Introducing Flippa’s Crowd-Sourced Domain Appraisal Tool!

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 3.48.24 pmThere’s a familiar adage, “A domain is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay.” Well, this is true — but it’s also counter-intuitive when you’re seeking pricing benchmarks and don’t know where to turn for guidance. 

Maybe you’re looking to acquire a domain on Flippa and want some feedback on the investment you’re about to make. Or maybe you’re ready to list a domain at auction and are having trouble configuring what to price the opening bid at to attract the most bidders.

With valuation tools on the market that are automated and algorithmic, we wanted to dive straight into the Flippa community to better-serve our buyers and sellers.

Introducing our Crowd-Sourced Domain Appraisal Tool!

We’ve just unveiled it to the masses and the response has been outstanding. It’s extremely easy and intuitive to get started, open to all with a Flippa account.


Getting Started

The Doman Appraisals tool can now be found under the ‘Domains’ drop-down at the top of your page:

Submit A Domain

Want to get your domain in front of the crowd? First thing’s first, click the green button.


Request An 

Be sure to provide all necessary information about your domain so appraisers can factor it into their valuation. Check your work and then Submit.


See What The Crowd Says

When valuations come in, they are priced at the median-value of all appraisals submitted. ‘Like’ or ‘comment’ on your peers’ input for further feedback. 


While the actual appraisal process is crowdsourced by Flippa users, a team of moderators in our Domains Department are the ones behind the scenes determining which domains make it into the queue.

Questions, Comments, Feedback?

Have you used the new appraisal tool? Were you appraising others, or was your domain appraised…or both? Do you have questions, comments, feedback on functionality or feature requests? Drop us a comment below ~ We’re excited to hear from you!

  • Mike

    On initial impression I’m not sure whether incentivizing appraisals (win $250) is a good idea. It might lead to some folks who are otherwise either not confident or perhaps not qualified in appraising some domains to do so anyway for sake of reward, leading to lowering the overall validity of appraisals. Just a thought.

    • timatflippa

      Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback. We’re aware of this but we were worried that people might hold back with their appraisals – for fear of looking silly, wrong, or just plain nerves. We’ll certainly be watching how the community grows and look at the prize at a later stage.

  • metaphysic

    How we can submit for appraisals more than one domain name?

    • Kevin Fink

      Hi, thanks for your question. Right now, we’re only allowing one submission per 7-day appraising period; we’re thinking of changes to this as we go. Stay tuned.

  • Jason Guest

    When does the more than 15 appraisals update as I’m sure I’ve appraised in the region of 20 or so not had any confirmation yet….

    • Kevin Fink

      Hi Jason — Do you mean redeeming listing credits for the 15+ domains you’ve appraised? I’ll have our moderators take a look. You can usually expect within 2-3 days.

  • Dean Mclaughlin

    How long does it take for the credits to be added to your account? (15+ appraisal deal)

    • Kevin Fink

      Hi Dean,

      We’ve restructured the reward system, as there were quite a few users abusing it. We now award a maximum of one credit per user, every Wednesday.

      Please note, you need to appraise 15 submissions to earn ONE credit — and while that one credit can be earned each week, it is capped at one per week.

  • Jyotsna Ramani

    This is interesting – gives new domainers a prospect into what the “crowd” appraises their domain at and might help in deciding a fair market BIN price tag to it 🙂

    • Kevin Fink

      Thank you, Jyotsna, for your feedback. We hope the tool proves useful in your endeavors.

  • Jyotsna Ramani

    Kevin , is the 1 credit per week allowed only for domain listings or you can use the credit for anything on Flippa ?

    • Kevin Fink

      Great question, Jyotsna ~ We encourage you to list a domain name with your free listing voucher (we deposit 9 credits should you qualify), but right now there is no rule against applying the 9 credits as you see fit.

      • Jyotsna Ramani

        Thanks for clearing that up, Kevin. Its a great initiative by Flippa!

  • Max Pen

    I did it 15 times, now how to put up a domain for sale for free?

    • sany

      I have the same question. Please rePly

      • Kevin Fink

        Hi Sany, please see my response to Max, above.

    • Kevin Fink

      Hi Max,

      The credit is automatically deposited into your account every Thursday of every week that you are eligible. Please note that we will be changing the incentives soon, due to rampant abuse by multiple Flippa appraisers. Stay tuned for more.

  • Eric Gage

    How long does it take to get approved for an appraisal? Also, can I just pay a fee to get an appraisal, or do I need to wait to receive some sort of voucher?

    • Kevin Fink

      Hi Eric,

      There is quite a long queue, as you could imagine, so please allow 3-5 days from date of submission.

      We currently only allow for one appraisal request per person, per week — but we may create an option where a Flippa member can receive more appraisals in exchange for a small fee.

      It sounds like that might be something you’d be interested in?

      • Eric Gage

        I wouldn’t be interested at the moment, but in general, I think users would like that option. I probably would’ve just paid $3 or so to have it posted immediately.

  • domainbuyer4web

    i appraised 16 domains last week but still not received any credits.please check

    • Alex Lunnon

      Deposits of credits are automated – if you believe a mistake has occurred however please contact our support team and we can look into it more.

  • investor

    i have a question about 250$ redeem,

    if i win the last weeks top appraisers then i will get 250 credits in my account right ? or i can just update a listing for free with out any credit ?

    How long i have to wait to redeem my 250$ upgrade?


  • Sean

    This valuation service is a joke. It is full of people leaving generic valuations simply to get credit to sell their own.

  • Angshuman

    This is such a offer to the appraisers by which appraisers (?) use it to earn only the free credit. It is seen that Some appraisers are posting same appraisals to all domain names and they copy the justification the first time and place it on every appraisals they post. Is it a useful tool for the domain owners? Don’t you think this can drive the owners in the wrong way?

  • daneyal

    HI, Please confirm Does the $250 credit available for a[[raisal winners, I dont see the incentive statement written below “TOP APPRAISALS THIS WEEK”.

    • Kevin Fink

      We removed this incentive months ago.

  • Bolo

    I am looking to sell my domain names I have about 12 is it best to sell them single

    • Alex Lunnon

      Hi Bolo – You can sell these either way, if you opt to sell them within a single auction as a portfolio clearly state this within your auctions description.

  • Nat Hunt

    I appraised 19 domains this week.. Do the 4 above 15 count toward getting credits in the next week? In other words, do I only have to appraise 11 domains this week to get another free listing?


    • Alex Lunnon

      Hi Nat – Its calculated on a per week basis so any additional will not carry across to the next week. This could always change as we improve the appraisal tool.