Exclusive Competition: FREE Ticket to NamesCon 2014


Flippa has teamed up with NamesCon to give one Flippa user a free ticket to NamesCon 2014. Details on how to enter are are after our interview with Richard.


Flippa sat down with Richard Lau the founder and organiser of NamesCon to ask him about the exciting conference coming up!

Flippa: What prompted you to organize this conference? Why now?
Richard: There is a sea change in the domain name industry and the conferences are no different. I am bringing a fresh approach to domain conferences with a focus on networking and content. Three tracks of simultaneous sessions with over 50 speakers and 4 keynotes.

F: What are you hoping to achieve through holding this event?

R: NamesCon will be established as THE conference to attend if you are involved in any aspect of the internet domain name industry. Whether you are a registrant, registry, registrar, service provider or press, this will be the conference to attend to both network and gain insight into the future.

F: What do you envision for domaining as a whole in the year to come?

R: This coming year will be historic. The internet will never be the same after 2014. The new gTLDs launching are bringing with them changes and opportunities.  I do think that some premium domains that aren’t .com will fall in value, but I believe .com domains will hold their own and continue to increase for one word premium domains.

F: What are your thoughts on Flippa entering the domain-fold?

R: I think it is a natural progression for Flippa to move beyond transactions in websites into domains and apps. Domains are so wide reaching that Flippa is a natural marketplace for investors and users to find their next domain to buy, sell or flip.


We’re so excited about Namescon and we’re giving away one ticket worth $600, to a Flippa user. Namescon runs from January 13-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

All you need to do is send a tweet saying, “I want to join @Flippa and other domain pros at NamesCon 2014”. Be sure to include our handle in the tweet so we can see your entry!

Tickets for Namescon 2014  normally cost $600 – this is a great chance to meet some of the industry’s best minds.

Note: This is for the ticket to Namescon only – no accommodation or travel expenses. Namescon 2014 is in Las Vegas, USA. Please only enter if you live nearby or can commute to Las Vegas.

We look forward to meeting you there!

  • max

    Thanks for news. I wanted to mention that Flippa’s Alexa report (alexa rank) has a serious bug and It’s not working for most of listings. please fix this issue as soon as possible.

    • timatflippa

      Hi Max, thanks for letting us know – I’ve logged the issue with our support team.

  • SandSkag

    I tweeted (my flippaID is neobuxstrategy). Sorry I do not have any twitter followers, I created my Twitter account today (after all these years) FINALLY just for you! Next year I guess lol