Holiday Special: 50% Off Domain Listings

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12 days till Christmas!

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Update 18 Dec, 2013: This domain promotion has been extended until 6 Janaury. 

Santa Claus has come early to Flippa.

For  the next week, you get 50% off the domain listing fee.

So, got a bunch of domains you want to sell before Christmas? Here’s your chance.

Starting today, you also get half-price relists. 

We’ve also made it easier for you to browse domains. You can now search by category and niche, which means you can find what you want more quickly.

Looking for Food & Drink? Go here. Looking for a .com for your new startup? No problem. You get the idea.

Plus… Keep an eye out for even more new search functions for domains on Flippa soon.

List your domains at 50% off  today!


Tim Cooke

Tim is Flippa's digital marketer and content manager. Tim can be found on Twitter

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  • max

    is this discount only for “domain listings”? How about Website listings? It’s really disappointing news if it’s not for website listings too.

  • Bill Davis

    I’m not seeing a discount anywhere when I go to pay. Nothing. Same prices for everything.

  • Mike Bikes

    @ Bill Davis. Same for me also! Seems Flippa are deceiving us??

  • Mike

    Flippa if you’d care to comment. I’ve listed 2 sites with you now since you mentioned this 50% off and was charged the full amount twice. What is going on?