Content Marketing Blueprint and more: Links from around the web, 30 November

Content Marketing Blueprint, Tips to Become a Killer Search Marketer, and Facebook Defends their Ads

Content marketing is the buzz word of the moment. If you’re not too sure what it means, we’ve found this great blueprint which you can apply to your own business. Looking ahead at 2013, here are 42 content marketing ideas for 2013. Also: why do content marketers run out of steam?

This week, Search Engine land examined some of the things search marketers need to know to be successful. They’ve identified being “social” and attending conferences as a key point, as well as some clever techy tips.

Facebook’s Ad Chief has attempted to dispel rumours that their ads aren’t effective. Carolyn Everson used Samsung’s recent campaign with the social media giant to prove that money spent on Facebook campaigns are worth it. Are you sceptical of Facebook’s ads?

Web Dev Cheat Sheet, SEO for Bloggers, the Importance of Marketing Analytics and Responsive Email Guides

No doubt many of you will use some of the free time over the festive season to make some improvements to your website. To make the process easer for the coding novices among you, we’ve found this cheat sheet for web development. If you want to learn more, you’ll love this: SitePoint has launched their famous Christmas sale!

If you are running a blog but are not quite sure how to optimise it, SwellPath published a simple guide on SEO for bloggers. It explains the basic components of SEO, keywords, and how you  can apply everything to your blog. Sounds easy enough, right?

Marketing analytics is the measurement and optimization of your marketing activities. This article explores the importance of marketing analytics, covers the parts of it you should adopt as a part of your marketing efforts, and raises the question of the importance of web analytics (hint: very!).

Responsive web design is a key component of any website these days, but what about your emails? Marketing Land has found a number of great examples of how you can structure your emails.


Feds Kill .Army Domains, Fake Google Acquisition story spreads, and Jetstar’s Social Media Embarrassment

After ICANN’s release of new TLDs, the Federal Government of America has moved to kill off the .Army, .Navy and .AirForce domains. It’s a timely reminder to think about any domain purchases before you pick them up.

Did you hear about Google’s purchase of ICOA? Yeah, the hoax got us, too. Apparently Google picked up  ICOA, a WiFi provider for a clean $400 million. Websites such as the Associated Press and Tech Crunch ran with the story until it was proven to be fake. Just how did it happen? 

In a more amusing hoax, Australian budget airline Jetstar was embarrassed after someone impersonated the airline on their Facebook page. The hoaxer managed to convince one poor traveller that they had cancelled their flights!



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