Update: Changes to Premium Domain Upgrades

At the beginning of 2014, Flippa had a small marketplace of 2,000 domain listings. Now we have over 1.6 million and counting! Needless to say, the systems we need to support a marketplace 5,000x the size have had to evolve. We’ve tried new things – some which have worked and some which haven’t – but the fact remains that we are fully committed to creating a healthy and fair marketplace for domains to be sold.

It’s for this reason that we have decided to take it back to basics and redesign the domains search experience from the ground up. We’re on the home stretch of building this out and are very excited to show you the results.

To this end, we have made a key decision to remove the sale of Premium upgrades from our domain platform, temporarily. This change allows us to focus on delivering the best marketplace experience for everyone.

We plan to reintroduce a new Premium offering in early 2016. ‘Premium Version 2.0’ will be one which supports – rather than harms – the Flippa domains eco-system and offers Sellers the best available promotional exposure.

This change comes into effect as of the Tuesday, December 1st, AEST. At that date, the options to purchase any new Premium or Ultra Premium domain upgrades will be removed.

We hope you bear with us while we make several key changes to the Domains marketplace. Stay tuned for our exciting pre-Christmas launch announcement…


  • Will you support any Premiums purchased previous to this date?
    Yes, Premium listings purchased previous to this date will be fulfilled as per normal.
  • How can I promote my domain listing now?
    The regular suite of promotional upgrades, such as Homepages, Newsletter, Highlight and others will continue to be available for purchase, as well as applying to Editor’s Choice.
  • Are you crazy, Flippa? Take my $250 already!
    In order to fix core issues with the marketplace, we need to keep sight of our long term goal of helping domain owners sell their domains. Getting new Domains search out there and in Buyer’s hands so they can start discovering your domains is our number #1 priority.
  • Jens Weegar

    Sounds good to me!

  • Zelestial

    The Domains list section ( loads *much* slower than the Websites list section (

    In short, practically unbrowsable. Moreover, the use of Ajax breaks the back button in Chrome. What a pity as Flippa has the potential to be really great.

    If this slowness problem isn’t solved quickly, the Flippa domains section will most likely disappear in favor of Namejet, etc., which are all blazing fast.

  • frecz

    Well, looking forward to that. I hope that those changes will improve the sales for every domain equally!

  • Sergey Khromov

    Dear Claire,

    Flippa may try many new things, but after what have been done to Flippa CORE PREMIUM sellers… Will be very hard to bring them back. My account alone was representing 30% of 24 hours time frame listings ( exclusive listings for Flippa only ). One month pass buy, and NO ONE from Flippa contact me, try to solve the problem. Mean while it is so simple to fix it: “Free Relisting” to auctions with “No Reserve” ( fixed start price ).

    Sergey Khromov

  • Syed Waqar Ali Naqvi

    So what’s new in upcoming Premium offering in 2016?

  • Abdul Ghufran

    Claire, thank you for the update.

    Kevin has done an exceptional job in listening to the community. It’s amazing to see a business that is there for the long run and will go as far cutting there profits to prioritize user satisfaction and take there suggestions into effect.

    Kevin has been always exceptional with me and as far as i know, anyone who reaches out to Flippa support, hope he stays here for a long long time.

    Will be definitely exciting to hear what’s coming next in version 2.0!

  • benshob

    Are there also any planned changes to the starter site section of Flippa? This area seem to be performing very poorly lately and it’s extremely difficult to generate sales without multiple relists.

  • Prabhakaran

    Glad to hear that, the current domain marketplace is the tough one to get domains sold. Even the premium upgrades helps nothing but taking lot of money.

    Can’t even get some exposure to the listings.. Please make Flippa also a great market for domains and affordable for upgrades.

    Looking forward eagerly. Thanks.

  • Top Domain Names

    Good move as your search can use improvements

  • Ankit

    If I buy Premium Upgrade before 1st dec, say 30th november, then my auction will continue as Premium Auction after 1st dec until it ends?

  • Cynically Optimistic

    I just wish as you’ve grown, you’re able to still make time for us little guys, the sellers who’ve been around for years. I can understand the harsh realities of domaining, in that every domainer “overvalues” their assets, and youare now managing millions of listings, so I’m sure you receive outreach to the general domains inbox daily. All I’m crying about is a little email love, at the least it’d be awesome to at least get a canned response that a CustServ associated pasted in. By the way, I’m talking about reaching out as a seller to explore selling opportunities for a given domain name.