NEW: Enhanced Domain Search

Furthering our commitment to be the best marketplace to buy and sell domains, today we introduce a better way to search for your perfect domain.

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 5.20.01 pm

  • Now, filter domains by character limit.
  • Choose to only see domains made up of words in the dictionary.
  • Want something short? Buyers can now select to see domains by the number of  words.
  •  Choose to exclude domains with special characters (like dashes) and numbers.
  • We now cluster brandable domains together to make it easier for entrepreneurs to find that perfect, short, snappy (even sexy!) domain.

We hope this helps you find the perfect domain for you. Flippa is striving to make buying domains easier than ever before.

Just take a look at these domains:


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  • Virtualab

    How about you fix your broken search already??!

    It’s either you
    are incompetent or so little people use your search functionality that
    no one noticed it but me. I told your support LAST WEEK that your search
    is broken as all in a sudden I wasn’t receiving any searches for my
    saved search. I emailed your support. Got back the “thank you we are
    going to look in to it” response. A couple days go by and nothing. I
    then tested the search functions to see what field it is that the search
    is failing for. And I found the problem. I sent another email,
    detailing where the problem is. It’s so simple to fix it. Yet no. This
    still wasn’t fixed. Not even today. Are you kidding me?!