Facebook Enters The Search Arena – What You Need To Know

What Is Graph Search? How You Can Optimise It, and Is Bing The Real Winner?

Facebook unveiled their new graph search feature yesterday. To date, Facebook’s search has been pretty average and caused some holes in their overall product. Why is this big? Because they are taking Google, Yelp, Foursquare and others head on. The goal behind the feature is to “make dumb phrases or questions smart”. Soon, with a simple search you’ll be able to see how many friends have visited London or how many actually like Nickelback. However, some are asking if the search graph is ripping off Path’s innovative search.

Search Engine Land explains how it’s different to Google’s search, Facebook gives some early tips and tricks to page administrators and could Bing’s partnership be the heft they need to increase their marketshare?


What Constitutes Value In A Website?,  Analytics Resolutions For The New Year and What Destinations Your Niche Site Needs to Target

Our top sellers get a lot of requests for help and mentorship from newcomers to the business. One of the first things these new sellers should know is what constitutes value in a website… and what really doesn’t.

Forget the gym, what are your Analytics resolutions for 2013? Google’s Analytics blog has posted 10 resolutions one industry pro is taking on. It looks like a solid list. Will you be adopting any of these resolutions?

Travel is one of the hottest niches at the moment, but we can’t all have a site on the Caribbean. What destinations should your site target?  A4U explains how you can find the best destination for your site.


Uncover Instagram’s Opportunities, Forget About Link Building and the Annual Report gets a makeover

Despite Facebooks’s billion dollar acquisition, Instagram’s opportunities aren’t given as much airtime as, say, Pinterest.  In many ways Instagram can liven up a dreary Facebook page or Twitter feed, it can also provide  access to a market that might be tired of the typical social media marketing.  An abundance of opportunities, I say.

One web pro explains why he is no longer a link builder but a content publicist, this is a great snapshot of the state of the industry and what one person is doing to stay ahead.

Finally, annual reports get a pretty bad wrap for being boring. Mailchimp has changed all that with their report for last year.
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    I’ve already predicted and suggested a FB search engine about two years ago in this FB page https://www.facebook.com/FaBoSE

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    That would be the next logical step for face book, it would be tremendous in competition with the big G

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    Let’s all hope FB can actually be competitive, I hope they gain as much market share as possible from G. Keep your fingers crossed!

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    Thats the right step, thanks for the post