Find Websites with Backlinks and Verified Analytics

Some of our regular users may have noticed a few recent updates to our advanced search tools – namely the addition of searching by Google backlink criteria (ie how many Google-recognized backlinks a site has), and the ability to only show results with verified Google Analytics reports.

All a bit Google flavored but let’s look at each of these more closely.

Search by Number of Links in Google

By now, pretty well everyone knows that Google much prefers websites with backlinks … and so do website buyers as it turns out.

When starting a website from scratch, arguably one of the hardest things to do is build those elusive non-no-follow backlinks to your website. In fact, this is one of the very reasons that buying an established website is so attractive – this work has already been done, or at least started.

Given this, website buyers can now set the minimum (and/or maximum) number of backlinks in Google when running an advanced search.

Note that the quality of these backlinks is also important. In recognition of this, Flippa provides a link to each site’s Google link results from the Due Diligence page. It is often worth checking this out to gauge the quality of these links – and to ensure they’re not from a single or limited number of referrers.

Search by Auctions with Verified Google Analytics data

Within two months of Flippa’s launch, we added a feature that allowed us to verify and display a PDF report of a website’s Google Analytics traffic performance.

This increases buyer confidence that the seller’s claims are accurate and takes some of the load off the due diligence effort. Website sellers are responding in kind – over a third of all listings with traffic claims include verified Google Analytics reports.

Website buyers looking to play it safe can now filter their results to only show listings with verified Google Analytics. Simply check the “Auction has verified Google Analytics data” box and only verified traffic results will be included in the result set.

Though Google Analytics is seen by website buyers as being more reliable than server log tools such as AWStats, it is worth remembering to check for any signs of CPV/PPV activity. Be assured we’re also not suggesting that traffic claims without verified Google Analytics are bogus – just that they may require some additional due diligence prior to being factored into a bid amount. Check out our Pro Website Buyers Guide.

TIP: Too much work to tweak the advanced search page every time you want to search websites for sale on Flippa? Simply hit the “Save This Search” link on the top-right of the search result screen. This will allow you to access your saved searches from beneath the search box anywhere on Flippa – you can even opt to have new results emailed to you.

We’re by no means finished with adding further tweaks to the Advanced Search page over time. What are your most-used website metrics when searching for sites on Flippa. Is there a favorite metric you’d like added to Advanced Search to further hone your listing results? Let us know in the comments below.

  • https://flippa.com/users/443260 Groundwork

    interesting, but I wish you would also add sorting by seller’s country of origin.

  • https://flippa.com/users/393656 dotcar

    I think Flippa should also consider Verified Getclicky analytics. Many users don’t want to give data to Google but Getclicky is a very strong alternative!

    • https://flippa.com/users/339303 WebMizer

      +1000 for this. Google is not the only analytics game in town, nor are they that good.

    • https://flippa.com/users/433824 matjnewton

      Absolutely in the same boat on this one, nearly all my sites are with Get Clicky and only a few are with Google

      • Scott Nurff

        Quantcast is good too.

  • https://flippa.com/users/435277 bad_wolf

    Looks good to me. Saves time combing through thousands of sites and wonder if they have google analytics.

  • http://www.electroniccigaretteonline.org Matt

    I love flippa so much. Every month your guys coming out with a few killer features and making the site better and better. I love you guys!!!

    • http://flippa.com/ Andrew Knibbe

      … shucks Matt – thanks!

  • http://brianleejackson.com brianleejackson

    Awesome! Great update… This will definitely save time for me when searching through sites.

  • http://buy-vcc.com/ virtual credit card

    thats a great fuctionality added..it will help buyers a lot to find their desired website in a easy way..
    long live flippa..

  • http://www.shoppaholicalt.com Toko sepatu online

    great…nice trick for backlinf info.

  • https://flippa.com/users/146575 Scripteen

    Good move on the analytics search but the backlinks measure is not accurate because google shows a very little number of links publicly with the link: operator.

  • http://www.kopisharing.com/ kopisharing

    awesome! this feature will make buyer safe

  • http://www.manualguides.info Manual Guide

    This is great features for analytics so buyer can see the real analytics for more details

  • https://flippa.com/users/195603 cikez

    Good idea but I also agree with Scripteen. I have noticed from my years of internet marketing that Google rarely ever shows even 10% of the backlinks that a website has. And if they do it takes awhile to show up. I would recommend maybe adding Yahoo as an option. I have had a more success with Yahoo showing backlinks then Google.

  • http://www.hubclassified.com hubclassified

    its very good for me. thanks for posting

  • http://www.dailytalkblog.com Danish

    I would recommend this might add to Yahoo as an accessory. I had more success seems to Yahoo back links then Google.

  • https://flippa.com/users/448264 Shendy Wilandria

    verified analytics is one of important indicator for the buyer. Very great tips!

  • https://flippa.com/users/100166 azn_romeo_4u

    How about inbound links. I want to see if anyone else got 800,000+

  • https://flippa.com/users/458107 nassim

    I like this website flippa it make me feel so good and happy

  • http://t-online.de Charlotte

    Awesome survey, I like your post.

  • https://flippa.com/users/379385 dheydt

    I love the improvements to the search, however I do have 1 complaint. t would be really nice if the search would retain/remember the previous settings.

    For example, I click on Advanced Search and make some selections. The results get dislayed and I realize there are too many results that are outside of my budget, so I click on Advanced Search again. It would be nice if all of my settings remained and all I needed to do was add a maximum price. Instead I get a blank form that I need to fill in all of the fields again.

    A minor point perhaps but most websites these days can handle this sort of logic.

    • Dave Slutzkin

      Actually this does work if you click the “Refine… Advanced” link on the left-hand side, but not if you click the “Advanced Search” link on the top right. We’ll try to make this more clear, thanks.

  • https://flippa.com/users/411382 nsarrasin

    “TIP: Too much work to tweak the advanced search page every time you want to search websites for sale on Flippa? Simply hit the “Save This Search” link on the top-right of the search result screen. This will allow you to access your saved searches from beneath the search box anywhere on Flippa – you can even opt to have new results emailed to you.”

    I think this is a major improvement to help me search and find the kind of sites I am looking for. So, I used it right away. Unfortunately, after my first try, I clicked to save my search parameters: no message on the Flippa site told me my search was saved. Moreover, when I looked around to find in my account to see where the search has been saved, I found nothing. And when I saved the search, I selected to receive new offers by email: I didn’t reeived any email to confirm me anything. In other words, the advanced search seems to work well, but the way to save it and use it more efficiently seems to remain unclear. Some help on that would be welcome 😉 Thanks!

    • http://flippa.com/ Andrew Knibbe

      Hi nsarrasin.
      Seems like we had a minor bug with the confirmation message. This has now been fixed so it will let you know when you have saved a search successfully and when email notifications have been included.

  • https://flippa.com/users/458646 FatLester

    Is anyone from Flippa going to respond to my question about ownsership verification or am I wasting my time here? I’m not going to wait much longer for a response before I determine the staff here is incompetent and not worthy of my time or money.

    • http://flippa.com/ Andrew Knibbe

      Hi FatLester – you should have received a receipt on your support request. The team will get back to you shortly.

  • https://flippa.com/users/257465 chrisdomainsell

    I think adding Yahoo backlinks is much better ( or maybe only having Yahoo backlinks). From what I have seen Google show 5-10% of the backlinks of a site and this after years…
    I would like to have search in title only option + search in main body only option.
    Search results are not so good when searching for specific words.
    Also Google style searching for text search like as an example with the plus sign.
    example : +games +ps3 (and an option title only selected)
    this will show only results from titles that have these two words in their title and nothing else. I believe these modifications could improve the buying experience in Flippa.

    Keep up the good work.

    • http://flippa.com/ Andrew Knibbe

      Thanks Chris.
      Not sure about Yahoo backlinks given their usage is falling off a cliff. We could possibly look at Majestic SEO as a non-google proxy down the track.

      On the issue of more powerful search, we have some great news: we already provide this 😉

      Try running a search for “+title:games -description:ps3” (without quotations of course!) and you will see results that have “games” in the title but don’t have “ps3” in the listing description. There are a few more tricks for power-users on our “Introducing the Next Generation of Website Search” post – in the global keyword search section. Hope that helps

  • https://flippa.com/users/407070 cipriangherghescu


  • https://flippa.com/users/412604 fena3000

    That’s a good new feature!