Case Study: A hidden online business for sale pays off big-time!
Case Study: A hidden online business for sale pays off big-time!

Sometimes an afterthought purchase winds up being worth a tidy sum. That’s exactly what happened to Chris when he acquired the online business for sale, a directory for paid surveys and cashback websites, as part of a bigger website purchase.

“We bought a larger business based on the websites, database and income potential. Paid2Review was a bonus, really – we monetized the site better than the previous owners, and then realized the true value of the site”.

When listing an online business for sale just makes sense

This true value, coupled with new monetization methods, left Chris with a money-making site that didn’t require much effort. But after several months, the love just wasn’t there.

“We weren’t spending any time on the site at all. The SEO work was totally outsourced, so we thought we’d take it as far as we could go. To target more keywords would have taken a lot of work, and SEO wasn’t really our specialty, so we decided to sell the site and reinvest the profits into more of what we knew – CPA marketing.”

Chris, who has a business analysis background, knew his time and energy would be better spent on other projects. He had heard about Flippa from some of his colleagues, and decided to give it a shot.

A great first experience

“The sale process was incredible. We had loads of interest from all over the world, and I think the only difficulty was in keeping on top of the questions and correspondence with people, mainly due to time zones.”

Why was the listing for Paid2Review generating so much attention? Besides its enviable $5,800 monthly profit, the listing also included a lot of information potential bidders were interested in.

“I personally wouldn’t buy a website without seeing Google Analytics for it,” says Chris, “so for this listing, we included everything bidders needed to see. We even added the highest bidder’s affiliate codes to the site before completing the deal through Escrow, so they knew what they were buying before the sale went through.”

When the auction concluded, at $75,000 after 78 bids, Chris was satisfied. “The price we received for Paid2Review pretty much matched its true value, so we were happy with this. This was my first experience with Flippa, and I would recommend the service to anyone. I think as long as you know what to look our for when buying, and how to actually market a website when selling, it’s a great resource for anyone”

What’s next for Chris? This venture into buying and selling websites won’t be his last — in fact, his site is on auction right now! “I’m working on some standalone projects and income streams, like, including one I might sell on Flippa once it reaches $20k in monthly profit. It should be interesting to see how that goes.”

Have you had a similar experience listing an online business for sale on Flippa? Or do you have a question or comment about this sale? Let us know in the comments!

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