches, and even opened up our own app marketplace.

Before the holiday season begins, it’s a good idea to look back at the year that was to find the highlights and trends that will take us into 2014.

Let’s begin by looking at the auctions with the top sales, most bids, and most watchers in 2013. Then we’ll reveal the Niche Category of the Year, and give you a collection of some of our most popular articles.

The following auctions rocked the red carpet this year. Are you surprised by any of the results?

Top Sales in 2013

These auctions stood out from the rest of the crowd because of their high sales price. The data is collected from 1 January 2013 to 11 November 2013, but do not include our highest sales from DealFlow.


  • Y8.net sold for $237,000
  • TheGardenHelper.com sold for $165,000
  • AllSmallDogBreeds.com sold for $140,600 


  • Remix.com sold for $142,500
  • Oar.com sold for $69,000
  • Games.info sold for $20,300


  • FramPix – a photo app sold for $7,050
  • High Speed Racing 3D: Unreal Cop Smash – a car game sold for $5,800  
  • Arabic Learning for iTunes – a language app sold for $5,000

Most Bids in 2013

Some auctions simply get more attention than others. Here are the three websites and domains that gained the most bids on Flippa in 2013.


  • Engagematic.com (220 bids)
  • KIXP.net (218 bids)
  • PickYourPrinting.com (166 bids)


  • CIA.info (166 bids)
  • Asbestos.info (125 bids)
  • Marriage.info (120 bids)

Most Watched in 2013

Here are some of the listings with the most recorded watchers in 2013.


  • WPLeadRocket.com (206 watchers)
  • CleanAndSoberLive.com (196 watchers)
  • 10MillionVisitors.com (161 watchers)


  • CreateASite.com (201 watchers)
  • Homes.info (107 watchers)
  • Lottery.info (88 watchers)

The Niche Category of the Year

The most popular niche category for websites was mobile phones. The median price went from $150 in April to $199 in November. We can only guess why. The explosion of smartphones and the popularity of apps explains part of this trend. Other popular niche categories were Entertainment and Other Home and Garden.      

Most Popular Articles in 2013

Did you miss any of the tips for buying and selling websites, domains, and apps? Here’s a chance to re-cap on some of the most popular articles from Flippa, divided by category and presented in no particular order:

Tips for Making the Most of Your Websites

Tips for Finding and Selling Domain Names

  • The Domain Name Upheaval
    Hundreds of new domain name extensions beyond the .com have been made available to the general public in the single biggest expansion of the Internet namespace to date. What does this mean for you and your business?

Tips for Buying Apps and Entering the App Business

Thank you for 2013

While big thanks are due to our tireless support and development teams here at Flippa HQ, the biggest thanks needs to be directed to all the active buyers and sellers that make Flippa the number one destination for anyone looking to buy or sell websites, domains, and apps.

We are humbled by your ongoing support and look forward to bringing you an ever increasing return on investment in 2014! We will now take a short break over the Christmas period, but the blog will resume again on the 6th of January. Looking forward to seeing you then!

What was your most memorable auction on Flippa in 2013? What would you like to see more of on the Flippa blog in 2014? Let us know in the comments. 


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