Can Google Keep Up? Links From Around the Web

Welcome back! After a short break, we now bring you the first Links from Around the Web for 2013.

Google: What Will it Look Like in 20 Years?, and What is Eric Schmidt Doing in North Korea?

Where will Google be in 20-30 years? Google is doing their best to remain a longterm industry leader, but with a future dominated by mobile and “non-traditional devices”, how will they keep up?

Our previous post mentioned Google’s antitrust case. the US case has since been closed by the Federal Trade Commission. Google didn’t receive any charges, mostly thanks to one area: mobile. They argued the industry was moving too fast to be regulated – after all 19 months ago Siri didn’t even exist. With Google’s 96% mobile marketshare, this will be something to watch.

What is in North Korea for Google? Their Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has toured the secretive nation against the advice of the US State Department. While the trip has been called a personal and humanitarian visit, could Google be trying to tap into a huge new market in the secretive state?


A Big Year for Domaining, Find a Call To Action that Works for Your Site and Pinterest shuts down competitor

All signs point to a big year for domaining, so what can we all expect? .uk could be released which will have a huge impact on the worth of domains, Google might step in to take further action against domains with hyphens. Domainate has cast their eyes forward to bring you 20 interesting predictions. What do you think will happen for domains in 2013?

What works better, ‘register’ or ‘sign up’? Usabilla explores the current trends of call to actions and assesses what would work best for your business. The article also looks at what some of the biggest web business are doing to give you an insight into what the giants are doing.

The Pinterest juggernaut rolls on! This week it was announced that they were acquiring and shutting down food-focused competitor, Punchfork, leaving food loving users in a lurch.

From the Flippa Newsroom

The missing piece of our new site design went live today, we’ve added a search bar to every page on the site and we launched our mobile site. This comes shortly after launching an edit tool for live listings. Not to take a break over the holiday season, our GM, Dave Slutzkin has been in the media recently. During the week he talked to Sky News Australia’s Technology Behind Business (this video may be geo-blocked to users not in Australia and New Zealand) and he sat down with DomainSherpa for an in-depth chat about Flippa and the domaining industry.

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  • guy

    I’ve never understood why people just blindly keep saying that the future would be dominated by mobile devices.

    Tell me one thing, would you ever develop an app for a mobile on a mobile?? Or do all of your intensive work on a mobile, for that matter? Mobiles cannot replace laptops and desktops. Tablets might replace laptops, but even then they’d require physical keyboards in the least because typing on touch surfaces isn’t still that good for intense usage. So yes, desktops will still rule ’em all in the future.