Exclusive Competition: Get a Free E-book on Buying and Selling Websites for Profit

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Flippa has teamed up with web-pro and entrepreneur, Yaro Starak. 

Yaro is a success story of what many users on Flippa are trying to achieve – he lives the laptop lifestyle.

Flippa and Yaro want to give you a helping-hand and we’re offering you the chance to pick up his latest E-Book for free. 

The book is Buying and Selling Websites for Passive Profits

All you need to do is leave a comment telling us,

Why do you want to get into buying or selling websites?

Be quick! We only have a few books to give away.


  • Agus

    Hi Yaro and Flippa.

    I wanted to get into buying and selling websites because I wanted to make extra cash for my family so they could enjoy a holiday. Today it is a part time job!

  • Yanna


    I joined Flippa and starting trading websites because i wanted to quit my boring day job and work from home with my kids.

  • Caroline

    I want to get into selling websites because I NEED an income for me and my family….

  • Dart

    Because I keep buying them now it time to sell a few for a profit and do it again

  • http://www.lostcyclist.me/ Quinton Hamp

    Great article, and a wonderful way to wrap up 2013 and get the juices flowing for the new year!

    I’ve wanted to buy and flip, but I’ve been scared to. This article brings me one step closer.

    Here’s to passive income and living the dream! Thanks, Flippa, for enabling so many to do just that.

  • Kudzi

    I am much interested in creating near passive income stream from web properties. I am currently doing it small time and have been making around $150/mo and this has proven to me that it works. This income is most coming from some blogger blogs I run.

    I am believing that investing into websites buying and selling or buying and holding will create a great source of income which will eventually give me the keys to a lifestyle design of my own choice. From these blog posts I now see investing in websites being the same as any other offline investment…real estate, shares and the like. If I lost money on the stock market and learnt some lessons, I am willing to lose (though I am more diligent with money now) trying out things online. Of course this may not require too much of attention once the cogs of the machines have been well oiled.

  • ujuduma

    I want to get into buying and selling of websites so that I can create passive and probably massive income for myself and my family. I also love to see that a site I sold grows to become big. I would be really proud to be the one who sold such domain name or website

  • Robert Redman

    I want to find out more about buying and selling winning domain names, because I have managed sites for years, without making anything more than a meagre profit. I want to know the winning formula to go from zero to hero in the online space, for myself, and for my family.

  • Sheik

    Hi people,

    I just started selling all the websites but I see a normal or low margin with the revenue. This guide will defenitely help me in cultivating the websites and to sell for more profits.

    Thanks in Advance

  • Gloria Reibin

    I have a blog that has a lot of good photos and text, but I’ve neglected it over the years and would like to sell in on Flippa, but not sure how to do it . The website is vintagestyleclothing.org I’m currently changing the server it is hosted on, so nothing might be showing, but I do want to know how to sell it and possibly buy others that could be useful

  • Ray

    The reason I want to get into buying and selling websites is that I have a number of sites that have potential but need more work to add value to them before selling. The experience you have in writing blogs and how you bought and sold the mini motor cycles blog and forum and the detail on how you did it will enable me to apply those principles to build my sites, or maybe abandon them and just focus on buying , building and reselling other better sites.
    In other words I want to capitalize on your experience so I can build a passive income.

  • [email protected]

    Thank you for all the great comments so far. Tim and I will review them all once we give people a chance to get their replies in.

    Look out for a winners announcement soon!


  • Paul

    I got into buying and selling websites and domains as I would like to create a passive income and I would also like build up to making a massive income, so that I can support myself and my growing family. I would also like to see my websites and domains grow into something big, which will allow the buyers to build their own passive incomes from something I created.

    Thank you Flippa for giving us the opportunity to do this, you guys ROCK…..

  • Xcel

    I started web buying and development because I truly believe in the tech sector I’m promoting and I’m passionate about it, and as many of you, I also dream of being able to work for my laptop so as to spend as much time as possible with my family! Still early days but hopefully with all the great advice we get here from “the pros” our dreams are just around the corner! 🙂

  • parampreetchanana

    Its awsome and love to do this business…!!!

  • B NM

    I’ve been searching a long time for something that produces passive income and actually works right from the start. When I found Flippa i said “This is it”.
    Thank you Flippa you are AWESOME.

  • Larry

    I would like to get started buying and selling websites because I hate to see a website with good potential go to waste. I feel bad for them and have this innate desire to make them better, but don’t know where to start. It’s just like adopting dogs from the SPCA, except I’ve succeeded at that. Between the two hobbies, hopefully I can produce world peace this holiday season!

    Oh who am I kidding, it’s all about the money!

  • Valentin

    I find buying and selling website a great way to practice my business skills and generate income. I would love a copy of your book. Thanks.

  • Jude

    I have been buying websites for the last 12 months and I am still in the learning phrase. I would dearly love some new information on how to renovate my existing sites and then be able to sell them on. Thanks

  • Nic

    Hi there – I’ve been trying to generate income with niche sites, but haven’t had a great deal of luck so far! I’d be really interested in learning more about buying and selling websites and this e-book sounds like a perfect place to start.

  • Heather Wilde

    After an accident I have been forced to give up my regular 9-5 job as a finance broker and retrain myself in a job that I can do from my home computer. I am learning WP, blogging, how to monetise websites etc and also looking at buying existing websites and improving them. Your book sounds just like the information that I am looking for to help me achieve this.

  • Cari

    Working for yourself is the #1 way to financial freedom. I know that buying and selling websites will accomplish this goal. You wake up in the morning knowing that the buck starts and stops with yourself. I am a big fan of Yaro and look forward to reading his latest book. They are always great!!

  • Jan

    Because internet is my passion 🙂

  • Dave

    Hi All, I am developing a business plan for buying a profitable website to own for the long run. My goal is to be totally self sufficient and hiring a Veteran or two to help in managing and product development. I will also develop an affiliate program to help those that work in this area. As a Veteran myself, I can’t see myself doing anything else because of my experience. This book will help me get prepared going forward in 2014. Thanks much, Dave

  • Rick

    I to be building something for retirement that I can do from anywhere!

  • Dave Fitzgerald

    Yaro, We are facing a whole generation of kids that are still being taught to get a “good education” so that you can get a “safe and secure” job. I want to demonstrate to my son that the most valuable skill one has is the ability to think and move yourself in your own direction. The new paradigm is exactly what you are already doing, being an electronic entrepreneur. This guide will accelerate us moving in that direction ….

  • Rod B

    Looks like a great way to capitalize on the interweb

  • Jaap

    I’m looking in for starting a internet business, i like the concept of buying and selling blogs or websites. i like to at value to something and sell it.

  • Mike L

    I bought 2 websites last year and still haven’t monetize them! This after having previously bought & gone through a course on flipping websites. Feeling a little dumb here. Please give me the ebook and put me out of my misery already, lol! 🙂

  • Shristi Bhandari

    Because I want to increase my online income and it is my passion.

  • Muhamamad

    i am interested in passive income.