Simplified listing for New Websites

There are two types of buyers on Flippa: those who are looking for brand-new websites they can develop into money-making sites, and those who want to find already-established web businesses to make their own.

In order to make it easier for sellers to reach the right buyer audience, we’re introducing a new type of listing today: in addition to being able to sell an established website or as a domain, sellers can now list their site as a new website.


Different Strokes

With this change, we’re making the distinction between new sites and established web businesses even clearer. Long-time Flippa users will remember that while we once asked sellers to describe their site as either new or established, sellers could still describe a new site as having existing traffic and revenue.

This new listing type is different: new website listings can no longer claim traffic, revenue, or site age. After all, isn’t that what makes it a new website?

Buyers who are looking for an established website can easily sort out brand-new sites by selecting “At least 3 months old” in the left-hand sidebar to refine their search results. As always, the best way to find websites you’ll be interested in buying is by using our Advanced Search.


Something for sellers

Regular sellers may now be asking themselves why they would ever choose to list their sites as new websites. Since sellers of turnkey sites tend to list at higher volumes, we think they’ll be interested in this: listing a new website is now only $9 instead of our standard $29 listing fee. Meanwhile, the success fee for this type of listing has been adjusted to 15% instead of the usual 5%, still with a $10 minimum.

When creating your listing, you’ll be asked whether you’re listing an established website, a domain, or a new website. If you’re selling a turnkey, startup or template website, choose the third option. You’ll then be able to skip the Traffic and Revenue steps of the listing creation process.

We still expect that most sellers on Flippa will want to show off their site’s traffic and revenue stats, and will thus list established websites. This is just one new way for us to meet the needs of our diverse groups of sellers.

  • Steph

    This is absolutely awesome! I love the reduced fees for new sites!

  • sgaire

    Awesome! I would rather spend 9$ and just list the revenue and traffic on the pitch! i hope we are allowed to do so!

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Sgaire — you can mention traffic/revenue in the pitch, but you’ll still need to attach proof of revenue/traffic for any claims. Buyers will also not see New Website listings when they run searches for sites with traffic or revenue.

  • Mikey Moran

    This is great! I am usually always looking for more established sites to buy. The new pricing model is more fair for the newer sites as well. Flippa is great!

  • inbargains

    So now the established date shown on the category page views is ambiguous? It could mean a website was really established this month or it could mean the Seller is frugal and doesn’t want to spend $29 to show the real established date.

    I understand this probably keeps the claimed “new” sites out of the aged site sorts but I think it’s not a good idea to have false data represented. Established date should only have one definition has it always has. The developers should use the selection of listing as a new site keep the websites out of the sorts rather than falsifying the site established date to accomplish that.

    I think Buyers will soon ignore that metric on the category pages because it will be largely incorrect for many listings and finding “established” websites will be more of chore for buyers looking for bargains from frugal sellers.

    Just my noise from the peanut gallery.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Inbargains — the established date for New Website listings is automatically set to the first day of the current month. This type of listing will also not show any traffic or revenue information — if the seller of an established, revenue-generating site chooses to save $20 by listing their site as New, I think we can all agree they’ll be shooting themselves in the foot!

      On the contrary, it’ll be easier than ever to separate the established sites from the new ones: since new sites won’t have any traffic/revenue claims at all, even the most basic level of filtering will remove them from view.

  • JohnK

    That is a great idea. What is the re-listing fee for the new ‘New Websites’ option?

  • adi

    Thank you for take a respond from my feedback

  • Jan

    This is great! And I think it is a good plan as a new site can often not have much traffic and sales unless the seller promotes the website to his own list or buy traffic, adwords etc. But for the buyer this is useless because as soon as he/she buys the site he doesn’t have any traffic or sales at all. It is only misleading and therefore also get many negative reviews because of dissapointments.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Jan — you’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s too early to tell, of course, but this new type of listing should reduce the amount of paid/fake traffic on Flippa listings.

  • diwi

    It’s good idea !!!

    I tried establish auction for New site but did not found where set BIN price.

    Also I spent few times more time on auction establish because many times got 500 errors while tried edit auction description.

    Something wrong with flippa script. Early I have not any troubles with auctions edit.

    I want to say that new auction model is not useful.

    If I need edit only description why I must go through loop of editing next auction options ?

    Really don’t understand why you made so uncomfortable !!!
    And where is BIN option ???


  • inbargains

    Last night this read $9 listing fee with a 10% success fee as I discussed this page with several sellers. So I listed one as a split test. Now I wake up 7 hours later and it’s $9 listing fee with a 15% success fee.

  • Mickswebsites

    A real good move on Flippas behalf.
    I just listed a site using the new feature only to find that its lost in amongst PR1 to PR4 established websites? Surely these older sites sites shouldnt be there?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Mick,
      All listings still show up normally — we haven’t separated the marketplace into two sections. Once buyers start to refine their search (either by price or by age/traffic/revenue) they’ll get a smaller list of sites, which will help them identify the ones they’ll want to bid on.

  • Tony

    Hi Ophelie,

    Nice to see Flippa constantly evolving.

    Re: “It’s too early to tell, of course, but this new type of listing should reduce the amount of paid/fake traffic on Flippa listings.”
    As you stated, Ophelie, it may be too early to tell, but any change with potential to improve the marketplace for buyers and sellers is a step in the right direction.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Thanks Tony! I couldn’t agree more.

  • Heffner

    Still it’s basically the same or even WORSE as the success fee for these new sites is 15%, who are you guys trying to fool? Still a very bad deal for site flippers. You guys should change the “flippa” name, as you no longer represent us site flippers.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Heffner,

      The goal here isn’t to lower total fees, but to make it easier for small site sellers to get their start.

      As Fox pointed out in the comments, this option only makes sense if your site sells for less than $200.

      • NotAFan


        in other words, the GOAL isn’t to lower Flippa’s profit, but to make it appear like they “listen” to their customers and silent them altogether while profiting the same or more.

        Since most people don’t like to do the math, they only see the $9 fee and not the 15% success fee.

        • Ophelie Lechat

          Hey NotAFan,
          Looks like you’re not pleased with this latest change.

          Most turnkey site sellers have told us that they’d be willing to pay a higher success fee if the up-front fee was lower. These are also the types of sites that sell for less than $200 — the point at which a New Site total fee is higher than a standard total fee. This isn’t a hidden change; we’re up-front about it both in this post and in the listing page.

          In other words, none of this information is hidden, this new product isn’t the best choice for everyone, but sellers who have used it so far are happy.

      • Romio Abboud

        You said that as a new website I should sell my site not more than $200

        I have a new website and the license script cost me $190 and the domain is $10 dollars… and the site was established 2 weeks ago. So what should I do?

        Should I list it on new websites or established websites. Because I m planing from profiting with this website

        • Ophelie Lechat

          Hi Romio! If you expect that a site will sell for more than $200, the New Website option works out to be more expensive in the end. In this case, you should list as an Established Website, making sure to enter the “date established” month accurately.

  • Fox

    This is an ok option for some, but sellers need to be very aware of the numbers.

    Your site has to sell for $200 or less, or your overall costs are higher due to that 15% success fee.

    On a $100 sale:
    $29 listing, $5 success fee = $34
    $9 listing, $15 success fee = $24

    On a $200 sale:
    $29 listing, $10 success fee = $39
    $9 listing, $30 success fee = $39

    On a $400 sale:
    $29 listing, $20 success fee = $49
    $9 listing, $60 success fee = $69

    On a $600 sale:
    $29 listing, $30 success fee = $59
    $9 listing, $90 success fee = $99

    Ouch. That success fee should really be 10%.

    This won’t work for me, and at best it only saves micro sellers about ten bucks overall. But I guess to a bulk low-end seller this is a welcome break.

    By the way, will relists remain 50% off? i.e. $4.50?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Fox,
      One of the most frequent pieces of feedback we get from starter site sellers is that the up-front cost of listing a website was too high when no sale was guaranteed. To that end, this new listing type isn’t an effort to lower fees (as you point out, the total fees are only lower if your site sells for less than $200) but to lower the up-front cost of listing a site.

      With a 15% success fee, sellers should only pick this type of listing if they’re confident that their site will not fetch more than $200. Indeed, a BIN of $200 for these sites may not be a bad idea.

      Relists are still discounted for these listings, at $5 (instead of $14 for a standard relist).

    • bangzenk

      I agree with Fox, it’s getting worse..

  • fajar

    as seller i like flippa new fee listing idea and i think its seller need. The new pricing model is more fair for the newer sites as well.

  • Syed Asif

    Money making sites are really easy. But the beginning term really gets hard and by time goes on they have real value.

  • Jayden

    Wow very good for sellers…when it begins?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Jayden,

      It’s been live since Tuesday — give it a try at!

  • Shawn

    Hi Ophelie,
    If i have a new/startup site BUT i hope to sell it for more than $500, can i still use established site as an option and pay $29 listing fee instead of $9 to keep my success fee lower ?

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Shawn,
      Yes, you can absolutely choose to list as an established website if you anticipate that your site will sell for more than $200. You’ll be asked to provide traffic and revenue details; if your site is new, you should enter “0” in each field.

  • Johnny

    That is perfect for the new site, yes, as seller I concern the up-front listing fee, so if only $9 then most sellers will list more and if it SOLD, then I don’t mind to pay the $15 success fee and if not then just lose $9 instead of $29.


  • Johnny

    I’m more interested to know how the new site listing get exposure views from the “New Listings” Tab? when anyone landed on the Flippa and just click on the “New Listings” tab, what order of the listing showing to them by default without apply any filtering?

    Because if the listing does not get enough exposure to the buyers, mostly it won’t get SOLD at the end.


    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Johnny,
      The New Listings tab shows all listings, with the most recent listings at the top.

  • Zamwaz

    I had listed one of my websites a week back for the full $29 listing fees before this announcement was made. It was an ethical website which should have sold easily as per my past experiences on Flippa. But it seemed the website was hidden somewhere deep inside the listings even after the regular fees and there were only 57 views of the listing of which I am quite sure I must have made around 10 views at least. I am not sure if the website was hidden due to the low cost listings scenario mentioned here but this auction was a bit disappointing to be honest. I have used Flippa for several website sales in the past but there were always good amount of views at least in the listing. Not sure if the extremely limited exposure was due to this changes as mentioned here.

    • Ophelie at Flippa

      Hi Zamwaz,
      The New Websites product doesn’t decrease visibility to other listings at all — they are treated the same as any other listing claiming no revenue and traffic.
      I’ve sent you an email so we can work out why your listing received this little views, and we can work to get it sold this time around!

      • Johnny

        Hi Ophelie,

        I’m interested to know about the views on the listing too, do you have an average # of views for a new listing? I had the same experience in the past too, sometime even after the listing live for a week, I only got less than 100 views which end up the site not being SOLD.

        If you have some tips on how to increase the # of views for the listing, please let me know know as well.


  • Marc

    I actually suggested this idea 6 months ago right here on the blog and to you personally. I got an answer back that you guys don’t want “Low-end” websites anymore, that people don’t want them. …then I complained and said how can a company that makes millions not see who’s buying the websites and who’s paying the wages for flippa workers. …obviously I was right otherwise you wouldn’t have made the change. Still a shame that those 4 hours have been taken away because it stopped many of us being able to sell unless you want to do a night shift every night.

    Now put a $2 payment option for people who want to extend their auctions up to 4 hours and Flippa shall be back in business for the rest of the world as well.

    But still positive for lots of the little guys, well done, this puts food back on the table for lots of people, that don’t have many options or possibilities!

    I would still however make a “power seller” or a “trusted seller” to separate the good from the ugly.

    • Ophelie Lechat

      Hi Marc,

      We’ve never argued that low-end sites don’t have a market on Flippa, but they did, at one point, have a much lower sales rate. We’ve seen the quality of sites listed on Flippa increase over the last few months, and, as the market in general expands, there’s demand for quality starter sites.

      You’re right: you, and several other active Flippa users, suggested similar payment structures in the past few months. It was finally the right time to introduce it, and to evaluate how our sellers respond to a lower up-front fee and a higher success fee. So far, so good!