Another Panda update while Google's search share hits a 5 year low – Links from around the web, November 8

Google pushes Panda update when the rest of the world is distracted, new Analytics tools and Google’s shrinking marketshare

While a lot of you were voting or at election night parties, Google pushed another Panda update. According to Google, the worldwide update has so far affected 0.4% of queries, while if you are in the US, 1.1% of results have been affected. Search Engine Land says this is the 21st confirmed update which was in line with their 4-6 week update schedule, they’ve also published a timeline of all the updates.

This week, Google released enhanced link attribution for in-page Analytics. According to Google, “in-page Analytics…is a highly effective tool to analyze your site pages and come up with actionable information that can be used to optimize your site content”. With these changes you will be able to pull even more information out of your website to ensure it is performing at it’s peak.

For the first time in five years, Google’s search share has slipped below 90% in the United Kingdom. According to the survey, Bing was the big winner – picking up most of Google’s market. Windows 8 with Bing as the default search engine could have been a factor in the change, or perhaps people are looking for a more diverse search landscape.


SEO tips for your small business and get ready for local search

If you’re a small business owner and can’t justify spending big on a SEO consultant, don’t sweat. These 8 SEO tips for small business will point you in the right direction. It’s about knowing what you can achieve with your infrastructure and your budget. Thinking realistically about the keywords you can target, and improving your local search presence are two of the key findings. Good luck!

Speaking of local, it has emerged to be a major player in search in 2012. No doubt as Siri and other similar products continue to be improved, it’ll be continue to be an important player in search. This article looks at how big brands can optimise local search in 2012 and how you can make the most of it. 


Improve your marketing productivity, a cheat sheet to content marketing and how to retina-ready your site

Opinionistas have been talking about the power of content for a lot of this year, but when you think about it, hasn’t content always been ‘king’? You could say that this isn’t a new revelation. Many people find creating content to be one of the hardest aspects of creating and improving a website and that writing quality copy isn’t easy for a lot of people. So what can you do to improve your skills? Never fear, Search Marketing Standard has written a killer of a guide on how you can improve your productivity when streamlining content marketing in seven easy steps. Good luck!

Copyblogger posted a cheat sheet to content marketing during the week. If you have a nagging feeling that you always need to be on the ball, thinking about a better way to market your products you will want to read this article. You just might be able to avoid reinventing the wheel everyday – or not.

High-res or retina displays are here to stay, so what can you do to optimise your website so it looks crisp on the latest Macbook? .net Magazine published a guide on how you can retina-ready your website in 10 easy steps. A retina ready website might even increase the value of your website!


Election 2012: it’s a wrap

It’s over! While the dust settles, Obama’s “four more years” tweet is now the most “popular” tweet ever, the US President also declared victory on Facebook..but he forgot Google+, and, are you Curious about what another four years of Obama will mean for the tech industry?

  • Dave

    Ugh! Another update. Surely they should be releasing updates when they are needed. If they instead attempt to keep to a schedule of every 4-6 weeks, they could be getting pushed into releasing updates that are not needed, are not ready or have not been fully tested.

    It almost seems like they are annoying people on purpose, releasing it on the evening of the election.

    Err, I think you mean :Tech Industry, not Teach Industry, unless Obama is having an impact on teching 🙂

    • Tim at Flippa

      I definitely did Dave! Can I blame the typo on Safari’s autocorrect? 😉

  • Cebok123

    Google panda have beat many website including my website

    • Paul Thomson

      I’m in favour of Google, I think continual algorithm improvements will benefit all those deserving in the long run – They’ve done a good job up until now, I don’t see why you are questioning them? If you’re website is feeling the effects of the Panda update then maybe you are doing something wrong??????

      • Annie Watson

        I can’t believe I just read that. Must be a case of “I’m all right Jack”

  • levitra3

    Nice information sharing , well done friends

  • TSurF

    Don’t know if anyone else is having this issue, but when searching for stuff on Google these days i end up having issues finding exactly what i want, i’ve used Bing more last month and this month for actually finding stuff i want.. Seems the results are of better quality for some reason :-S And yeah, also the updates have beat my sites too! Come on Google!!!! Sort your stuffs out!

    • Grumpy

      So true. Google Search keeps interpreting keywords. Even when you doublequote them and prepend a ‘+’ sign. Especially when the result set is going to be small. How difficult can it be to do an exact match of the keywords typed in?
      They probably prefer to serve up a result set with variations instead of an empty result set.
      The same happens with keyword research in Market Samurai.
      Because of this, I stopped using Google Search and Market Samurai for site optimization. This was before they started slapping like a fickle woman, and letting the animals out. Instead concentrating efforts on Bing.

      Man Google Search can send, in one go, all animals they keep in their Zoo. My sites are not affected.
      Google (and Apple) are getting a taste of their own medicine lately. Although their dictatorship lasts longer than then last WW.

  • Chris

    In the past 3 months my google search traffic has trippled and after election night it went up another 20% thanks google. love you!

    • ItalianPop

      Mine, instead, went down the drain. On Bing my main keywords are still ranking high. Wonder why.

  • SLEnterprises

    Glad to see Google’s search share is finally dropping.. hope that trend continues!

    I think everyone in the world is getting tired of Google. No matter what search terms you use.. the same sites keep coming up over and over again.

    People want to have choices.. they do not have that when Google keeps presenting them with the same few sites.

    When you do not find what you are searching for.. you use some different search terms. When that fails to produce different results.. you switch to another search engine.

    Keep up the good work Google.. the time will come when no one remembers who you are.

    • Shannon

      Agreed !! Whatever happened to AltaVista, Excite and Hotbot !

      • zestweb

        I completely agree. For a given search term, different webpages of the same website would take over all the serps. A blog type website would have a new page for each post, so that makes 40-50 pages of the same website for a given search term, which is just ridiculous.

        I think google should change that to a maximum of 2-3 pages of the same website, so as to give the searchers more options, and to give other websites more opportunity.

  • Gamer

    This update had positive effects to my website. Google will punish blackhat seo, everyone should play fairly…

  • Amir Faizal

    This update will make us more to work however.

  • find2z

    Google just wants to be in news.. nothing special else they want to punish seo masters or people selling backlinks so instead these cash can come to them.. i think its high time Bing or someone else should pilot the ship.

  • 17thEdition

    These continual updates are extremely frustrating!

    I follow all the guidelines, yet some of my websites have dropped dramatically and there are some obviously spammy and low quality websites moved up to the first page of Google to replace me.

    A Monkey can see that they are spammy websites, yet Google’s algorithm can’t!

  • John Romaine

    Will be really interesting when Facebook enters the market!

  • Mark

    Google should stop over-filling the SERP withs ads. I get irked when I search a common term only to get overwhelmed by adverts taking 80% of search results. I have also noted that they are trying to do away with the pink background on ads, a big blow to organic search results.

    • Anton

      You can also use adblock plus to remove the ads if you are on Firefox (may be available for chrome as well, don’t know). That said, I’m with you there, Google’s results are getting worse and worse, with or without ads. They are still the best on long-tail queries, but search anything rather generic, do one-word queries, and Bing will give just as good results, sometimes better ones.

      But people are creatures of habit, and for the most part of the last ten years or so, they’ve been in the habit of using Google. I kicked that habit recently, it really is not hard to do.

  • Bean

    Surprisingly this updated proved good to me.

    Traffic on 2 of my sites increased by approx 25%, I am now investigating what factors made those 2 sites to improve in rankings.

  • Fred Thompson
  • Mr.Allstar

    Google is going down. Their stocks keep sinking because they opened the door for competitions when they decided they’re going to make their partners and big businesses more money and kill small businesses.

  • Jeffrey

    No more blackhat techniques! Yes..

  • ehhh

    That’s what they had coming when they changed entire algorithm for the search to make the ‘shopping’ type of results cleaner. Yeah, now more ‘reliable’ brands when some lady searches for ‘shoes’ comes up. But, in all other fields than shopping it killed google’s usability – before, some niche search for something like “Inner join distributed sql tables over multiple servers with single insert select” would bring some random two page blog of a random datacenter admin, set up years ago and forgotten, but it would BE the result you are searching for. Now, what you get is stackoverflow, stackoverflow, stackoverflow. And 1-2 other sites. nicely ‘updated’ everyday, irrelevan to your search. Google deserves the drop they have in search shares. they should revert their algorithm to before these ‘panda’ and ‘penguin’ ‘quality’ updates. They fixed the search for shopping, they screwed it up for everything else.