Bing and Yahoo About to Displace Google? Top News Links for Today

Bing and Yahoo closing in on Google

Google is still the top-rated search engine by its users… but not by much. Yahoo and Bing are both just one percentage point behind Google in the satisfaction rankings published on Search Engine Land. Time to pay some attention to the so-called “alternative” search engines?

Stop Copycats In Their Tracks

We’ve written about what to do when someone copies your website before. Today’s Problogger guest article focuses on stolen blog content: what should you do if someone is scraping the content from your blog and posting it elsewhere?


Go Back To School

Spencer of Niche Pursuits is starting a new project: he’s going to teach one lucky student how to choose a niche and grow a small site into a revenue-generating machine. Want to throw your hat in the ring? He hasn’t decided how he’ll pick the lucky person, but he’s looking for suggestions…

Starting from scratch with SEO? The Freshbooks Blog covers SEO basics better than any other beginner’s guide we’ve seen.

Thanks to Ed Garcia for the photo!

  • IPhoneDive

    once Siri gets into the cars BMW Chevy Toyota Mercedes and Volkwagon are all going to be happy. Ford with it navigation will fall and be at least 2 years behind

  • http://www.swingcertificado.com.br/ Fernanda SwingCertificado

    Thank you Kristi, i introduced myself with a lot of search marketing tools ( Soovle, Übersuggest etc ) and definitely they will come in handy, you have a nice weekend ! Thanks for sharing, that is really useful to me.