EXTENDED: Win an iPad!


It’s time to giveaway another iPad!

We’ve hidden a secret question inside the listing description of a randomly selected auction. All you have to do is find the question and email the answer through to [email protected] with the subject line “Happy Birthday Flippa” for your chance to win.

Hurry – you’ve got until June 22 at 5pm PST to find the question and we’ll notify the winner by email by Tuesday June 24.

One entry per person. Good luck with the search!

PS: Here’s a clue – January 2013 is a good place to start your search…

  • Asaf G

    That was a hard one to find, But I’ve Found it 🙂
    just emailed the answer to you guys.

    • timatflippa

      Awesome! Best of luck Asaf G!

  • nocturnein

    you said you will let the winner know by email on June 17 Friday. Please correct the date in your post. it should be June 20.

    • Asaf G

      Yea….I’ve just noticed that too….

      So is it Friday – June 20 or July 18 – Which is it?

      • Asaf G

        Wait…. “72 Hours… to Win an iPad!” dahhhh…
        So it’s – June 20!

        • timatflippa

          Hi guys! We’ve extended the promotion. The winner will be contacted by Tuesday June 24!

  • Irina

    Hi Tim, I have two questions about “Flippa’s Domain Name Appraisals section ”

    1- You said: “Be the leader to WIN a $250 Premium Flippa listing”
    So, Can we use this prize to list a “Premium Website” or is it only for Domain listings?

    2- Can we receive this prize as $250 credits in account?

    • Kevin Fink

      Hello Irina,

      You may apply it to a domain or website listing. In order to redeem, simply respond to the email you receive designating you the winner — and I will personally upgrade your auction for you!

      • Irina

        Hi Kevin,
        Thanks for reply. Is it possible to apply this upgrade on a draft listing? (not a live Auction, yet)

        • Kevin Fink

          No, it has to be launched before you send the request to upgrade.

          • Irina

            So we have to pay $19 for Listing, then we get the upgrade package??!

            But I see in email I received, you mentioned: “To redeem your prize, simply reply to this email with a link to the draft or active domain listing”; So why you can’t apply it to a draft listing? (or we receive this prize as Flippa credits)

          • Kevin Fink

            Sorry, I thought you were referring to the $250 Premium Upgrade. I handle those in some cases. As far as this upgrade promo is concerned, you are correct — what the fine-print says 🙂

          • Irina

            Thank you. I’m happy to hear that.

  • Atif Sharif Attari

    I found answer second time and emailed. Looking for ipad now from flippa 🙂

  • sya

    just for USA people? indonesia can participate? Thanks

  • TS

    So the only really important date to be had from the auctions is the domain’s creation date, so I’m assuming the june 2013 ties in w/ that (?). So when I use your advance search and put the age between 10 and 12 months old (for a range), it doesn’t seem to filter based on that criteria. Disregarding the promotion, and unless I’m doing something wrong, the advanced search does not appear to be working…